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Records of U.S. District Court, District of Nebraska, McCook Division in the National Archives, Kansas City, MO

Name index to naturalization records, including declarations and petitions

Last Name First Name Date Country Remarks
Engel Adolf 12/2/1935 Germany
Ruzicka Adolf 12/6/1937 Czechoslovakia
Wagner Adolf 11/25/1940 Russia
McBlain Agnes 9/15/1931 Ireland
Bauerle Albert 11/23/1939 Germany
Dreher Albert 9/16/1931 Germany
Janus Albert 11/13/1930 Germany
Gaudreault Aleid 11/14/1934 Canada Three lettersincluded.
Kiel Alex 12/4/1933 Russia
Kern Alexander 11/14/1934 Russia
Lebsack Alexander 11/13/1930 Russia Receipt included.
Krausnick Alma 11/23/1939 United States Canadian citizen.
Peat Alma 3/6/1933 United States Canadian citizen.
Brehm Amalia 11/25/1940 Russia aka Amalia Gottmann
Schafer Amalie 10/12/1942 Russia aka Emilie Schafer,Mollie Schafer
Weber Amalie 1/13/1942 Russia
Heinz Amelia 1/15/1940 Russia aka Amelia Keil
Heinz Amelia 10/12/1942 Russia aka Amelia Keil
Schafer Amelia 10/12/1942 Russia aka Amalie Schafer
Schafer Amelia 3/21/1940 Russia
Schoup Amelia 3/3/1941 United States
Niederberger Anna 11/23/1936 Germany aka Anna Heitmann
Potthoff Anna 11/25/1940 Germany
Rieker Anna 11/23/1936 Germany aka Anna Thumm
Duckworth Benjamin 3/6/1933 United States Canadian citizen.
Duckworth Benjamin 8/2/1932 United States Canadian citizen; oneletter included.
Pryor Bertha 11/25/1940 Germany aka Berta von Fintel
Schweizer Bertha 11/25/1940 Germany aka BerthaSanzenbacher
Barklund Bill 12/2/1931 Sweden
Faimon Bohumel 3/10/1941 Czechoslovakia
Kathrine Brenning 1/31/1941 Russia aka Katharine Walter
Rousselle Camille 11/26/1940 France
Axelson Carl 10/12/1942 Sweden
Blocher Carl 9/15/1931 Germany
Brahler Carl 5/12/1936 Germany One letter included.
Bremer Carl 11/30/1934 Germany Five letters/docsincluded.
Gelhaus Carl 9/15/1931 Germany
Herman Carl 11/26/1940 Russia
Cramer Christena 12/5/1938 Sweden Born Sweden, nat.U.S., became Canadian citizen by marriage.
Benson Christian 3/2/1931 Denmark Receipt and statementof military service included.
Hanselmann Christian 11/13/1930 Germany
Nordhausen Christian 12/4/1933 Germany
Thomsen Christian 11/14/1934 Denmark
Stratman Christina 12/15/1942 United States
Lehl Christine 11/23/1939 Russia aka Christine Arndt
Ebmeier Clara 11/13/1930 Germany aka Klara Russ
Herman Conrad 11/26/1940 Russia
Schafer Conrad 10/12/1942 Russia
Schafer Conrad 3/15/1940 Russia
Steele Constance 12/6/1937 England aka Constance Johnson
Dewald David 9/15/1931 Russia
Kreitzer David 11/2/1936 Russia
Kreitzer David 12/5/1938 Russia
Ortiz Desiderio 12/6/1937 Mexico
Ortiz Desiderio 3/21/1935 Mexico
Traves Dewey 11/26/1940 Canada
Nordhausen Diedrich 12/4/1933 Germany
Petersen Dorthea 12/2/1931 Denmark aka Dorthea Jensen
Krausnick Edith 11/23/1936 United States Canadian citizen.
Bristow Edward 11/23/1939 United States Canadian citizen.
