Centers Information Processing System Users Manual

Appendix C

Austin Help Desk


The Austin Help Desk provides 24-hour coverage for customers that use desktop computer equipment to interact with the Austin mainframe computer, client server applications and other platforms The Austin Help Desk is reached by calling:

(Contact numbers will be provided in a package with your User ID and password)

An E-Mail message or FAX immediately receives a work ticket requiring follow-up by the help desk within an hour. Users may wish to leave a description of their problem and a phone number for a return call as an alternative to originating a phone call.

When calling the Help Desk, please identify yourself by saying
"I'm a NARA customer, my userid is ________ . My problem is ... "

The Austin Help Desk provides NARA's Federal agency customers with a point of contact for assistance establishing the proper hardware and software configuration to communicate with Austin, learning how to ake he most of powerful software products and information resources on the mainframe and other platforms.

Customers calling from touch tone telephones use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to direct their calls to appropriate subject matter experts.

Austin Help Desk

Touch Tone Phone IVR Options

Press 1, 0 Speak with an agent
Press 1, 2 Application info. or missing reports

Press 1, 9 Forgotten or suspended password
Press 1, * Return to the menu

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