National Archives at Chicago

Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, (Record Group 75) held in NARA's Great Lakes Region (Chicago, IL)

Mackinac Agency, Mackinac, Michigan

General Correspondence of the Superintendent, 1906-1927
Annual Reports, 1910-1925
Circulars, 1908-1927
Press Copies of Letters Sent by the Special Disbursing Agent, 1904-1914
Letters Sent by the Special Disbursing Agent, 1910-1911
Letters Received by the Special Disbursing Agent, 1902-1909
Correspondence Regarding Individual Indian Money Accounts, 1910-1927
Requests for Authority, 1909-1911
Records of Authorities, 1908-1918
Statement of Accounts, 1907-1925
Quarterly Statements of Indian Accounts, 1915-1919
Cost Ledgers, 1917-1927
Transfer Ledgers, 1908-1918
Records of Receipts and Disbursements, 1910-1927
Ledger of Payments to Indians, 1916-1923
Forestry Records, 1909-1924
Scale Reports, 1918-1920
Certificates of Completion of Timber Contracts, 1911-1923
Timber Journals, 1917-1938
Ledger of Land Sales, 1907-1908

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