Electronic Records Archives (ERA)

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Electronic Records Archives (ERA)

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Acquisition

  • NARA ERA Operations & Maintenance Section C - Draft Statement of Work [PDF]

  • Information Technology Systems Development Lifecycle Handbook - Supplement to NARA 805 [PDF]

  • Conducting Best Practice Assessment/Audit [PDF]

  • Configuration Control Process [PDF]

  • Configuration Management Plan [PDF]

  • ERA Destruction of Materials at Archives II (College Park) [PDF]

  • ERA Destruction of Materials Hard Drive [PDF]

  • ERA Destruction of Materials Optical Media [PDF]

  • ERA Destruction of Materials Paper 2 [PDF]

  • ERA Destruction of Materials Tape Media [PDF]

  • Era Notification Process [PDF]

  • ERA Manual Backup and Restore Process [PDF]

  • ERA System Maintenance Process [PDF]

  • ERA Quality Management Plan [PDF]

  • ERA Risk Management Plan [PDF]

  • Release Management Standard Operating Process (SOP) [PDF]

  • Requirements Document [PDF]

  • Risk Management Guide for Information Technology Systems (NIST Special Publication 800-300) [PDF]

  • ERA Hardware Inventory [PDF]

Contact the ERA Program Management Office

  • Questions or technical/contract acquisition issues should be submitted to Joseph Moore, Contract Specialist at Joseph.Moore@nara.gov.

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