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Notice to Researchers in Records Released under the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act and the Japanese Imperial Government Records Act

The Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group (IWG), in implementing the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act and the Japanese Imperial Government Records Act, has taken the broadest view in identifying records that may be responsive to the Acts. Information relevant to the Acts is often found among files related to other subjects. In order to preserve the archival integrity of the files, the IWG and the National Archives and Records Administration, where possible, have released entire files together, not just those items related to Nazi or Japanese war criminals, crimes, persecution, and looted assets. These records may relate to persons who are war criminals, former Axis personnel who are not war criminals, victims of war crimes or persecution, or civilian or military personnel investigating Nazi activities; the records may also include mention of, or information about, persons having no connection to these activities.

Records of the Office of Strategic Services 1940-1946
(Record Group 226)

Director's Office Files (Donovan microfilm or Director OSS Official Files)
Entries 180A-K

These records exist in a variety of parts, covering microfilm, finding aids, and printouts. They also exist in redacted, unredacted and variant microfilm rolls. The records provide details about OSS missions, agents, sources, and methods; and OSS interactions with foreign intelligence agencies, foreign resistance groups, and other U.S. government agencies.

For more information see the Director's Office Files Scope and Content Note in the Online Catalog.

Entry 180A: 1990 Redacted Microfilm [191 rolls], reference positive, accession microfilm number A3304, CIA Accession 51-91R, location: 190/9/20/1-4. Boxes 1-12. [Previously listed as entry 180]

Entry 180B: 1990 Duplicate Redacted Microfilm [191 rolls], duplicate negative, CIA Accession 51-91R, location: NARA's Central Plains Region (Lenexa, KS). [Previously listed as entry 180A]

Entry 180C: 1990 Redacted Printouts of Documents Redacted by the CIA in 1990, CIA Accession 57-91R, location: stack 190/9/20/4-5. Boxes 1-6. [Previously listed as entry 180H]

Entry 180D: 1990 Redacted Finding Aids, CIA Accession 57-91R, location: stack 190. [Previously listed as entry 180J]

Entry 180E: 2002 Fully Released Microfilm [202 rolls] master negatives (2), CIA Accession 57-91R, location: NARA's Central Plains Region (Lenexa, KS), and Microfilm reading Room. [Previously listed as entry 180C]

Entry 180F: 2002 Redacted Microfilm [190 Rolls] master negative, CIA Accession 89-67R, location 230 C/68/3. Boxes 1-3.

Entry 180G: 2002 Duplicate Fully Released Microfilm [202 rolls] reference positives (2), accession microfilm number A3556, CIA Accession 61-453, location: 230/C/68/4. Boxes 1-3. [Previously listed as entry 180D]

Entry 180H: 2002 Unredacted, Incomplete, Fully Released Microfilm [61 rolls] variant negative, CIA Accession 61-453, location: 230 C/68/2. Box 1. [Previously listed as entry 180E]

Entry 180I: 2002 Fully Released Printouts of Documents Redacted by the CIA in 1990. CIA Accession 89-67R, location 230 86/46/1-4. Boxes 1-16. [Previously listed as entry 180G]

Entry 180J: 2002 Fully Released Finding Aids. CIA Accession 89-67R, location: 230/86/46/1. Boxes 1-2. [Previously listed as entry 180F]
Microfilm roll list
Intelligence card index

Entry 180K: 2002 Fully Released Microfilm Frames Cutout by CIA from Entry 180F. CIA Accession 89-67R, location: 230 86/46/4. Boxes 1-3. [Previously unlisted]

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