Digitization at the National Archives

NARA Existing Digital Copies to be Gathered and Made Available Online

Identified as of August 20, 2007

NARA's Strategic Plan calls for the digitization of selected records and the capability to search the descriptions of those holdings online. This page lists the respective titles, repositories, and digital file quantities of those records identified, as of August 2007, for digitization and online availability.

Note: This was originally published as Section III of the draft digitizing plan.

NARA Unit Archival Materials Number of Digital Files
Harry S. Truman Library Photograph Database 10,000
Eleanor and Harry - The Correspondence of Eleanor Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman 289
Ideological Foundations of the Cold War 632
Travel Logs 1,100
President Truman's 1947 Diary 30
Harry S. Truman - The Presidential Years 150
The War Relocation Authority and the Incarceration of Japanese-Americans During WWII 925
Hoover and Truman - A Presidential Friendship 300
The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb 600
The War Crimes Trials at Nuremberg 700
Desegregation of the Armed Forces 1,031
Berlin Airlift 416
NATO 573
Truman and the United Nations 789
Dear Bess - Love Letters from the President 102
1948 Election Campaign 636
Establishing the Marshall Plan 539
The Truman Doctrine 518
Recognition of the State of Israel 338
The Korean War 197
Lyndon B. Johnson Library Lady Bird Johnson Biographical Photographs 80
LBJ - Photographs from June 23-25, 1967 262
Vietnam Related Images Originally Posted on NAIL 140
Photos from LBJ: The White House Years by Harry Middleton 340
Photographs of LBJ Swearing-in Aboard Air Force One, Nov. 22, 1963 21
Selected High Interest Topics 358
White House Communications Agency Speeches of President Lyndon B. Johnson 1,458
Dwight D. Eisenhower Library Dwight D. Eisenhower 201 File 106
Gerald R. Ford Library National Security Council Meeting Minutes 662
National Security Study and Decision Memoranda 250
Vietnam War Declassification Project 50
Selected Foreign Affairs and National Security Memoranda of Conversations 94
A Day in the Life of a President - Exhibit 50
Media Photo Kits 85
Selected Photographs from the Ford Presidency 200
Jimmy Carter Library White House Staff Photographers Photographs 1000
White House Communication Agency, Presidential Digital Audio Files 40
White House Communication Agency, First Ladies Digital Audio Files 138
Jimmy Carter Sunday School Lessons 38
NARA's Mid Atlantic Region (Philadelphia) Fugitive Slaves 350
Teaching the History of School Desegregation Efforts: Brown v. Board of Education and Civil Rights 31
Finding Max Einstein 10
Telling Pennsylvania's Civil War Stories: New Narratives from Old Collections 17
Pennsylvania Quest for Freedom 22
NARA's Pacific Region (San Francisco) Guide to Records of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at NRHSA

Images for Popup Exhibit 19
NARA's Pacific Region (Riverside) Astrogeology Monthly Reports 60
National Archives at Denver Album of Institute of American Indian Arts, 1986 5
NARA's Central Plains Region (Kansas City) Jack McCall Criminal Case File 86
Japanese War Balloon Photos (8 items) 15
Holiday Items 8
Brookside Photographs 8
Royal Theater Panorama 7
Buffalo Pictures 7
Hires Root Beer Images (1 item with 4 images) 4
Disney v. Hamilton Images 6
Surveyor 1
Crow Creek Winter Scene 1
NARA's Southwest Region MA-6 photos & This New Ocean 700
Mercury Drawings 700
Sentence Books, Penitentiary, 1884-1909 4,200
Circuit Common Law Book, 5/6/1889-12/28/1911 4,900
Sentence Book, Jail, 1889-1909 3,500
Photos of Fort Crockett, Travis, San Jacinto 20
Provisional Court Docket, 1863-65 700
District Common Law Book, 12/3/1855-3/26/1959 38,500
Index to Sentences, ca. 1866-1890 1
Provisional Court Docket re: Condemnation, 1863 700
Hotel Register, Jo. Lotta Hotel, San Antonio 700
Kaw Homestead & Allotment Deeds, 1903 700
Register of Kaw Families, ca. 1915 700
Kaw Allotment Tract Book, 1903 700
Allotment Maps, 1898-1906 (871 items) 2,100
Provisional Court Minutes, 1863-1865 700
CA 388, Delgado v. Bastrop ISD 700
Reference Prints of Glass Plate Negatives 35
Register of Pupils, 1884-1908 13
Descriptive Statements of Children, 1885-1902 3
Statements of Arrivals and Departures, 1897-1900 6
Semi-annual Attendance Reports, 1925-35 25
Quarterly School Reports, 1902-07, 1936-41 32
Monthly Report of Indian Schools, 1902-36 120
Report of Attendance by Tribes, 1910-36 1
Daily Record of Attendance, 1914-22 1
Gradebooks, 1916-27 3
Records of Grades - Checkerboard Grades 24
World's Fair Daily Indian School Journal, 1904 1,400
Indian School Journal, 1904-26 186
Chilocco Annual, 1925-80 55
Naturalization Records 2,100
Transcripts of Testimony, Akers-Woodard 7,700
Provisional Court Final Records, 1863-64 700
Cherokee 1896 Census N/A ( Exact item counts not yet determined.)
CA 3152, Jackson v. Rawdon N/A
CA 13291, Naguin v. Terrebonne Parish Schools N/A
Plat Maps, 1908 N/A
General Index to Law and Equity Cases, 1890-1907 N/A
General Index to Criminal Cases, 1890-1907 N/A
Abstract of Informations & Indictments, 1890-1895 N/A
Record of Indictments, 1893-1907 N/A
Criminal Docket, 1889-1897 N/A
Criminal Bench Dockets, 1898-1907 N/A
Record of Judgments and Sentences, 1893-1907 N/A
Grand Jury Docket, 1901-1907 N/A
Registers of Gold Bullion, Coins, and Jewelry N/A
Texas City Disaster Photos N/A
Civil Case 1311, Miller v. Barnes N/A
Office of Records Services- Washington, DC United States Forest Service ~ 74,000
World War I images 100,000
Videodisk photos – miscellaneous subjects 140,000
US Air Force - WWII 50,000
Microfiche N/A
Reference and Fee Request Documents 5,000
Records of the U.S. Senate, including Isaac Bassett papers 7,000
Records of the U.S. House of Representatives 2,500
Records of the Joint Committees of Congress 500
Sound recordings:
Department of State, International Broadcast Division
Department of Justice
Department of Justice, JFK Assassination Recordings
Federal Bureau of Investigations
Federal Communications Commission
Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service
Central Intelligence Agency
Supreme Court (SCOTUS)
United States Information Agency, Music USA
United States Information Agency, Voice of America
United States Air Force
Gift Collection of Material Relating to Polar Expeditions
Records of PUEBLO
7,600 uncompressed .wav files
Records used in temporary exhibits & Public Vaults including: N/A

Records scanned for the Congressional Visitor Center, Federal Hall, and NARA's Learning Center will also be included.


Additional Existing Digital Copies Identified Since August 2007

NARA Unit Archival Materials Number of Digital Files
NARA's Great Lakes Region Comiskey Affidavit


Al Capone Verdict 2
Jack Johnson Verdict 2
Historic Photographs of the Forest Service 5,497
NARA's Pacific Region (San Francisco) Luis Alvarez Letter 3
Office of Records Services- Washington, DC Clifford Berryman Exhibit Images 17
Uncle Sam Speaks 1
Sound Recordings: Voices of World War II 94


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