News Clips - February 2000

NARA Records

1. National Archives Works To Identify Records Destroyed In Fire (Associated Press, 3/2/00)

2. Watergate Tapes Can Now Be Heard Online (Dayton Daily News, 2/14/00)

3. The Watergate Tapes: Nixon And Dean Online (New York Times, 2/10/00)

4. Plan Renovation Of National Archives (Antique Week, 2/7/00)

5. Something Old, Something New (EE-Evaluation Engineering, 2/00)

6. Copy Of Zapruder Film Given To Museum (Chicago Tribune, 1/27/00)

7. Scandal Unfolds On Nixon Tapes, Expletives Included (Palm Beach Post, 1/26/00)

8. U.S. Charters Will Be Stowed 2 Years (Austin American-Statesman, 1/25/00)

9. Crooks On Tape (Times-Picayune, 1/22/00)

10. Nuclear Documents Mistakenly Released (Star-Ledger, 1/22/00)

11. Watergate Tapes Available For Public To Hear Today (Sun-Sentinel, 1/21/00)

Electronic Records Issues

12. Archivists Grapple With Digital Pace (Boston Globe, 2/10/00)

13. NARA Seeks Money For Improving E-Storage (Federal Computer Week, 2/7/00)

NARA Web Site

14. Resources (El Paso Times, 1/16/00)

15. Foot Notes (Los Angeles Times, 12/10/99)

Exhibits and Events

16. Historical Footnotes (Baltimore Sun, 2/15/00)

17. National Archives (, 2/14/00)

18. Scholars Gather To Debate A Disturbing Anniversary (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/9/00)

19. Picturing the Century For Kids (Record, 2/1/00)

20. Picturing The Century For Kids (New Jersey Herald, 1/31/00)

21. Rankin's Credentials Part Of New Display At National Archives (Great Falls Tribune, 1/24/00)

22. Archives' Exhibit On D.C. Opens (Stuart News, 1/23/00)

23. Picturing The Century For Kids (Times Herald Record, 1/22/00)

24. Picturing The Century For Kids (New Jersey Herald, 1/17/00)


25. Finding Your Way Through The National Archives and Records Administration (Norman Transcript, 1/29/00)

Regional Archives

26. Searching For A Name In The World War I Draft Registrations: What Does It Take? (, 2/10/00)

27. A Lively Hub Of Learning, Living (Atlanta Constitution, 1/20/00)

28. Time To Look Back On a Century Of Growth (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 12/12/99)

Presidential Libraries

29. Presidential Libraries More Than Memorials (The Washington Times, 2/28/00)

30. Presidential Meanderings (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/20/00)

31. Hail To The Chiefs (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2/6/00)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

33. Learn About Herbert Hoover, Other Great Subjects (Quad-City Times, 1/30/00)

34. Children's Gifts To Presidents The Focus Of Hoover Exhibit (Times-Republican, 1/26/00)

35. Hoover Library Giving $ 5,000 Scholarship (Ottumwa Courier, 1/20/00)

36. Knowing Traditions Is Part Of The Fun (Gazette, 12/25/99)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

37. Growth Pegged To Visitors Hub (Poughkeepsie Journal, 2/14/00)

38. Final Diagnosis (Washington Post, 2/8/00)

39. FDR Site To Mark His 118th Birthday (Poughkeepsie Journal, 1/27/00)

40. FDR Institute Hosts Student Seminar (Poughkeepsie Journal, 1/25/00)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

41. People In The News (Des Moines Register, 1/25/00)

42. Truman Library Reviews The Century (Kansas City Star, 1/22/00)

43. Listening Post (Kansas City Star, 1/14/00)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

44. Long Before Nixon, Eisenhower Recorded In The White House (Associated Press, 3/2/00)

45. Eisenhower Looks Better And Better (The Washington Times, 2/23/00)

46. Ceremony To Launch Latest Fund-raising Effort (Salina Journal, 1/24/00)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

47. Coast Guard Commander Retires After 37 Years (Boston Herald, 2/19/00)

48. JFK Library And Museum (Panorama, 1/24/00)

49. Kennedy Mementos On Display In Boston (Sunday Telegraph, 1/23/00)

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

50. Democracy Includes Students' Right To Protest (Houston Chronicle, 2/9/00)

51. Speech Must Be Free For Everyone (Bryan-College Station Eagle, 1/30/00)

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

52. (no title) (Atlanta Constitution, 2/17/00)

53. Enjoying The Ex-Presidency? Never Been Better (The New York Times, 2/16/00)

54. Living & Leisure (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2/12/00)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

55. Reagan Library Chief Leaves For FDR Museum Post (Los Angeles Times, 2/2400)

56. Partying With Presidents (The Star, 2/22/00)

57. Stanford's Release Of Reagan Notes Draws Fire (San Francisco Examiner, 2/12/00)

58. Car Show For Reagan Big Success (Los Angeles Times, 2/7/00)

59. Reagan Too Ill To Attend Birthday Celebration (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/7/00)

60. Reagan Campaign Still Gaining Cash (Tampa Tribune, 1/29/00)

61. A Library For The Ages (Valley Magazine, 1/00-2/00)

George Bush Presidential Library

62. Bush Library Job Due Upgrade (Bryant-Eagle, 2/19/00)

63. Ambassador Visits Bush Library (Battalion, 1/31/00)

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