News Clips - January 23, 1998

Washington D.C./ General Interest

1. Freedom Proclaimed (The Washington Post, 1/14/98)

2. Words of Freedom (The Washington Post, 1/16/98)

3. Guarding History (Washington Times, 1/21/98)

4. Computers Erasing History’s Fingerprints (San Juan Star, 12/26/97)

5. Age of Computers is Challenging for National Archives (Washington Times, 12/26/97)

6. Justice Files Appeal of Court Ruling That Found Document Archiving Policy Wanting (Government Computer News, 1/12/98)

7. The IRS is Hiding Its Story (Washington Times, 12/19/97)

8. U.S. Policy Towards Jews, Israel Not All It Seemed (Jewish Journal, 12/16/97)

9. Hillary Goes Millennial (Newsweek, 1/19/98)

10. Ex-Nixon Aide Says Tapes Will Tell (Reuters, 1/13/98)

11. A Capital Idea-The National Mall in Washington (Catholic Review, 12/4/97)


12 Action Line (Miami Herald, 12/21/97)

Exhibits, Events & Publications

13. Pieces of History, Serious or Silly, are on display at National Archives (The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/13/98)

14. What’s Happening in Washington D.C. (USA Today, 12/19/97)

15 The National Archives... (Brooklyn, NY New American, 12/7/97)

16. Archives and ‘Amistad’ (The Washington Post, 1/12/97)

17. Website Shows off Alaska Documents (Fairbanks Daily-News-Miner, 12/26/97)

Regional Records Facilities

18. Paper Trail Leads To Oak Ridge and Beyond (Knoxville, TN News-Sentinel, 12/10/97)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

19. Harry S. Truman Library: Let Your Buck Stop There (Antique Week Central, 12/15/97)

20. Truman Library to Honor Birth of Israel in ‘98 (Independence, MO The Examiner, 12/24/97)

21. Year to Remember (The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, 12/26/97)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

22. The Tapes Tell All, And We Still Like Ike (Sunday Denver Post, 12/14/97)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

23. Auction to Sell Kennedy Memorabilia (New York Times. 12/23/97)

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

24. Remember Administration of LBJ With Notes (Bank Note Reporter, December 1997)

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library

25. Vatican Treasures (Grand Rapids Magazine, January 1998)

26. Grand Rapids Museums Celebrate History, Art (Southfield Eccentric, 11/30/97)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

27. Heirlooms from Grandma (Los Angeles Times, 1/15/98)

28. Reagan Library Exhibit Details How U.S. Presidents Exercise (Simi Valley, CA Daily News, 12/28/97)

George Bush Presidential Library

29. Highlights from the George Bush Presidential Library (Toledo, OH Blade, 12/10/97)


30. Archives Yield Aid for Claims on Holocaust (The New York Times, 1/11/98)

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