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North Platte Petitions and Declarations, Name Index to Petitions and Declarations of Intent ca. 1930-1951

Records of the U.S. District Court, District of Nebraska, Record Group 21

Note: This index includes naturalization records filed in the North Platte, Nebraska, U.S. District Court, 1930-1951. To order a copy or obtain further information about one of the records listed here, please contact our reference staff.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Date Birthplace/Country of Origin Remarks
Koch Adam 3/6/1939 Russia
Rickertsen Adolf Daniel 5/9/1946 Germany
Haugland Agnes Remine 3/28/1944 Norway
Hansen Aksel 6/8/1931 Denmark
Harper Alan Herbert 4/22/1942 England
Frost Albert Francis 1/26/1937 Canada
Frost Albert Francis 3/6/1939 Canada
Martinez Albert Verdin 5/8/1941 Mexico Loose photo included.
Sergun Albert 10/14/1930 Germany
Schneider Alexander 10/14/1942 Russia
Ulman Alexander A. 4/23/1942 Russia
James Alfred Sidney 4/21/1942 England
Steudler Alice 3/1/1937 Switzerland
Schuberth Alma Francis 1/28/1931 Germany aka Alma Muller
Reitz Amalia 3/6/1939 Russia aka Amalie Trippel
Haugland Amanda Gulovna 12/23/1940 Norway
Haugland Amanda Gulovna 3/9/1943 Norway
Reitz Amelia 1/22/1937 Russia aka Amelia Trippel
Simek Anastasie 10/9/1935 Czechoslovakia aka Anastasie Bambuch
Ostergaard Anders Petersen 5/7/1941 Denmark
Clemmesen Andreas Christian 12/3/1931 Germany
O'Dean Andrew 3/6/1940 Sweden aka Anders Oden
Mortensen Anna Kristine 10/15/1942 Denmark
Paloucek Anna 4/22/1942 Czechoslovakia
Sergun Anna 10/14/1930 Germany
Tersky Anna P. 2/7/1951 Russia
Theiler Anna 4/21/1942 Hungary
Jerusevicius Antanas 7/1/1943 Scotland aka Anthony Constant Savage, Military petition
Savage Anthony Constant 7/1/1943 Scotland aka Antanas Jerusevicius, Military petition
Haugland Arne 6/3/1940 Norway
Jimenez Ascension 3/17/1943 Mexico
Jimenez Ascension 5/8/1946 Mexico
Kastanis Athanasios 6/9/1930 Greece aka Vassilios Carayannis
Mouzakis Athanasios Georgios 11/16/1943 Greece Loose photo attached.
Hahn August 10/14/1942 Germany
Uebele August 6/12/1933 Germany
Mueller Augusta Lunkwitz 7/1/1943 United States
Barker Auguste Charlotte Henryetta Rohde 10/15/1942 Germany
Sandor Bela 9/26/1949 Hungary
Kautz Benjamin 11/17/1943 Russia
Kautz Benjamin 4/17/1940 Russia
Heil Bernhard 6/9/1942 Poland
Novak Bertha 5/8/1941 United States
Miller Beulah Maude Ford 10/15/1942 United States
Martinez Bruno 11/23/1946 Mexico
Berglund Carl Gust 4/22/1942 Sweden
Flicker Carl 10/13/1942 Germany
Lehmann Carl 12/9/1941 Germany
Lehmann Carl 4/23/1934 Germany
Lehmann Carl 4/25/1944 Germany
Nielsen Carl Wilhelm 10/15/1942 Denmark
Peterson Carl Anton Martin 10/13/1942 Sweden
Cox Catherine Mrs. 11/24/1936 England
Cox Catherine Mrs. 3/6/1939 England
Wirth Catherine Elizabeth 10/13/1942 Russia
Classen Certawa 12/14/1949 Canada
Theiler Charles 4/21/1942 Hungary
Hausler Charley Gottlieb 1/13/1950 Germany
Kallweit Charlotte Helen 4/24/1944 Germany
Gim Chin Mee 11/9/1944 China aka Henry Chinn
Gim Chin Mee 5/6/1947 China aka Henry Chinn
Sang Chin 3/2/1945 China aka Harry C. Sang
Sang Chin 5/6/1947 China aka Harry C. Sang
Sew Chin Wing 12/4/1945 China aka Ping Chin
Sew Chin Wing 12/9/1948 China aka Ping Chin
Chew Chinn Yuen 2/25/1950 China
Regas Christ 8/16/1949 Greece
Kneten Christian Anton Von 11/17/1939 Germany
Petersen Christian Martinus 5/8/1946 Denmark
Von Kneten Christian Anton 10/14/1942 Germany
Von Kneten Christian Anton 11/17/1939 Germany
Schultheiss Christiane 12/19/1950 Germany Notice included.
