Centers Information Processing System Users Manual

Part 4. Creating Electronic Reference Requests


After accessing CIPS successfully, requesters submit reference requests by entering the appropriate data on the REFERENCE REQUEST SCREEN. The following procedures outline how to create an electronic reference request.

Reference Request Screen

Key Reference Request Data

At the REFERENCE REQUEST SCREEN, enter the following:

1. CENTER CODE. Type the one character records center code of the facility holding the agency records, as indicated below. The cursor will then move automatically to the next field.

A - Atlanta
B - Boston
C - Chicago
D - Dayton
F - Ft. Worth
K - Kansas City/Lee's Summit
L - Los Angeles
P - Philadelphia
Q - Pittsfield
S - San Francisco
T - Seattle
U - St. Louis (CPR)
D - Denver
W - Washington
X - St. Louis (MPR)

2. ACCESSION INFORMATION. Key the accession number with dashes and zeros (e. g., 058-68-1800), as indicated below. The cursor will move automatically to the next field.

  • The first 3 digits indicate the record group,
  • The next 2 characters indicate the FY in which the shipment was processed, and
  • The last 4 characters represent a sequential control number assigned to the shipment by the center.

3. SUBGROUP (program supplied). The subgroup is a 3-character geographical designator assigned to the shipment by the center at the time of transfer. The requester may key the subgroup, if known. Otherwise, press CR to move to the next field.

4. TOA (program supplied). The 1-character type of action code is supplied by the program.

5. LOCATION (program supplied). The beginning and ending locations are supplied by the program.

6. BOX NUMBER. For each box desired enter the number of the box and press CR . Please submit a separate request for each box needed if requesting a temporary loan.

7. FOLDER TITLE (optional). For folder requests, enter the folder title. When completed, press CR.

8. REMARKS (optional). Enter the desired data in this field. This may be used by the requester for internal routing, correspondence symbols, or additional folder information. When completed, press CR.

9. TYPE OF SERVICE. Enter X next to the type of service desired. Selecting more than one option in a column will cause the program to error. Press CR to move through the options and to the next field.

10. REFERENCE REQUEST WILL BE SENT TO (program supplied).

  • NAME. The requesters name is entered by the program based on information contained in the USER ID,
  • ADDRESS. The Return Records To address is entered by the program based on information contained in the USER ID. If authorized in the USER ID, a requester may change the address by pressing F3 and typing the alternate address. Otherwise, the user may not update this field, and

11. RETURN RECORDS BY (optional).

  • OVERNIGHT EXPRESS DELIVERY. Type X beside the prompt if the records are to be returned via an overnight service vendor. Press CR to advance to the next subfield,
  • PROVIDER. Enter the overnight providers name. When completed, press CR to advance to the next subfield, and
  • ACCOUNT. Enter the users overnight account number.

Press ENTER to transmit the record. If the fields are completed correctly, the following prompt appears at the top of the screen (see Reference Request Keystroke Functions for definitions of these function keys):


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