News Clips - August 26, 1999
    NARA Records

    1. Nixon's Secret Tapes To Go On Sale (Associated Press, 8/10/99)

    2. Nixon's Tapes, Still Rolling (The Washington Post, 8/9/99)

    3. Revisionist Scholars Challenge Traditional Criticisms of Nixon (Washington Times, 8/9/99)

    4. Archives Agency Chooses a System to Get Up To Speed On Procurement (Government Computer News, 8/9/99)

    5. Papers Shed New Light On Soviets, Oswald (The Washington Post, 8/6/99)

    6. Letter Warned of Nazi Killings in Asylums (San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle, 8/1/99)

    7. Frantic Appeal From The Past (Orange County Register, 7/30/99)

    8. The Lindbergh Case, Revisited (Asbury Park Sunday Press, 7/25/99)

    9. Lincoln Documents Discovered (Daily Southtown, 7/17/99)

    10. Plan B Not Much Of An Option For Moon Walkers (Chronicle-Herald, 7/13/99)

    11. National Archives Contain Rich Store (Stuart News, 7/13/99)

    12. LOF To Have Key Role (Blade, 7/5/99)

    13. Preserving Historic Documents a Challenge (Prince William Journal, 7/4/99)

    14. National Archivist Organization To Meet (Galion Inquirer, 7/3/99)

    John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection

    15. Zapruder Film Nets $16 Million (The Washington Post, 8/4/99)

    16. U.S. Government Must Pay $16 Million For JFK Assassination Film (Orange County Register, 8/4/99)

    17. Film Of JFK's Assassination Gets Price Tag Of $16 Million (Wall Street Journal, 8/4/99)

    18. Film of JFK Assassination Brings Family $16 Million (Los Angeles Times, 8/4/99)

    19. Panel Reaches Price on JFK Film (Washington Times, 8/4/99)

    20 Zapruder Heirs Get $16 Million For Dallas Film (The New York Times, 8/4/99)

    21. JFK Film Has Weighed On Family (USA Today, 8/4/99)

    Electronic Records Issues

    22. Ruling May Change Feds' Records Plans (Federal Computer Week, 8/23/99)

    23. Overturn Of E-records Decision No Reason To Let Up (Federal Computer Week, 8/16/99)

    24. Don't Round File E-records Plans (Federal Computer Week, 8/16/99)

    25. Court Overturns E-records Ruling (Federal Computer Week, 8/9/99)

    26. Court Backs Archivist's Rule (The Washington Post, 8/7/99)

    27. U.S. Agencies Allowed To Delete E-mail (The Washington Post, 8/7/99)

    28. GAO: NARA Should Do E-records Survey (Federal Computer Week, 7/26/99)

    NARA Web Site

    29. National Archives Online Exhibit (Birmingham News, 7/26/99)

    30. Help Kids Understand Their Heritage (Shopper News, 7/21/99)

    Exhibits and Events

    31. The American Century (The Washington Post, 8/15/99)

    32. The Arts (Booklist, 7/99)

    Regional Archives

    33. Archivist Who Preserved Chinese Life Stories (San Francisco Examiner, 8/4/99)

    34. New Book Explores Government's Ill-fated Dealings With Tribes (News Tribune, 7/21/99)

    35. NARA Offices Will Remain Intact (Asian Week, 7/15/99)

    Presidential Libraries

    36. New York Firms Chosen To Design Clinton Library (The New York Times, 8/9/99)

    37. Clinton Library Design Team Chosen (The Washington Post, 8/6/99)

    38. Clinton Names Two Lead Architects For Library, Designer For Exhibits (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 8/6/99)

    39. The Buzz: Presidential Street (Kansas City Star, 7/23/99)

    40. Little Rock's Clinton Library Plan Survives Challenges (Dallas Morning News, 7/11/99)

    Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

    41. Explore The Spirit Of The Hoovers (Des Moines Sunday Register, 8/1/99)

    42. Three For The Road (Register, 7/25/99)

    43. Hoover Presidential Library Needs Photos Of Herbie The Cat (Des Moines Register, 7/16/99)

    44. Iowa's Presidential Connection: Herbert Hoover (Get Up & Go, 7/99)

    Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

    45. Tea Seminar Set (Southern Duchess News, 7/21/99)

    Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

    46. ‘The Last Great American' Comes To The Truman Library (Kansas City Globe, 7/15/99)

    John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

    47. Kennedy Journal (Providence Journal, 7/21/99)

    48. Memorial Services Planned (Boston Herald, 7/22/99)

    Gerald R. Ford Museum

    49. Michigan Native Helped Heal Country (Detroit News, 8/6/99)

    50. Paintings On Display While Gallery Gets Renovated (Monroe Evening News, 8/1/99)

    51. Have Your Cake And Eat It, Too, On Jerry's Birthday (Grand Rapids Press, 7/13/99)

    Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

    52. Q&A On The News (Atlanta Constitution, 7/30/99)

    53. Legends Aplenty At Time Show (Atlanta Constitution, 7/15/99)

    Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

    54. Media Magnets On Display (Camarillo Star, 8/5/99)

    55. Reagan's 50-Year Link With Pen Pal Offers Some Intimate Insights (San Diego Union-Tribune, 7/19/99)

    56. Reagan's Treasures Lay Below Ground In Library (Plano Star Courier, 7/18/99)

    57. Nancy Celebrates At Library (Ventura County Sunday Star, 7/11/99)

    58. Tony & Tacky (Wall Street Journal, 7/9/99)

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