Dick Conrad Jr. 4/21/1942 Russia
Charalambus Constantine Dimitrios 1/28/1931 Greece aka Karalambos, Haralambou
Vlahondimitropoulos Constantinos 6/11/1934 Greece aka Gust Vlahon
Lehmann Curt 11/9/1935 Germany
Lehmann Curt 5/7/1941 Germany
Gustafson Dagmar Olga 5/3/1945 Sweden
Crosby Daisy Elizabeth, Mrs. 3/6/1940 Canada aka Daisy Elizabeth Ehler
Rivera Daniel 1/29/1944 Mexico
Rivera Daniel 5/6/1947 Mexico
Pothetos Danis 5/5/1942 Greece aka Dionysious Pouthetos
Cox David 7/18/1939 England
Salpodimos Demetrius 3/9/1943 Greece
Tsamouris Diakoumis Nikolaos 6/1/1942 Turkey aka Jim Harris
Lymberis Dimitreos Andrea 4/23/1942 Greece
Halvagis Dimitrios 4/24/1944 Greece aka Jim Halvas
Halvagis Dimitrios Stamatu 1/19/1942 Greece aka Jim Halvas
Secord Dixie Charles 5/3/1945 Canada Letter attached.
Kirkpatrick Doris 12/8/1948 Italy
Cox Dorothy 11/16/1936 England
Cox Dorothy 3/6/1939 England
Kuenle Eduard Gottlob 5/7/1941 Germany
Dorsey Edward 10/4/1940 Ireland
Dorsey Edward 5/6/1947 Ireland
Secord Effie Bell 5/3/1945 Canada
Pratt Eileen Gladys 8/16/1949 England
Berschauer Elizabeth 4/24/1944 Russia
Busch Elizabeth Rouyn 12/14/1949 Canada
Carswell Elizabeth 4/24/1944 England
Elmshaeuser Elizabeth Augusta 3/9/1943 Germany
Froscheiser Elizabeth 4/21/1942 Russia Motion to Amend included.
Karn Elizabeth 10/15/1942 Germany
Phillips Elizabeth B. 11/18/1937 United States
Schmidt-Tychsen Ella 10/13/1942 Germany
Davis Elmer Russel 3/6/1940 Canada One letter included.
Halvas Elpiniki 4/24/1944 Greece
Halvas Elpiniki J. 11/2/1940 Greece aka Elpiniki Roussakis
Knudsen Elsa Johanna Marie 4/20/1942 Denmark
Wendt Elsa Minna 12/19/1950 Germany Notice included.
Albrecht Elsie 4/20/1948 Germany
Rasmussen Elsie Alverda May Crain 10/13/1942 United States
Johnson Emil Garfield 8/13/1932 United States Canada
Ruser Emil 6/13/1939 Germany One letter included.
Seiler Emil 4/22/1942 Switzerland
Drager Emma Gilster 3/8/1938 Germany aka Emma Gilster
Dubany Emma 3/6/1940 United States Syria
Naumann Emma Auguste Marie 12/8/1948 Germany
Schneider Emma Freda 10/20/1931 Germany aka Emma Freda Lenke
Schneider Emma Frieda, Mrs. 3/5/1936 Germany aka Frieda Emma Lenke
Haaheim Endre 3/9/1943 Norway
Schave Ewald Otto 10/15/1942 Germany
Rivera Felix 8/16/1949 Mexico
Heikes Fokke 11/17/1943 Germany
Cole Frances Georgina 12/9/1948 England
Nazzise Francesco 4/24/1944 Italy
Rodriguez Francisco 4/21/1948 Mexico
Rodriguez Francisco 9/10/1945 Mexico
Noel Frank Frederic 5/8/1941 Belgium
Hofholz Fred Carl 4/22/1942 Germany
Holm Fred Claus 2/24/1930 Germany
Klima Fred 4/21/1942 Czechoslovakia
Gies Frederick 4/22/1942 Russia
Kosbau Frederick William 12/22/1942 Germany
Kosbau Frederick William 5/9/1946 Germany Motion to Amend attached.
