National Archives at Chicago

Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, (Record Group 75) held in NARA's Great Lakes Region (Chicago)

Menominee Indian Mills, Keshena, Wisconsin

I. General Records

Correspondence with Other Indian Agencies, 1925-1938
Miscellaneous Correspondence of Mill Officials, 1938-1950
Miscellaneous Records of the Forest Supervisor, 1905-1955
Correspondence Related to Purchasing, 1924-1936
Correspondence Related to Wartime Priority Purchasing, 1942-1945
Correspondence Pertaining to Exceptions to Expenditures, 1927-1937
Correspondence Pertaining to Special Spending Authorities, 1926-1933

II. Administrative Records, 1908-1961

Accounting Records of Mill Manager, 1918-1953
Records of Prices Charged, 1911-1944
Records of Investigation of the Menominee Mills, 1950-1951
Appraisals of Property, 1934-1947
Inventories of Property, 1912-1960
Property Identification Cards, 1925
Records of Menominee Retail Stores, 1956-1959
Time and Attendance Records, 1953-1961
Reports on Personnel Actions, 1924-1928
Rent Records, 1924-1949
Motor Vehicle Operations Book, 1947-1953
Registers of Railroad Shipments, 1909-1926
Truck Transportation Register, 1944-1946
Records of Local Deliveries, 1944-1945
Records Related to Rail Shipments, 1923-1941
Mill Production Journals, 1909-1949
Log and Wood Product Production and Delivery Record Books, 1935-1954
Maps and Plats, 1908-1937
Timber Estimates and Maps, 1908-1915
Annual Reports, 1908-1926
Forestry Reports, 1927-1951

III. Financial Records

Operating and Financial Statements, 1926-1955
Report on Operations, Menominee Indian Mills 1908-1934 [Section II], 1934
Warehouse Journals, 1909-1932
Journal of Construction Contracts, 1911-1926
Accounts Payable Registers, 1909-1941
Accounts Payable Voucher Files, 1908-1957
Accounts Payable Invoices, 1919-1923
Purchase Order Files, 1932-1948
Schedules of Disbursements, 1924-1951
Reports of Accounts Current, 1928-1942
Daily Accounting Summaries, 1939-1953
Schedules of Collections, 1924-1953
Records of Official Receipts, 1919-1939
Records of Deposits, 1909-1955
Lists of Checks Issued, 1924-1934
Disbursing Office Ledger, 1936-1942
Cash Books, 1908-1936
Records of Payments Made, 1941-1947
Records of Expenditures-Four Per Cent Fund, 1925-1926
Operating Costs Journal, 1924-1926
Jobber Contract Files, 1926-1947
Miscellaneous Payroll Records, 1923-1955
Mill Payroll Journal (Check Registers), 1949-1959
Jobber's Summary Sheets, 1930-1940
Employee Accounts Receivable, 1922-1949
Distribution of Payroll Ledger, 1926-1935
Journal Voucher Files, 1916-1955
Settlement Journal Memos, 1948-1958
Analyzed Liabilities and Vouchered Expenditures, 1916-1918
Ledger Journals, 1909-1926
Trial Balance Books, 1909-1945
Trial Balance Ledger Sheets, 1924-1953
Appropriations Ledgers, 1922-1947
Cost Ledgers, 1934-1946
Mills and Lumbering Records, 1919-1956
Journal Voucher Files, 1916-1961
General Fiscal Records, 1948-1961
Agent Cashier Files, 1955-1961

IV. Records Related to Trust Responsibilities

Transfer of Property Memoranda, 1938-1959
Indian Credits and Accounts Receivable, 1949-1957

V. Records Related to Tribal Resources

Installment Account Ledger Sheets, 1924-1925
Stock Inventory Books, 1944-1958
Summary of Production Files, 1926-1960
Log Scale Books, 1909-1918
Contract Settlement Journals, 1892-1927
Marking Tally Files, 1936-1953
Log Scale Slips, 1914-1955
Chief Clerk's Work Papers, 1934-1958

VI. Records Related to Health and Welfare

Fire Insurance Policy Registers, 1915-1926
Records Related to Insurance, 1938-1952

VII. Education Records

Records of the Veterans Retraining Program, 1946-1951

VIII. Sales Department Records

Sales Analyses, 1927-1951
General Account Journals, 1926-1951
Sales Department Accounts Receivable Ledgers, 1900-1955
Sales Department Accounts Receivable Summaries, 1936-1947
Statements of Account Balances, 1931-1959
Accounts Receivable Status Reports, 1927-1957
Reports on Customer Credit, 1939-1941
Sales Correspondence Files, 1925-1957
Registers of Orders, 1937-1951
Sales Contract and Invoice Files, 1922-1957
Local Sales Journals, 1911-1926
Local Sales Invoices, 1916-1958
Local Sales Orders, 1949-1958
Store Sales Reports, 1936-1959
Daily Shipping Reports, 1955-1960

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