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NARA Privacy Act Systems: NARA 43

System Name: Internal Collaboration Network.

System Location: The Internal Collaboration Network files are maintained electronically on servers under the control of the National Technical Information Center as part of the Department of Commerce. NTIS servers are located in Alexandria, Virginia.

Categories of Individuals Covered by the System: Individuals covered by this system include all ICN users. ICN users can include National Archives employees, volunteers, and contractors.

Categories of Records in the System: The ICN files may include any of the following information about users in the user profile: name, title, department, home address, work address, home phone, work phone, mobile phone, hire date, biography, expertise, personal email, and official duty station. Users are not required to share information other than name and work email. Users may collaborate on the network to create other files including: discussion threads, interest groups, project plans, tasks, ideas, and documents.

Authority for Maintenance of the System: 5 U.S.C. 552a(a)(3), as amended. 44 U.S.C. 2104(a), as amended.

Routine Uses of Records Maintained in the System, Including Categories of Users and the Purposes of Such Uses: NARA maintains ICN files for the benefit and use of all ICN users to enhance communication and collaboration among all users and to facilitate the work flow among all NARA locations and offices. The routine use statements A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H described in Appendix A, published in the Federal Register at 72 FR 56570-01 and availbale on, apply to this system of records.

Policies and Practices for Storing, Retrieving, Accessing, Retaining, and Disposing of Records in the System:

Storage: Electronic records.

Retrievability: Information in these case files may be retrieved by the name of the individual or key word. All content is fully searchable and indexed.

Safeguards: The files are at all times maintained in a secure network environment, in compliance with the Federal Information Management and Security Act system security requirements at a moderate-impact system level

Retention and Disposal: NARA ICN files are unscheduled at this time.

System Manager(s) and Address: The system manager is Pamela Wright, Open Government Office, Room 3200, National Archives and Records Administration 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001. Telephone: (301) 837-2029. Fax: (301) 837-0312.

Notification Procedure: Individuals interested in inquiring about their records should notify the NARA Privacy Act Officer at the address listed in Appendix B.

Record Access Procedures: Individuals who wish to gain access to their records should submit their request in writing to the NARA Privacy Act Officer at the address listed in Appendix B.

Contesting Record Procedures: NARA rules for contesting the contents and appealing initial determinations are found in 36 CFR part 1202.

Record Source Categories: Information in the ICN is obtained directly from the ICN users, except in cases of name and work email address, which is populated automatically by the system.

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