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  • Entries span the dates of projects funded in that state since 1976.
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These Virgin Islands grants span 1989 - 2015.

Records Projects

Virgin Islands Division of Libraries Archives and Museums, St. Thomas, VI
$20,000 to support basic funding for the historical records advisory board, including workshops for public employees about essential government records and emergency preparedness, community workshops to promote the publicís use of archives, and site visits to gather information about the condition of archival records. (RC10248-15)

Virgin Islands Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums, Charlotte Amalie, VI
$5,000 to reconstitute the state historical records advisory board. (RC10039)

Virgin Islands Historical Records Advisory Board, Charlotte Amalie, VI
$29,460 for a 15-month planning project to produce a strategic plan for the identification, preservation, and use of the historical records of the territory; to maintain an active board; and to develop a comprehensive understanding throughout the community of the importance of the territory's documentary heritage and the role of the Virgin Islands Board. (95-010)

Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources, Division of Libraries, Archives, and Museums, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, VI
$116,297 for a two-year project to develop a records management program in conjunction with the Territorial Archives. (93-055)

Virgin Islands Historical Records Advisory Board, Charlotte Amalie, VI
$8,350 for the board's travel and meeting expenses. Grant funds will be used to undertake assessment and planning activities over a three-year period. (89-099)

Subtotal (Records Projects) $ 179,107

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Publications Projects


Subtotal (Publications Projects) $ 0

TOTAL $179,107

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