Lebsack Edward 11/14/1934 Russia
Miller Elise 11/26/1940 Russia aka Elise Muller
Dinges Elizabeth 11/23/1939 Russia aka Elizabeth Keil
Reinek Elizabeth 11/26/1940 Russia
Haarberg Elsie 1/13/1942 Germany aka Elise Nordhausen
Felkner Emanuel 1/31/1941 Russia aka Emannel Woelker
Schultz Emil 3/8/1932 Russia
Schafer Emilie 3/21/1940 Russia aka Mollie Schafer
Beck Emily 1/13/1942 Germany aka Emilie Seibold
Kalinski Emma 11/25/1940 Russia
Siegel Emma 12/6/1937 Germany
Hanselmann Erna 9/15/1931 Germany aka Erna Prachtner
Augustin Ernst 11/14/1934 Germany
Carlson Esther 12/1/1932 United States Swedish citizen.
Gruber Eugene 5/12/1936 Germany
Cramer Frank 12/5/1938 Canada
Martin Fred 12/5/1938 Russia
Martin Fred 3/13/1936 Russia
Meininger Fred 1/13/1942 Russia
Nieman Fred 11/23/1939 Germany
Weber Fred 12/2/1935 Russia
Mues Frederick 12/6/1937 Germany
Koch Fredrick 9/15/1931 Germany
Engel Friedrich 9/15/1931 Germany
Heidemann Friedrich 12/5/1938 Germany
Meininger Friedrich 10/12/1942 Russia aka Johann Meininger
Schlecht Friedrich 8/23/1941 Russia
Heidemann Friedrick 4/30/1936 Germany
Ihfe Friedrika 1/13/1942 Germany
Griesfeller Fritz 1/31/1941 Germany
Busing George 12/2/1935 Germany Two letters included.
Propp George 11/13/1930 Russia
Spady George 1/31/1941 Russia
Meesseman Gerald 12/6/1937 Belgium Catholic priest.
Beck Gottlob 4/10/1933 Germany
Zapp Gustav 9/15/1931 Germany
Lebsack Gustave 11/13/1930 Russia Receipt included.
Herbst Hames 11/25/1940 Russia aka John J. Herbst
Nielsen Hans 11/25/1940 Denmark
Albert Heinrich 9/15/1931 Russia
Bihlmaier Heinrich 9/15/1931 Germany
Reinick Heinrich 11/26/1940 Russia
Keen Helene 11/26/1940 Germany aka Helene Potthoff
Wagner Henrietta 10/12/1942 Russia
Dinges Henry 11/26/1940 Russia
Fries Henry 12/2/1931 Russia
Fuehrer Henry 12/4/1933 Russia Affidavit of militaryservice included.
Gies Henry 12/5/1938 Russia
Herman Henry 12/2/1935 Russia
Kiel Henry 11/23/1936 Russia
Klocke Henry 7/20/1940 Germany
Klumpe Henry 11/23/1939 Germany
Klumpe Henry 12/11/1936 Germany
Propp Henry 2/26/1935 Russia
Schliemann Henry 11/13/1930 Germany Receipt included.
Nordhausen Herman 11/23/1936 Germany
Kuller Hermann 7/13/1936 Germany
Katherine Hock 11/26/1940 Russia
Fuehrer Ina 12/6/1937 United States
Inglis Isabella 1/14/1942 Canada 79 years old
Ackermann Jacob 9/16/1931 Russia
Bauer Jacob 12/2/1935 Russia
Fuehrer Jacob 12/6/1937 Russia
Propp Jake 1/17/1940 Russia
Propp Jake 10/12/1942 Russia
Inglis James 11/23/1939 Canada
Torring Jens 5/16/1931 Denmark
Carlson Johan 3/8/1932 Sweden
Meininger Johann 3/20/1940 Russia aka Friedrich HeinrichMeininger, Fred F. Meininger.
Beran John 7/30/1940 Slovakia
Huck John 1/29/1937 Russia
Huck John 11/23/1939 Russia
Kalinski John 11/25/1940 Germany Alien RegistrationReceipt Card. Motion for Transfer.
