News Clips - June 18, 1999

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Charters Re-encasement Project

1. U. S. Founding Documents to Receive New Home (U.S. Glass, Metal & Glazing, 5/99)

2. Hoyer Signs Patient's Bill of Rights Nationwide Online Petition (Miami Herald, 4/16/99)

3. E. Lansing Woman Saves History (Lansing State Journal, 4/11/99)


4. Kennedy Casket Secretly Dumped into Sea-Documents (Reuters, 6/1/99)

5. Kennedys Urged JFK Casket to be Sunk (The Washington Post, 6/1/99)

6. Kennedy Files to Detail Casket Disposal (The Washington Post, 5/30/99)

7. JFK's Original Coffin Dumped in Atlantic (The News and Observer, 5/30/99)

8. Art Under the Open Sky (The Washington Post, 5/30/99)

9. Reel Value: Is it a Home Movie or National Treasure? (Wall Street Journal, 5/22/99)

10. Nixon Compensation Trial Continues (Associated Press, 5/14/99)

11. 47 Chinese Men Served in U.S. Civil War, New Research Shows (The Washington Post, 5/12/99)

12. The CIA's Rorshach Test (The Washington Post Magazine, 5/9/99)

13. Jefferson Writings Coming to Schools (Clarion-Ledger, 4/13/99)

14. Document Copies to Bring Past to Life (Sun Herald, 4/10/99)

Electronic Records Issues

15. Citizens' Electronic Inquiries get Governments' Attention (The New York Time, 5/20/99)

16. NARA Plans Electronic Image Filing Rules (Federal Computer Week, 4/12/99)

Exhibits and Events

17. National Archives Exhibit Examines the Century in Photos (, 5/4/99)

18. Archives Holds Open House (Greenbelt News Review, 4/22/99)

19. Hot Dates (American Way Magazine, 4/15/99)

20. American Originals: Part IV (Museums Washington, 1999)

21. Five Shows Not to Miss in D.C. (Museums New York and Museums Boston, Spring 1999)

NARA Web Site

22. Sites to Remember (Southern Living, June 1999)

23. Going on in Search of History on the Web (Investor's Business Daily, 5/20/99)

24. It's No Joke: They use Cartoons as a Tool for Teaching (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/15/99)

25. Progressive-Era Resources on the World Wide Web (OAH Magazine of History, Spring 1999)


26. Workshops Aim to Help People Trace Their Roots (Sunday Denver Post, 5/23/99)

27. African-American Genealogists Often Run Into Road Blocks During Research (Norman, 5/22/99)

28. Climbing Your Family Tree (Retired Officer, May 1999)

29. Family History Group Plans Program on Naturalization (Berkshire Eagle, 4/17/99)

30. Researching Where to Start (Mercury, 4/11/99)

31. Finding Information About Civil War Soldiers on the ‘Net (Daily Times, 3/29/99)

Regional Archives

32. Archives Property is Sold (Berkshire Eagle, 5/18/99)

33. Researching "The Rock" is an Elusive Game (Staten Island Advance, 5/17/99)

34. The Mystery of the Missing Documents (Jacksonville Journal-Courier, 5/17/99)

35. Archives will Relocate, not Close (Birmingham News, 5/2/99)

Presidential Libraries

36. Pursuing Presidential Passions (Essentially America, 3/99-4/99)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

37. Mayor Protects Town and Museum (Gazette, 5/9/99)

38. Campaign Trail Leads to Hoover Library (Ottumwa Courier, 5/8/99)

39. Hoover Exhibit Features America in Your Centuries (Gazette, 5/2/99)

40. Joyce Sews a Piece in History (Gazette, 4/14/99)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

41. WWII Exhibit Honors Those who Gave Their all (Poughkeepsie Journal, 5/30/99)

42. Five Feted for Meeting FDR's Challenge (Poughkeepsie Journal, 5/8/99)

43. FDR History on Display (Poughkeepsie Journal, 5/6/99)

44. Roosevelt Marriage Draws Fans (Poughkeepsie Journal, 3/22/99)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

45. Trumans & Trails (Travel America, 6/99-7/99)

46. It's Truman Week (Kansas City Star, 5/3/99)

47. City Ready to Celebrate Truman Week (The Examiner, 5/3/99)

48. Harry's Independence (Highways, 5/99)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

49. Fab Forty: Eisenhower Center Celebrate's Babs' Birthday in Style (Salina Journal, 4/18/99)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

50. Presidential Leaks do no Damage yet (The Washington Post, 6/8/99)

51. Repairs Eyed at Kennedy Library (The Boston Globe, 6/7/99)

52. Leaky Library Needs Repair (Boston Herald, 6/7/99)

53. New Exhibit Profiles Kennedy Laureate Dinner (Irish America Magazine, 6/99-7/99)

54. Camelot Declassified (Boston Magazine, 6/99)

55. Hemingway Gets a Kick in a Kickoff (New York Times, 4/14/99)

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

56. Interpretation Gap: Portraits of Past Make war in ‘60s Symposium (Austin American-Statesmen, 5/14/99)

57. Forgot the ‘60s? Symposium may jog Your Memory (Austin American-Statesmen, 5/12/99)

58. David Douglas Duncan Exhibit (Petersen's Photographic Magazine, 5/99)

59. Beyond Nightingale's Legend (Austin American-Statesmen, 4/1/99)

Gerald R. Ford Museum

60. Exhibit Showcases "The American Century" (Grand Rapids Press, 4/12/99)

61. Stairway to Freedom (Grand Rapids Press, 4/11/99)

62. Steps of Hope (Grand Rapids Press, 4/11/99)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

63. Honoring Ron (Washington Times, 5/27/99)

64. Focus on the White House (Los Angeles Times, 5/24/99)

65. Nancy Reagan Draws 400 Visitors to Library (Los Angeles Times, 5/6/99)

66. Reagan Lives On (Washington Times, 5/3/99)

67. The World on a String (Los Angeles Times, 4/19/99)

68. Former Reagan Aide Recounts Good Times (Daily News, 4/13/99)

George Bush Presidential Library

69. Remembering Those who Served (Brownsville Herald, 4/21/99)

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