News Clips - March 25, 1999

NARA Records

1. The Too-Much-Information Age (The Washington Post, 3/12/99)

John W. Carlin, Archivist of the United States

2. Your Past is Disappearing: What Museums Should Know about the 20th-Century Archives Crisis (Museum News, 1/99-2/99)

3. NARA vs. IRS: A Different View (Archival Outlook, 1/99-2/99)

4. New Tools Developed for Electronic Records Management (Archival Outlook, 1/99-2/99)

Charters Encasement Project

5. Founding Documents Will Get New Cases (The Washington Post, 3/18/99)

6. Precious Documents Get Protection (Associated Press, 3/18/99)

7. Newsmakers: Archivist Unveils Case for U.S. Documents (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 3/18/99)

8. U.S.'s Founding Documents Get New Protective Cases (L.A. Times, 3/18/99)

9. U.S. Documents Face New Perils (Associated Press, 3/15/99)

10. To Conserve and Protect (The Baltimore Sun, 3/15/99)

11. New Cases Will Protect Historical Documents (Boulder Daily Camera, 3/14/99)

12. On Preservation (Lufkin Daily News, 2/22/99)

13. National Archives Creates a New Home for Nation's Founding Documents (Fox Newswire, 2/12/99)

14. New Framers of the Declaration of Independence Act to Save it in Parchment (The New York Times, 2/7/99)

15. Bill of Rights Deserves Special Observance (Gazette, 12/15/99)

Electronic Records Issues

16. Overload (The New Yorker, 3/8/99)

17. NARA: Agencies Must Set Own Records Policies (Government Computer News, 2/22/99)

18. NARA Seeks Funds for Digital Archiving (Federal Computer Week, 2/1/99)

19. NARA Backs DOD Electronic Records Storage Policy (Government Computer News, 1/11/99)

20. Records Management is Ready for Primetime-But are Records Management Systems? (KM World, 1/99)

Nixon Materials

21. Slogging Through Nixon Tapes an Ideal-Breaker for Archivist (Chicago Tribune, 2/21/99)

22. In Oval Office Tapes, Nixon Belittles Agnew, Minorities and Women (Chicago Tribune, 3/18/99)

23. Nixon, on Tape, Heard Calling Supreme Court Justice ‘Little Dumb' (Delaware State News, 3/9/99)

24. Nixon Wanted to Show Up J.F.K. and Wouldn't Let it Go (The New York Times, 2/28/99)

25. Nixon Spoke of a ‘Cover' After Break-In (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/26/99)

26. In Tapes, Nixon Muses about Break-Ins at Foreign Embassies (The New York Times, 2/26/99)

27. Pentagon Papers Leak Sent Nixon on Kennedy Rampage (L.A. Times, 2/26/99)

28. Nixon Library, Archives Release New Tapes (Whittier Daily News, 2/25/99)

29. Nixon Tapes to be Released Today (Orange County Register, 2/25/99)

30. A Curious Claim by the Nixon Estate (The New York Times, 2/22/99)

31. Butterfield: Response to Nixon's Silent Majority Speech Was Contrived (The Washington Post, 1/23/99)

32. 24 Years After Watergate, a New Fight Emerges Over Nixon Tapes (L.A. Times, 2/2/99)


33. College Park, Where the Documents Are (The Washington Post, 3/3/99)

34. Will Monica Ever Get Her Blue Dress Back? (The New York Times Magazine, 2/28/99)

35. Chroniclers of Collaboration (The New York Times, 2/18/99)

36. Photos Help Arms Reduction (Daily Citizen-News, 2/17/99 )

37. Budget Details by Agency (Federal Times, 2/15/99)

38. The Other Vets (Cecil Whig, 1/22/99)

39. Suing For Reparations (The Baltimore Sun, 1/17/99)

40. Trial Creating Artifacts for U.S. Archives (Miami Herald, 1/9/99)

41. General Orders Pertaining to the Removal of the Cherokees (Social Education, 1/99)

42. Can Someone Sign for This? (Nickelodeon Magazine, 1/99-2/99)

43. CHS Receives Archival Grant (Antiques & The Arts Weekly, 12/25/98)

44. Missing Awards (Army Times, 12/14/98) Obituary

45. Philip R.Ward (The Washington Post, 3/15/99)

Exhibits and Events

Picturing the Century

46. National Archives Exhibition Pictures This Century's Women (Everywoman, 3/23/99)

47. Our National Photo Album (, 3/22/99)

48. ‘Picturing the Century': A Nation's Photo Album (The Washington Post, 3/19/99)

