Centers Information Processing System Users Manual

View the Full NARS-5 Record


At the HISTORY ACCESSION RECORDS SCREEN, type S in the first position of the desired NARS-5 record, as shown below, then press F6. The ACCESSION RECORD DETAIL SCREEN containing the full history record for that accession appears (see View the Full NARS-5 Record).

Select History Record

At the ACCESSION RECORD DETAIL SCREEN, the 3-character DATE OF ACTION code indicates the month and year of the accession removal action. The 1-character TYPE OF ACTION code indicates the following:

4 Destroyed

5 Transferred to the National Archives for permanent retention

6 Transferred to another Federal Records Center

7 Returned to the agency as a permanent withdrawal

Occasionally, codes other than those listed above may appear in a history record. These usually indicate some kind of error condition, which may require an explanation by center personnel. Each requester has a contact person to answer any questions (see Log-on to the Mainframe Application, Users Authorization Contact Screen).

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