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Chapter 07 Travel and Transportation

November 06, 2008

These operational records relate to employee travel and the movement of goods and services under Government orders; management, maintenance, and operation of motor vehicles used by NARA; and the transit subsidy program. EXCLUDED from Chapter 7 are records created and maintained at regional records services facilities (see Chapter 2, items 266 and 267).


File #DescriptionDisposition
701 General Travel and Transportation Files
Correspondence and related records pertaining to agency travel and transportation functions. Includes agency-wide policy and guidance concerning travel, relocation, passports, Government credit card programs, eTravel Service (eTS), travel plans, and travel reports.
701-1 Records maintained by NAB. Cut off annually.
Destroy when 5 years old. (N1-64-87-1)
701-2 Records maintained by individual offices. EXCLUDES records regarding specific travel, shipment, or transportation activity covered elsewhere in this chapter (e.g., item 704). Cut off annually.
Destroy when 2 years old. (GRS 23, item 1)
702 Passport Controls
Documents, accumulated by the officially designated custodian, relating to the issuance of official passports and visas for NARA employees. Included are the master register, requests for passports, transmittal letters, copies of covers of passports, receipts, and related records.
702-1 Master register. Cut off annually.
Destroy when 10 years old. (N1-64-87-1)
702-2 Application files. Destroy when 3 years old OR upon separation of the bearer, whichever is SOONER. (GRS 9, item 5a)
702-3 Reports to the Department of State concerning the number of official passports issued and related matters. Cut off annually.
Destroy when 1 year old. (GRS 9, item 5b)
704 Travel and Miscellaneous Expenses Files
Records related to reimbursements of travel expenses incurred on official travel by employees, dependents, or others authorized by law to travel.
704-1 Original documentation supporting travel authorizations and expense reimbursements made through the eTravel Service (e.g., GovTrip). Includes receipts for common carrier tickets, lodging, rental vehicles, and single purchases exceeding $75.00, and other documentation of expenses faxed or scanned-in to GovTrip. (The electronic copies of these documents received by the eGov travel contractor are maintained in accordance with the appropriate General Records Schedule [GRS] item.) Cut off at end of fiscal year.
Destroy when 2 years old. (N1-64-07-4, item 1)
704-2 Pre-GovTrip Documentation. Includes documentation of travel information that was entered and approved in the General Services Administration (GSA) Travel and Miscellaneous Reimbursement (TMR) System on or before September 21, 2005. This was the last effective date on which NARA employees were to use TMR for travel processing. Cut off annually.
Destroy when 6 years and 3 months old. (GRS 6, item 1a)

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File #DescriptionDisposition
705 Freight Files
Records relating to freight consisting of Government or commercial bills of lading, shortage and demurrage reports, transit certificates, demurrage care record books, shipping documents pertinent to freight classification, and all supporting documents.
705-1 Issuing office copies, other than those identified in file no. 705-4, of Government or commercial bills of lading. Destroy 6 years after period of the account. (GRS 9, item 1c)
705-2 All other copies, including copies for which goods were received. Cut off annually.
Destroy when 2 years old. (N1-64-90-1)
705-3 Original vouchers and support documents covering commercial freight charges of settled fiscal accounts, including registers and other control documents, but EXCLUDING those covered by file no. 705-4. Cut off annually.
Destroy 6 years after period of the account. (GRS 9, item 1a)
705-4 Records covering payment for commercial freight charges for services for which:
  • Notice of overcharge has been or is expected to be issued, or a rail freight overpayment is involved;
  • Deduction or collection action has been taken;
  • The voucher contains inbound transit shipment(s);
  • The parent voucher has print of paid supplemental bill associated;
  • The voucher has become involved in litigation; or
  • Any other condition arises, such as detection of overcharge, that prevents the settling of the account, thereby requiring the voucher to be retained beyond the 6-year retention period covered by file no. 705-3.
Destroy when 10 years old. (GRS 9, item 1b)
705-5 Lost or Damaged Shipments Files. Includes schedules of valuables shipped, correspondence, reports, and other records relating to the administration of the Government Losses in Shipment Act. Cut off annually.
Destroy when 6 years old. (GRS 9, item 2)

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Motor Vehicles

File #DescriptionDisposition
706 Motor Vehicle Correspondence Files
Correspondence (NOT otherwise covered in this chapter) maintained in the operating unit responsible for maintenance and operation of motor vehicles. Cut off annually.
Destroy when 2 years old. (GRS 10, item 1)
707 Motor Vehicle Operating and Maintenance Files
707-1 Operating records including those relating to gas and oil consumption, dispatching, and scheduling. Cut off every 3 months.
Destroy when 3 months old. (GRS 10, item 2a)
707-2 Maintenance records, including those relating to service and repair. Cut off annually.
Destroy when 1 year old. (GRS 10, item 2b)
708 Motor Vehicle Cost Files
Motor vehicle ledger and worksheets providing cost and expense data. Destroy 3 years after discontinuance of ledger OR date of worksheet. (GRS 10, item 3)
709 Motor Vehicle Report Files
Reports on motor vehicles (other than accident, operating, and maintenance reports), including SF 82, Agency Report of Motor Vehicle Data. Destroy 3 years after date of report. (GRS 10, item 4)
710 Motor Vehicle Accidents Files
Records relating to motor vehicle accidents maintained by transportation offices, including: SF 91, Motor Vehicle Accident Report; investigative reports; and SF 94, Statement of Witness. Place in inactive file after case is closed.
Cut off inactive file annually.
Destroy 6 years after cutoff. (GRS 10, item 5)
711 Motor Vehicle Release Files
Records relating to transfer, sale, donation, or exchange of vehicles, including SF 97, The United States Government Certificate to Obtain Title to a Motor Vehicle. Destroy 4 years after vehicle leaves agency custody. (GRS 10, item 6)
712 Motor Vehicle Operation Files
Records relating to individual employees' operations of Government-owned vehicles, including driver tests, authorization to use, safe driving awards, and related correspondence. Destroy 3 years after separation of employee OR 3 years after rescission of authorization to operate Government-owned vehicle, whichever is SOONER. (GRS 10, item 7)

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Transit Subsidy

File #DescriptionDisposition
713 Public Transit Subsidy Program (PTSP) Records
Documents in either paper or electronic form relating to disbursements of transit subsidies to employees. These records may also include: applications of employees no longer in the program, superseded applications, certification logs, vouchers, spreadsheets, and other forms used to document disbursements of subsidies. Cut off annually.
Destroy when 3 years old. (GRS 9, item 7)

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Electronic Copies of Records Contained in this Chapter

File #DescriptionDisposition
799 Word Processing Files and Electronic Mail (E-mail) Records
799-1 Word Processing Files. Documents such as letters, memoranda, reports, handbooks, directives, and manuals recorded on electronic media, such as hard disks or floppy diskettes, after they have been copied to an electronic recordkeeping system, paper, or microform for recordkeeping purposes. Delete from the word processing system when no longer needed for updating OR revision. (GRS 20, item 13)
799-2 E-mail Records. Senders' and recipients' versions of e-mail messages that meet the definition of Federal records, and any attachments to the record messages after they have been copied to an electronic recordkeeping system, paper, or microform for recordkeeping purposes. Delete from the e-mail system after copying to a recordkeeping system. (GRS 20, item 14)

NOTE: Along with the message text, the recordkeeping system must capture the names of sender and recipients and date (transmission data for recordkeeping purposes) and any receipt data when required.
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