Flicker Friedrich 1/29/1940 Germany
Flicker Friedrich 10/13/1942 Germany
Kneten Friedrick Karl Johannes Von 1/27/1942 Germany
Von Kneten Friedrick Karl Johannes 1/27/1942 Germany
Brill George 12/14/1949 Russia
Candea George George 1/6/1942 Rumania
Candea George George 5/3/1945 Rumania
Engleman George Sr. 2/8/1951 Russia
Kneten George August 12/1/1939 Germany
Lehl George 10/13/1942 Russia
Leider George John 5/9/1946 Russia
Panagopulos George 3/25/1939 Greece
Panagopulos George 4/20/1942 Greece aka Peter George
Von Kneten George August 12/1/1939 Germany
Schroeder Gerhard 10/14/1942 Germany Withdrawal of Objections included.
Buncic Gjuro 10/6/1938 Yugoslavia aka Duro Buncic, George Buncich
Buncic Gjuro 4/20/1942 Yugoslavia aka George Buncich
Mueller Gottfried 11/16/1943 Switzerland
Reinhardt Gregor 4/20/1942 Russia
Sternhagen Grethe Herta Anna 5/7/1941 Germany
Vlahon Gust 6/11/1934 Greece aka Constantinos Vlahondimitropoulos
Anderson Gustaf Folke 1/7/1939 Sweden
Anderson Gustaf Folke 4/20/1942 Sweden
Mogensen Gustav Anders 1/28/1931 Denmark
Lehmann Hans 12/4/1933 Germany
Tiessen Hans Jakob 5/8/1941 Germany
Axelgren Harry William 3/9/1938 Sweden
Axelgren Harry William 7/26/1935 Sweden
Bashford Harry Willis 4/25/1944 England
Haugland Hedvig Agathe 5/13/1943 Norway
Flicker Helene 10/13/1942 Germany
Flicker Helene 4/22/1940 Germany ake Helene Morre
Viig Helene Dorthea 11/16/1943 Denmark
Rosendahl Helge Eugen 5/7/1941 Sweden Photo included.
Rickertsen Henny Anna 5/3/1945 Germany
Chinn Henry 11/9/1944 China aka Chin Mee Gim
Chinn Henry 5/6/1947 China aka Chin Mee Gim
Eirick Henry 11/17/1943 Russia
Keil Henry 8/8/1932 Germany Catholic priest
Lintz Henry 8/12/1937 Germany
Ratzlaff Henry Penner 10/13/1942 Russia
Selk Henry 11/17/1943 Germany
Suppas Henry 5/3/1945 Russia
Weitzel Henry 10/14/1942 Russia
Weitzel Henry 7/6/1940 Russia
Wilnes Henry John 3/6/1939 Norway
Taylor Herbert J. 3/23/1939 England pastor
Relinghaus Herman 10/23/1935 Germany
Relinghaus Herman 4/21/1942 Germany
Girmann Hildegard Sack 4/21/1942 Germany
Karlsson Hildur Sophia 3/9/1943 Sweden
Peterson Hildur 10/13/1942 Sweden
Bashford Ida Viola 6/12/1944 United States
Knapp Ida 6/13/1939 United States England
Perivolaris Iosif 5/4/1945 Egypt
Kleinbergs Irmgarde Merija 9/26/1950 Russia physician
Jagadics Istvan 10/14/1942 Hungary aka Stephen Yagadich
Barry Jack 4/22/1942 Hungary aka Janos Beranyi
Haugeland Jacob Reinertsen 3/4/1935 Norway aka Jacob Reinertsen
Rasmussen Jacob 10/13/1942 Denmark
Heckerson James Douglas 4/20/1942 England
Malcolm James Steinson 10/13/1942 Scotland
Malcolm James Steinson 11/15/1938 Scotland
Vak James Edward 8/16/1949 Czechoslovakia aka Vaclav Vak
Vak James Edward 8/17/1942 Bohemia aka Vaclav Vak
Wycherley James Henry 4/23/1942 England
Wycherley James Henry 6/5/1939 England
Beranyi Janos 4/22/1942 Hungary aka Jack Barry
Le Duc Jean 9/26/1949 France
