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Withdrawing a Document That Has Been Published in the Federal Register

To withdraw a final rule or interim rule that:

  • Has been published in the Federal Register and
  • Is not yet in effect,

submit a document for publication in the Federal Register in the format shown below. A letter is not sufficient to withdraw a document that has already appeared in the Federal Register.

For more information about creating, submitting, and withdrawing Federal Register documents, see the Federal Register Document Drafting Handbook especially:

[Name of Agency]
[CFR Title and Part(s)]
[Agency Docket Number]
[Subject Heading (should match the heading of the original rule)]
AGENCY: [Name of your agency and Department]
ACTION: Final (interim) rule; withdrawal.

SUMMARY: [Explain, in a paragraph or two, the purpose and intended effect of the original rule and why it is being withdrawn. Legal citations, regulatory history, and extensive background information belong in SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION -- NOT in the SUMMARY.]

DATES: The final (interim) rule published on [INSERT DATE] at [INSERT FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME AND PAGE NUMBER] is withdrawn as of [INSERT DATE].

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: [Include the name and telephone number of a person in your agency who can answer questions about the original rule and this withdrawal.]

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: [If necessary, include background information, precise legal citations, or additional information that is required by law, agency policy, or Executive order.]

[Name and title of signer]

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