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  • Open Gov Plan: Submit issues and suggested edits to the agency's plan on Github.
  • History Hub: Contribute your suggestions, ideas, and questions on the Open Government space on History Hub.
  • Citizen Archivist Dashboard: Participate in crowdsourcing projects, including tagging and transcription missions, and scanning efforts.
  • NARAtions: Let us know your concerns and what you think on the blog of the National Archives.
  • AOTUS: Collector in Chief: Find out what David Ferriero, Archivist of the United States, has to say about transparency, participation, and collaboration at the National Archives.
  • Comment on Draft Policy: Submit comments on proposed policy, regulations, record schedules and more.

The Open Government Directive requires that the National Archives develop an Open Government Plan by April 7, 2010.  Our plan will include a strategic action plan for transparency that:

  1. Inventories agency high-value information currently available for download;
  2. Fosters the public’s use of this information to increase public knowledge and promote public scrutiny of agency services; and
  3. Identifies high value information not yet available and establishes a reasonable timeline for publication online in open formats with specific target dates.

We need to hear from you!

Please let us know what types of datasets from the National Archives you are interested in. Join the conversation on the NARAtions Blog and Open Government Idea Forum.

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