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Gwen Henderson

I was initially inspired to apply for a position at the National Archives because I heard that it was progressive in terms of upward mobility and career orientation and I am proof of that. I have been employed with the National Archives since 1976 and have served in several positions at both the Suitland Records Center and the Federal Register.

Once I earned my Bachelor's degree in Professional History, I accepted a position at the Federal Register in the Presidential and Legislative Documents Unit. After rotating in several units throughout the office, I am now the supervisor of that unit.

I am responsible for planning, directing and executing the activities of the unit. This primarily involves the production of slip laws and U.S. Statutes; Executive orders, proclamations and other Presidential directives.

Information contained in such documents is used to create publications that will be accessed by the public as well as Federal agencies and institutions for legal, historical and informational reference.

Beyond being interesting, I consider my work at the National Archives to be extremely significant. The documents that the National Archives handles have long-term importance for not only today's society but for many future generations to come and I am proud to be a part of preserving that lasting history.

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Gwen Says...

My position can be best described as "interesting and challenging".

  • Supervisor, Federal Register Presidential and Legislative Documents Unit.
  • Joined the National Archives in 1976.
  • Works at the Federal Register, Washington, DC.

Talk about a memorable and exciting career highlight!

President George W. Bush On May 20, 2003 some of my colleagues and I had the honor of presenting the "Public Papers of the Presidents" (volume 2001, Book I), to President George W. Bush in the Oval Office of the White House.

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