Centers Information Processing System Users Manual

Part 4. Creating Electronic Reference Requests - continued

Accept/Cancel/Edit Reference Request


If an entry is made in error, the program allows for corrections after the ENTER key is pressed. The correction cycle allows the requester to scroIl through the screen and rekey erroneous entries. The requester advances to a field by pressing CR to position the cursor correctly. If the cursor movement keys are used in error, the message INPUT INHIBIT appears near the bottom of the screen and a beep sounds when attempting to enter data. Pressing CTRL-R repositions the cursor in the field where the error occurred. If this procedure does not work, the program forces the requester to disconnect and begin again.

When all fields are completed, press F5 and the following prompt appears at the bottom of the screen:


ACCEPT. If all entries are correct at the blinking cursor, type A and press ENTER. The request is transmitted to the mainframe computer. The requester can then:

1. Begin keying the next reference request information, or

2. End the session by executing the proper key sequence:

  • Exit CIPS and return to PROCOMM PLUS by pressing:
    • F9 to return the CICS, APPLICATION MENU,
    • F10 to logoff, and then
    • ALT-H to disconnect
  • Exit PROCOMM PLUS and return to DOS or Windows by pressing

    • ALT-X. At the prompt Return to DOS prompt?, type Y.

CANCEL. If the requester wishes to start over with a blank reference request screen, type C and press ENTER.

EDIT. If the requester wishes to edit or correct data, type E and press ENTER.

An Important Note About Printing Requests:Before transmitting a request (see ACCEPT above), requesters can print the completed REFERENCE REQUEST SCREEN to an attached printer.

1. If PROCOMM PLUS was accessed through Windows (see part 2, PC Communications), hold down SHIFT, then press PRINT SCREEN.

2. If PROCOMM PLUS was accessed through DOS (see part 2, PC Communications), press PRINT SCREEN.

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