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  • Send comments via or by fax, postal mail, hand delivery or courier (consult the "Addresses" section of the relevant proposed rule).

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We welcome your comments. Comments that you send us help inform our decisions and policies concerning our service to you. Once we receive your comments, we will consider them carefully. Public comments become a permanent part of the case file, and may be available for public review.

If you have a suggestion, compliment, or complaint about any of our services and products (other than draft policy), please send us a message using our online form.

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NARA creates regulations or "rules" that state how we fulfill our agency's mission, meet statutory requirements, and conduct business with other agencies and the general public. We publish our regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) under 36 CFR Chapter XII, and they are organized into subchapters based on topics like agency functions, oversight responsibilities, or how people access the records we hold.

Learn more about our regulations and regulatory process, or how to comment on open regulations.

  • PROPOSED RULE: 36 CFR Subchapter B, Phase II (sections 1235, 1236, and 1237), RIN 3095-AB89 (published July 13, 2016, Volume 8, pages 45249-45262). We are revising the Federal records management regulations found at 36 CFR chapter XII, subchapter B. The proposed changes include updated office and contact information as well as changes resulting from the 2011 Presidential Memorandum on Managing Government Records, the 2012 Managing Government Records Directive (M-12- 18), including use of the Electronic Records Archives (ERA), and Public Law 113-187, The Presidential and Federal Records Acts Amendments of 2014. ERA is the system Federal agencies use to draft new records retention schedules for records, officially submit those schedules for NARA approval, request to transfer records to NARA for accessioning or pre-accessioning, and submit electronic records for storage in the electronic records repository. The proposed revisions affect Federal agencies' records management programs: creating, maintaining, and documenting records, electronic recordkeeping requirements, using the Electronic Records Archive (ERA) to transfer records, and disposing of records. This regulatory action is Phase II of the proposed revisions and includes changes to 36 CFR parts 1235 (Transfer of Records to the National Archives of the United States), 1236 (Electronic Records Management), and 1237 (Audiovisual, Cartographic, and Related Records Management).

    Submit comments on or before September 12, 2016.

Records Schedule Notices

Record schedules authorize the preservation of records of continuing value in the National Archives of the United States and the destruction, after a specified period, of records lacking administrative, legal, research, or other value. Agencies must follow a records schedule's mandatory instructions on what to do with the records once they are no longer needed for current Government business and the Archivist of the United States approves the schedule.

NARA publishes notices in the Federal Register to allow public comment on proposed records schedules before the Archivist gives his approval.

Information Collections

Notices on proposed information collections (e.g., forms and surveys completed by non-Federal entities and individuals) describe the collection, how we will use the information, and our estimate of the reporting burden to respondents.

  • There are no information collections open for public comment.

Other Requests for Public Comment:

  • There are currently no other open requests for public comment.

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