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Records of U.S. District Court, District of Nebraska, Chadron Division in the National Archives in Kansas City, MO

Name index to naturalization records, including declarations and petitions

Last Name First Name Date Country Remarks
Pfisterer Adolf 3/30/1932 Germany
Dolan Agnes 3/8/1939 Ireland aka Bridget A. Dolan
Adamson Albertine 9/8/1941 United States
Serbousek Albina 9/12/1938 Czech aka Albina Vackova
Hardinece Alexander 9/12/1932 Russia
Beyer Alfred 5/3/1930 Denmark
Olson Andrew 6/7/1934 Norway
Ditondo Angela 6/23/1936 Italy aka Angela Yeradi, Ieradi
Yeradi Angela 6/23/1936 Italy aka Angela Ditondo, Ieradi
Daniel Anna 3/20/1939 Russia aka Anna Gobel
Gobel Anna 3/20/1939 Russia aka Anna Daniel
Frederick Annie 9/11/1932 Canada aka Annie Bell Hamilton; Order included.
Hamilton Annie 9/11/1932 Canada aka Annie Bell Frederick; Order included.
Colacino Antonio 6/7/1934 Italy
Vogt August 2/27/1934 Germany
Vogt August 9/12/1938 Germany
Yeradi August 12/20/1933 Italy aka Gus Yeradi, Agostino Ieradi
Rossin Auguste 10/30/1933 Poland aka Auguste Vogt
Rossin Auguste 5/3/1937 Poland Aka Auguste Vogt.
Vogt Auguste 10/30/1933 Poland aka Auguste Rossin
Vogt Auguste 5/3/1937 Poland Aka Auguste Rossin
Yeradi Augustino 4/3/1939 Italy
Johnson Bennett 11/15/1937 Canada
Donohue Bernard 10/1/1934 Ireland
Donohue Bernard 5/3/1937 Ireland
Carrier Bertha 9/13/1935 England aka Bertha Pollock
Pollock Bertha 9/13/1935 England aka Bertha Carrier
Poulsen Carl 9/18/1931 Denmark
Rittscher Catharina 5/3/1937 Germany Order included.
Robinson Christopher 3/11/1939 England aka John Vautrin
Gobel David 2/18/1935 Canada
Gobel David 9/13/1937 Canada
Oltmanns Donie 9/11/1933 United States Married alien.
Ekerd Dora 1/11/1943 Russia aka Dora Miller
Miller Dora 1/11/1943 Russia aka Dora Ekerd
Fields Elizabeth 5/3/1937 Russia aka Elizabeth Zitterkopf
Gobel Elizabeth 10/19/1935 Russia
Gobel Elizabeth 5/11/1939 Russia
Segesser Emil 9/18/1931 Switzerland
Flohr Emilie 12/3/1934 Russia aka Emilie Gobel
Gobel Emilie 12/3/1934 Russia aka Emilie Flohr
Gobel Emilie 9/13/1937 Russia
Robinson Emily 12/4/1937 England aka Emily Jane Vautrin
Vautrin Emily 12/4/1937 England aka Emily J. Robinson
Vautrin Emily 2/13/1940 England
Carlson Ernest 9/18/1931 Sweden Affidavit included.
Riedler Ernestine 9/19/1940 Germany
Vogelsang Ernst 9/13/1935 Germany
McCutcheon Etta 9/11/1933 Canada
Alonso Francis 5/19/1938 Spain aka Francisco Alonzo
Marcon Frank 9/8/1930 Austria Two papers included.
Kurth Frederick 7/16/1931 Germany
Riedler Frederick 9/19/1940 Germany
Schmill Fritz 2/20/1936 Germany Affidavit and Order Amending Petition included.
Derr George 2/18/1937 Russia
Staboulos George 3/5/1941 Greece
Walter George 2/25/1937 Russia
Walter George 4/25/1939 Russia Two declarations; Order included.
Pozza Giuseppe 11/1/1933 Italy aka Joseph Pozza
Pozza Giuseppe 5/3/1937 Italy
Haynes Gordon 4/15/1949 Canada
Petersen Gunde 9/10/1934 Denmark
Dohring Hans 9/28/1935 Germany
Johansen Harold 10/25/1930 Denmark