Milgard Jens Rasmus Nelson 3/17/1931 Denmark
Milgard Jens Rasmus Nelson 3/4/1935 Denmark
Iniguez Jesus 5/4/1945 Mexico
Halvas Jim 1/19/1942 Greece aka Dimitrios Stamatu Halvagis
Halvas Jim 4/24/1944 Greece aka Dimitrios Halvagis
Harris Jim 12/8/1948 Turkey aka Deakomis Nickolson Tsancouris
Harris Jim 6/1/1942 Turkey aka Diakoumis Nikolaos Tsamouris
Phipps Johanna Helene 12/19/1950 Germany
Beran John 7/29/1931 Czechoslovakia
Beran John Joseph 10/14/1942 Czechoslovakia
Hanson John Albert 10/14/1942 England
Kalogerpoulos John 1/12/1931 Greece
Klein John 5/3/1945 Russia
Lehl John 5/4/1945 Russia
Lehl John 9/28/1942 Russia
Leider John Peter 3/6/1940 Russia
Novak John Anton 4/21/1942 Czechoslovakia
Pfenning John Lorenz 5/4/1945 Russia
Tvrdy John James 10/14/1942 Czechoslovakia
Lehouillier Josaphat 7/1/1943 Canada Military petition
Campos Jose 3/1/1937 Mexico
Campos Jose 9/11/1934 Mexico
Carswell Joseph 4/24/1944 England
Kuta Joseph Louis 5/4/1945 Poland
Kuta Joseph Louis 9/17/1942 Poland
Vak Joseph Aloic 8/16/1949 Czechoslovakia
Vak Joseph Aloic 8/17/1942 Bohemia
Carlberg Josua 6/8/1931 Denmark
Brachmann Karl 9/15/1931 Germany
Wid Karl Erik Valentin 3/6/1939 Sweden
Fisher Kate Elsa 12/19/1950 Germany
Schave Kate Reutzel 6/9/1942 United States
Schwind Kate 5/3/1945 Germany
Schmidt Katharina 10/13/1942 Russia
Brill Katherine 5/8/1946 Russia
Heinrich Katherine 3/9/1943 Russia
Piester Katherine Elizabeth 10/14/1942 Russia Motion to Amend included.
Reitz Katherine 11/17/1943 Russia
Brill Katherne 1/12/1943 Russia aka Katerina Greeb
Schuberth Konrad 1/28/1931 Germany
Georgios Kula 5/6/1947 Greece
. Kurt Paul 4/20/1948 Germany
Schau Kurt Walter 2/24/1930 Germany
Fickenscher Lena Henrietta 4/22/1942 Germany
Olsson Liljas Olof 4/20/1942 Sweden
Fredricey Lina 12/19/1950 Italy
Jacobsohn Lisbeth 5/8/1944 Austria Letters and transfer paperwork included.
Jensen Loren Christian 10/14/1942 Denmark
Seiler Louise Mrs. 3/6/1940 Russia
Wilson Louise 10/14/1942 Russia
Lehmann Luci 12/4/1933 Germany aka Clara Erna Lucia Mittag
Rasmussen Ludvig Marius 5/9/1946 Denmark
Kautz Lydia Louvenia Slater 6/12/1944 United States
Baldwin Mabel Elizabeth 4/22/1942 Ireland
Hojem Madge 11/1/1934 Norway
Moller Mads Peder Brochner Bergenhammer 3/9/1943 Denmark
Johansen Margaret 5/13/1943 Denmark aka Margaret Estergaard
Petersen Margaret 5/8/1946 Denmark
Schwartz Margaret 11/17/1943 Germany
Williams Margaret Lawrence 12/19/1950 England
Eilers Maria Reinders 3/6/1939 Germany
Kummetz Maria 10/14/1930 Germany
Oestreich Maria Elizabeth 5/7/1941 Germany
Candea Marie 12/16/1941 Rumania aka Maria Micu
Candea Marie 5/3/1945 Rumania
Selk Marie Dorothy 10/14/1942 Germany
Zabel Marie 4/22/1942 Germany
Cox Marjorie 4/23/1942 England
Cox Marjorie Miss 7/18/1939 England
Geiger Martha 10/14/1942 Germany
Haegele Martha Maria 4/19/1950 Germany aka Maria Sigloch
Rasmussen Martin Peter 5/8/1941 Denmark Photo included.
