Federal Register

Codification of Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders

Chapter 22--Foreign Relations
Subchapter B--Foreign Service and Personnel on Overseas Duty

Executive Orders

Prescribing procedures for making available to the Secretary General of the United Nations certain information concerning United States citizens employed or being considered for employment on the Secretariat of the United Nations

Delegating authority of the President with respect to regulations relating to certain allowances and benefits to Government personnel on overseas duty

Security clearance program for United States citizens employed directly by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the South-East Asia Treaty Organization, and the Central Treaty Organization

The Peace Corps

Allowances for personnel on foreign duty

The Foreign Service of the United States

Victims of terrorism compensation

Chapter 22--Foreign Relations Subchapter A-- General   |   Chapter 22--Foreign Relations
Subchapter C--Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities

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