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Teaching with primary source documents helps you bring your students up close and personal with the real people and events that are our history. The records of the National Archives at Boston reveal many aspects of our nation's history, and the educational applications of these primary sources are as limitless as the ideas and uses sprung from each educator's imagination.

Why Teachable Texts:

These specific Teachable Texts from the holdings of the National Archives at Boston provide educators with resources that can be applied across the curriculum. When used to supplement classroom content, these primary sources and activities will help develop students' interpretive and analytical skills and help students better appreciate our past.

Use them!

You may freely use the downloadable documents, activities, broadening/extension activities, and connections to standards.

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Use Teachable Texts to help develop skills in historical thinking. Teachable Texts are correlated to the National History Standards from National Center for History in the Schools, University of California, Los Angeles.

    Historical Thinking Standards in History Grades K-4 & Grades 5-12
  1. Chronological Thinking
  2. Historical Comprehension
  3. Historical Analysis and Interpretation
  4. Historical Research Capabilities
  5. Historical Issues-Analysis and Decision-Making

Index of Activities for Teaching & Learning, for Grades K-4 & Grades 5-12

Thematic Classroom Activities

Topics in History for Grades K-4

Eras in History for Grades 5-12

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