Centers Information Processing System Users Manual

Part 2. PC Communications


The following procedures describe how requesters use the PROCOMM PLUS communications software (DOS version) to access the mainframe computer.

Access PROCOMM PLUS From WINDOWS, double click on the PROCOMM PLUS icon.


From the DOS command line:

1. Make the subdirectory where the PROCOMM PLUS software is loaded the current DOS directory (e.g., Type CD \PCPLUS and press ENTER).

2. Type PCPLUS and press ENTER. At the welcome screen, press any key to enter the terminal mode. The following screen appears:

Select NARA Computer Center From the Choice: prompt, type in the number associated with the NARA/VA-AAC Computer Center listed in the dialing directory and press ENTER. Instructions for adding this choice to the dialing directory are contained in Appendix A, Procomm Plus Setup Instructions. The computer then automatically dials the number. When the PC and mainframe programs are successfully connected, the following message appears:

CIPS image

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