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Oral Histories and Interviews at the Center for Legislative Archives

The oral history and research interview collection of the Center for Legislative Archives is derived from three main sources:

  • The Center has arranged with other institutions to obtain copies of their interviews related to Congress and to make them available.
  • Research interviews conducted by historians and political scientists, as well as the working files of journalists on Capitol Hill, are being solicited for deposit with the Center.
  • On a limited basis, the Center conducts its own oral history interviews.
This listing of the interviews at the Center for Legislative Archives is arranged alphabetically by the name of the individual interviewed. However, further information about the interviews and conditions for access can be found in the general descriptions about each series of interviews. The series is identified with each listing below.


Addabbo, Joseph P. (1964).
Albert, Carl (1963).
Andersen, H. Carl (1959).
Arends, Leslie (1963).
Attig, Francis J. (1978).

Ballard, Leonard (1984).
Boggs, Hale (1963).
Boland, Edward P. (1959).
Boland, Edward P. (1964).
Bow, Frank T. (1959).
Bow, Frank T. (1964).
Boyle, Charles A. (1959).
Brown, Clarence (1963).
Burke, James (1963).

Caldwell, Charles Sargent (1996).
Canfield, Gordon (1961).
Cannon,Clarence (1959).
Cannon, Clarence (1964).
Cederberg, Elford A. (1959).
Conte, Silvio O. (1959).
Conte, Silvio O. (1961).
Conte, Silvio O. (1964).

Denton, Winfield K. (1959).
Detwiler, Donald J. (1985).

Elson, Roy L. (1990).
Ensley, Grover W. (1986).
Evins, Joe L. (1959).

Fenton, Ivor D. (1959).
Flood, Daniel J. (1959).
Flood, Daniel J. (1964).
Flynt, John J. Jr. (1964).
Flynt, John J. Jr. (1965).
Fogarty, John E. (1959).
Ford, Gerald R., Jr. (1959).
Ford, Gerald R., Jr. (1964).

Gary, J. Vaughan (1959).
Gary, J. Vaughan (1964).
Giaimo, Robert N. (1963).
Giaimo, Robert N. (1964).
Gross, H. R. (1961).

Halleck, Charles (1963).
Hallen, Brian. (1996).
Hansen, Julia Butler (1968).
Harrison, William Henry (1964).
Hildenbrand, William F. (1985).
Hoffmann, F. Nordy. (1988).
Holifield, Chet (1963).
Holt, Pat M. (1980).
Horan, Walt (1959).

Jensen, Ben F. (1959).
Joelson, Charles S. (1964).
Jonas, Charles Raper (1959).

Keogh, Eugene (1963).
Kirwan, Michael J. (1959).

Laird, Melvin R. (1961).
Langen, Odin (1964).
Lesinski, John (1964).
Lipscomb, Glenard P. (1959).
Lipscomb, Glenard P. (1964).
Little, J. Franklin. (19xx).

Magnuson, Don (1959).
Mahon, George H. (1959).
Mahon, George H. (1965).
Marcy, Carl M. (1983).
Marshall, Fred (1959).
Martin, Joseph (1963).
McClure, Stewart E. (1983).
McCormack, John W. (1961).
McFall, John J. (1964).
McGhee, Roy L. (1992).
Michel, Robert H. (1959).
Milliken, William H. (1964).
Mills, Wilbur (1963).
Minshall, William E. (1959).
Montoya, Joseph M. (1961).

Nichols, Jesse R. (1994).
Norrell, W. F. (1959).

Ostertag, Harold C. (1959).
Ostertag, Harold C. (1964).

Passman, Otto E. (1959).
Passman, Otto E. (1960).
Peek, Scott I. (1992).
Pillion, John R. (1959).
Pillion, John R. (1964).
Preston, Prince H. (1959).

Rabaut, Louis C. (1959).
Reid, Warren Featherstone. (1981).
Reifel, Ben (1964).
Rhodes, John J. (1959).
Riddick, Floyd M. (1979).
Ridgely, William. (1982).
Riley, John J. (1959).
Rooney, John J. (1959).

Santangelo, Alfred E. (1959).
Scott, Dorothye G. (19xx).
Shuman, Howard E. (1987).
Sikes, Robert L. F. (1959).
Sikes, Robert L. F. (1964).
Smathers, George A. (1989).
Smith, Neal (1964).
St. Claire, Darrell. (1978).
St. George, Katherine (1963).
Steed, Tom (1959).

Taber, John (1959).
Tames, George. (1988).
Thomas, Albert (1959).
Thomson, Keith (1959).

Valeo, Francis R. (1986).
Vander Zee, Rein J. (1992).
Verkler, Jerry T. (1992).

Watt, Ruth Young. (1979).
Whitten, Jamie L. (1959).
Whitten, Jamie L. (1964).
Wilcox, Francis O. (1984).
Wyman, Louis C. (1964).

Yates, Sidney R. (1959).

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