Leis John 1/31/1941 Russia
Norgaard John 12/5/1938 Denmark
Schleiger John 11/26/1940 Russia
Walter John 12/6/1937 Russia
Bauer Johnnie 1/31/1938 Russia
Bauer Johnnie 12/5/1938 Russia
Rietsch Josef 12/2/1935 Germany
Klocke Karaline 7/20/1940 Germany
Bihlmaier Karl 9/15/1931 Germany
Haegele Karl 11/13/1930 Germany
Weber Katharina 12/2/1935 Russia
Herman Katharine 12/2/1935 Russia aka Katharine Lobsack
Gatewood Katherine 5/12/1936 Russia aka Katherine Bauer
Potthoff Katherine 10/12/1942 Russia aka Katharina Fries
Schleiger Katherine 11/23/1939 United States Russian citizen.
Wacker Katherine 1/13/1942 Russia aka Catherine Ekhardt
Walter Katherine 11/25/1940 Russia aka Katarina Repp, oneletter included.
Wolf Katherine 12/2/1935 Russia aka Katherine Keil
Eckhardt Katie 12/5/1938 Russia aka Katie Lebsack
Johnson Katie 12/6/1937 England
Martin Katie 1/31/1941 Russia aka Maria KatharWalter
Naumann Konrad 10/12/1942 Germany
Mueller Kurt 9/15/1931 Germany
Ludvigson Lars 11/25/1940 Sweden
Boas Laura 1/14/1942 United States
Berger Louis 11/14/1934 Czechoslovakia aka Vaclav Sampalik
Klein Lydia 11/23/1939 Russia aka Lidia Lebsack
Eisenach Mabel 1/31/1941 Russia aka Marie Wagner
Cuellar Macedonio 11/25/1940 Mexico
Bartruff Marie 11/23/1936 Germany aka Marie Bay
Bauer Marie 11/25/1940 Russia
Herman Marie 1/13/1942 Russia
Propp Marie 1/13/1942 Russia
Faimon Mary 4/10/1941 Czechoslovakia aka Marie Hublova
Rogers Mary 1/14/1942 Barbados
Ruzicka Mary 1/13/1942 Czechoslovakia aka Marie Michalicka
Walter Mary 1/14/1942 Russia aka Mary KatherineBatt
Weber Mary 11/26/1940 Russia
Talianis Melpomene 12/1/1932 Greece
Schliemann Meta 11/13/1930 Germany Receipt included.
Duckworth Metta 12/1/1932 United States Canadian citizen.
Anderson Minnie 3/8/1932 United States Swedish citizen
Utter Minnie 1/14/1942 Russia aka Minna Propp
Krausnick Otto 10/12/1942 United States Canadian citizen
Krausnick Otto 11/7/1939 United States Canadian citizen.
Meyer Otto 11/14/1934 Germany
Gonzales Pedro 12/2/1935 Mexico
Kjorgaard Peter 11/13/1930 Denmark Receipt included.
Treber Peter 11/13/1930 Russia
Geiger Robert 12/6/1937 Germany
Geiger Robert 4/22/1935 Germany
Johnson Robert 11/13/1930 England
Bremer Rudolf 1/2/1932 Germany
Bremer Rudolf 12/2/1935 Germany
Nielsen Sigrid 1/14/1942 United States
Brune Simon 11/25/1940 Germany
Brune Sophie 11/25/1940 Germany aka Sophie Kubler
Lebsack Theodore 11/14/1934 Russia
Mason Thomas 11/13/1930 England Receipt included.
Ortiz Tirso 12/5/1938 Mexico
Axelson Tore 1/13/1942 Norway
Anderson Torsten 5/12/1936 Sweden
Sampalik Vaclav 11/14/1934 Czechoslovakia aka Louis Berger
Cramer Wayne 11/23/1939 Canada
Heidemann Wilhelmina 1/13/1942 Germany
Heidemann Wilhelmina 2/14/1940 Germany
Moses William 4/25/1942 Wales

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