Plumb Mary Margaret 5/3/1945 Russia
Robinson Mary May, Mrs. 3/6/1939 Ireland aka Mary May
Sandor Mary 9/26/1949 Hungary
Tvrdy Mary Elizabeth Koutnik 10/14/1942 United States
Ludwig Mathilde Bertha 5/6/1947 Germany
Nunez Matias 4/21/1948 Mexico
Anthony Maude Emma 10/15/1942 United States
Richter Max August 3/7/1936 Germany
McDaid Michael 11/9/1933 Ireland Catholic priest
Reitz Michael 1/22/1937 Russia
Reinhardt Mollie 4/20/1942 Russia
Olson Nels 10/14/1942 Sweden
Ostergaard Nels Hansen 5/7/1941 Denmark
Young Nels John 11/24/1931 Sweden
Glick Nicholas 5/7/1941 Yugoslavia aka Nikolas Pavlecevic
Kladianos Nickolaos 2/12/1939 Greece
Kladianos Nickolaos 4/20/1942 Greece Statement of Facts included.
Jensen Niels Ferdinand, Jr. 5/3/1945 Denmark
Jensen Niels Ingvard Muller 2/24/1930 Denmark
Pavlicevic Nikola 5/7/1941 Yugoslavia aka Nicholas Glick
De Fruytier Omer 4/24/1944 Belgium
Danielson Oscar 5/8/1941 Sweden
Kleinbergs Oskars Davids 9/26/1950 Latvia pastor
Wurl Otto Frank 10/10/1935 Germany
Wurl Otto Frank 3/6/1939 Germany
Moriarty Patrick Michael 11/7/1930 Ireland Catholic priest
Barth Paul Frederick 5/4/1945 Germany Photos attached.
Fluckiger Paul 7/1/1943 Switzerland Military petition
Sternhagen Paul 6/9/1930 Germany
Pedersen Peder Christian 1/28/1931 Denmark
George Peter 4/20/1942 Greece aka George Panagopulos
Witt Peter Gustav 6/9/1930 Germany
Gomez Primo 6/12/1944 Mexico
Dircksen Rebecca 5/8/1941 England
Haugland Reinert 1/31/1941 Norway
Haugland Reinert 3/9/1943 Norway
Le Duc Renee Lucienne Rocheblave 10/3/1949 France
Isaacson Reuben 2/3/1950 Sweden
Schroder Robert 4/21/1942 Germany
Tainsh Robert 3/13/1937 Scotland
Ebers Rodolfo 6/16/1951 Dominican Republic
Vetrovsky Rose Mildred 5/3/1945 Czechoslovakia
Mengelis Rudolfs 2/14/1950 Latvia
James Sadie Belle 5/8/1941 United States
Pappas Sam 10/27/1938 Greece aka Saterios Pappagianopulos
Pappas Sam 9/26/1935 Greece aka Setireos Papagianopoulos
Pappagianopulos Saterios 10/27/1938 Greece aka Sam Pappas
Papagianopoulos Setireos 9/26/1935 Greece aka Sam Pappas
Odean Sigurd Charles 10/29/1931 Sweden
Odean Sigurd Charles 6/12/1938 Sweden
Quick Silvester Ivor 12/14/1949 England
Papayamopulo Sotirio 5/7/1941 Greece
Cochetas Speros George 12/3/1931 Greece aka Spyridon Cotsetos
Yagadich Stephen 10/14/1942 Hungary aka Istvan Jagadics
Macres Steve Nicholas 4/24/1944 Greece
Olson Sture Evald 6/30/1943 Sweden Military petition
Giddens Sylvester 12/4/1933 Canada Affidavit of military service.
May Thomas Patrick 6/8/1931 Ireland
McCullogh Thomas Robert 4/27/1931 Ireland
Sejkora Vaclav 5/6/1947 Czechoslovakia
Mengelis Vera 2/14/1950 Russia
Cervone Vincenzo 4/20/1942 Italy
Tersky Vladimir E. 2/7/1951 Latvia
Flicker Walter 3/6/1940 Germany
Bowen Wilhelmine 5/8/1941 Germany
Combe William Coburn 7/1/1943 Scotland Military petition
Jones William Caradog 5/8/1941 Wales
Ohrdorf William 4/2/1934 Germany
Cramer Yvette Claude 8/16/1949 France

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