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Flagship Initiative


  • Open Gov Plan: Submit issues and suggested edits to the agency's plan on Github.
  • History Hub: Contribute your suggestions, ideas, and questions on the Open Government space on History Hub.
  • Citizen Archivist Dashboard: Participate in crowdsourcing projects, including tagging and transcription missions, and scanning efforts.
  • NARAtions: Let us know your concerns and what you think on the blog of the National Archives.
  • AOTUS: Collector in Chief: Find out what David Ferriero, Archivist of the United States, has to say about transparency, participation, and collaboration at the National Archives.
  • Comment on Draft Policy: Submit comments on proposed policy, regulations, record schedules and more.

The flagship initiative component of the plan is a specific transparency, participation, or collaboration initiative that can be implemented within two years. We want to hear your recommendations for this component of NARA’s Open Government Plan. Please visit the Open Government Idea Forum and NARAtions Blog to submit your ideas for improving participation at NARA.

The Open Government Directive requires a plan to follow these guidelines:

Each agency's Open Government Plan should describe at least one specific, new transparency, participation, or collaboration initiative that your agency is currently implementing (or that will be implemented before the next update of the Open Government Plan). That description should include:

  1. An overview of the initiative, how it addresses one or more of the three openness principles, and how it aims to improve agency operations;

  2. An explanation of how your agency engages or plans to engage the public and maintain dialogue with interested parties who could contribute innovative ideas to the initiative;

  3. If appropriate, identification of any partners external to your agency with whom you directly collaborate on the initiative;

  4. An account of how your agency plans to measure improved transparency, participation, and/or collaboration through this initiative; and

  5. An explanation of the steps your agency is taking to make the initiative sustainable and allow for continued improvement.

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