Johansen Harold 6/7/1934 Denmark
Oltmanns Heinrich 4/29/1933 Germany aka Henry Oltmanns
Derr Henry 7/9/1936 Russia
Oltmanns Henry 2/20/1936 Germany
Cronk Herbert 5/3/1934 England
Cronk Herbert 5/3/1937 England
Hendrika Hubert 7/16/1931 Holland Order dismissing petition included.
Otte Irma 8/14/1940 Germany
Brill Jacob 3/4/1936 Russia
Brill Jacob 9/12/1938 Russia
Daniel Jacob 3/15/1939 Russia
Langaas Jacob 8/2/1938 Norway aka Jacob Langos
Langos Jacob 8/2/1938 Norway aka Jacob Langaas
Reichert Jacob 4/25/1936 Russia aka Jack Richert
Nickels Jakob 6/7/1934 Germany
Matula Jaroslav 8/19/1941 Moravia aka Jerry J. Matula
Johnson Jean 11/17/1936 Canada
Johnson Jean 11/20/1940 Canada
Gobel Johannes 5/11/1939 Russia
Gobel John 10/12/1935 Russia
Kulczynski John 12/11/1941 Austria aka John Kulchenski
Ukena John 9/8/1930 Germany
Vautrin John 3/11/1939 England aka Christopher John Robinson
Owczarek Joseph 6/21/1941 Poland
Rubin Julius 9/8/1930 Germany
Aronsen Karl 4/30/1941 Norway
Blaser Lea 8/3/1934 Switzerland aka Lea Burki
Burki Lea 8/3/1934 Switzerland aka Lea Blaser
Burki Lea 8/4/1939 Switzerland
Vautrin Leslie 2/16/1940 Canada
Drouot Louisa 10/9/1941 France
Thompson Louise 9/8/1941 United States
Broemer Ludwig 10/11/1943 Brazil
Kurth Margaretha 10/11/1941 Germany Objection included.
Schoenthal Margarethe 5/6/1941 Germany
Brill Maria 3/4/1936 Russia
Brill Maria 9/12/1938 Russia
Hudeckova Maria 1/17/1942 Czech aka Mary Dulla
Donohue Mary 10/1/1934 Ireland
Donohue Mary 5/3/1937 Ireland
Dulla Mary 1/17/1942 Czech aka Maria Hudeckova
Dunlap Mary 4/28/1947 Canada
Johnson Mary 2/16/1940 Canada
Reichert Mary 7/3/1936 Russia aka Mary Richert
Roffers Mathias 7/16/1931 Holland
Wessel Minnie 5/26/1944 Germany Letter from INS to clerk attached.
Wessel Minnie 9/8/1941 Germany Affidavit included.
Johnson Murray 2/16/1940 Canada
Hourt Nicolas 12/18/1930 Luxembourg aka Alefons Hourt
Overhus Nils 4/29/1941 Norway
Haynes Nina 4/15/1949 Canada aka Nina Emina Catherine Haynes
Hames Panagiotis 9/11/1931 Greece aka Peter A. Hamos
Strate Paraskevi 9/19/1940 Greece
Thomson Peder 1/23/1941 Denmark aka Chris Peter Thompson
Miller Pete 1/11/1943 Russia aka Peter Muller
Hamos Peter 9/11/1931 Greece aka Panagiotis Hames
Linders Peter 9/16/1941 Netherlands aka Peter Johannes Linders
Muller Peter 1/11/1943 Russia aka Pete Miller
Schneider Philip 4/11/1934 Russia
Schneider Philip 5/3/1937 Russia
Peritz Richard 10/11/1943 Germany Military petition. Letter from INS included.
Reid Robert 10/1/1935 Scotland
Hartmann Rudolf 11/29/1937 Germany
Robinson Sidney 5/25/1940 England
Schoenthal Siegbert 5/6/1941 Germany
Kanarek Stanley 8/22/1938 Poland
Isaksson Stuart 9/8/1930 Sweden
Johnson Stuart 6/10/1941 Canada
Dobry Vaclav 5/14/1930 Czech
Kerr Walter 9/14/1942 England Military petition.
Peterson Walter 4/4/1941 Denmark
Crowe William 3/12/1941 Ireland aka Willie Crow
Guest William 5/3/1930 England Minister
Maxwell William 10/11/1943 Scotland Military petition.
Fischer Willy 5/3/1937 Germany

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