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Records of the Gulf District Office at New Orleans

Headquartered in New Orleans, the U.S. Shipping Board's Gulf District had sub-agencies located in Galveston from 1919-1933; Gulfport from 1918-1919; Mobile from 1919-1932; Pensacola from 1919-1925; and Port Arthur (later known as the Beaumont or Orange Sub-agency) from 1918-1919. The Gulf District ranked next to the New York District in tonnage handles and number of services rendered.

Series Title National Archives Identifier Local Identifier
Appointments for Personnel on Vessels, ca. 1920 - ca. 1939 2324273 32NRF-001
Records Related to Vessel Personnel Suspended or Reinstated, ca. 1919 - ca. 1930 2324861 32NRF-002
Records Relating to Personnel in Offices, 1918 - 1936 2325032 32NRF-539
Records Relating to Personnel on Vessels, 1918 - 1936 2326300 32NRF-538
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