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This class is intended for those users who enter and manage transfer requests (TR) and legal transfer instruments (LTI) in the ERA environment. It also covers transferring electronic records using the ERA packaging tool and submitting electronic records to NARA using hypertext transfer protocol secure or secure file transfer protocol (HTTPS or SFTP).

The training is composed of Overviews, Demonstrations, and Guided Practices appropriate.

Who should take this course? People fulfilling ERA roles of Transfer Approving Official, Transferring Official - NARA, Transferring Official - Agency, Agency Approving Official, Transfer Staff, Records Processer, NARA Receiving Manager, NARA Accessioning Manager, and Electronic Transfer Staff.

Lesson 1 - Creating a Transfer Request
  Overview Demonstration Guided Practice


Lesson 2 - Submitting a Transfer Request to NARA


Lesson 3 - Preparing Files for Transfer Using the Packaging Tool (Agency)
  Overview Demonstration Guided Practice
 Download Packaging Tool


Lesson 4 - Finalizing the Creation of a Package (Agency)
  Overview Demonstration Guided Practice


Lesson 5 - Transferring Electronic Files into ERA via HTTPS
  Overview Demonstration Guided Practice


Lesson 6 - Secure File Transfer Protocol


Course Evaluation and Certification
End of course evaluation

  End of course evaluation

Course completion certificate   Course completion certificate



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