49. What's Happening in. . .Washington, D.C. (USA Today, 3/12/99)

50. Weekend's Best (The Washington Post, 3/12/99)

51. Archives Displays Pictures of Century (Sun News, 3/7/99)

52. Where & When (The Washingtonian, 3/99)

American Originals

53. Opinion: American Originals (News Tribune, 1/15/99)

54. Moments of Memory (Home & Away)

55. More of History's Paper Trail is on Exhibit in Washington, D.C. (Delaware State News, 12/25/98)

56. Pieces of American History on Display (Clarion-Ledger, 12/17/98)

57. Cultural Events (USA Today, 12/21/98)

58. Words to Awe & Get a Laugh (Daily News, 12/20/98) Miscellaneous

59. Justice Thurgood Marshall's Nomination on Display at National Archives (Washington Informer, 2/11/99)

60. Here & Now (The Washington Post, 2/7/99)

61. February Films at the National Archives: African-American History and the Depression (Recreation News, 2/99)

62. Film (Washington Times, 1/21/99)

63. Weekend's Best (The Washington Post, 1/15/99)

64. Emancipation Proclamation on Display at the National Archives (Metro Herald, 1/15/99)

Genealogy/Regional Archives

65. Family Tree (Martha Stewart's Living, 3/99)

66. Plug in to Your Family Tree (Good Housekeeping, 3/99)

67. Ellis: The Cause for Genealogists (Patriot-News, 3/2/99)

68. Government Keeps Records on Veterans' Home Residents (Columbus Dispatch, 2/28/99)

69. Workshops on Genealogy set at National Archives (Berkshire Eagle, 2/24/99)

70. Genealogy Through Census Records (Washington Sun, 2/18/99)

71. Family Records Cannot be Segregated by Race (Sun Herald, 2/16/99)

72. Web Site Useful When Researching Census Records (Norman Transcript, 2/6/99)

73. Alaska Marks Milestone of 40th Birthday (Houston Chronicle, 1/16/99)

NARA Web Site

74. NARA Adds History to Digital Classroom (Federal Computer Week, 3/22/99)

75. Web Sightings: Native American Resources (The Washington Post, 2/28/99)

76. The Web Wanderer (Coastal Journal, 1/21/99)

Presidential Libraries

77. Washington Whispers (U.S. News and World Report, 3/8/99)

78. Concrete Memories of Presidents' Days (Boston Globe, 2/18/99)

79. In Good Company, Those Bits (The Washington Post, 2/14/99)

80. Inside GSA (Washington Business Journal, 2/12/99)

81. Leaders' Libraries Offer Looks at Presidential History, Personalities (USA Today, 2/12/99)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

82. West Branch (Des Moines Sunday Register, 2/7/99)

83. Herbert Hoover Museum Opens New Exhibit Saturday (Waterloo Courier, 2/4/99)

84. From Oval Office Chair to Flour Sacks, an Attic fit for Hoover (Des Moines Register, 2/3/99)

85. Arts Briefs (Des Moines Sunday Register, 1/24/99)

86. Hearing a Different Call (Quad-City Times, 1/15/99)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

87. Ceremony Marks FDR's Birthday (Poughkeepsie Journal, 1/27/99)

88. FDR Library Fire Squelched (Poughkeepsie Journal, 1/10/99)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

89. Ex-Warsaw Pact Nations Reinvigorate Troubled Western Security Alliance (Wall Street Journal, 3/11/99)

90. American Century Sponsorship Hails Glories of Nation's Chiefs (Kansas City Business, 2/26/99)

91. The Presidency in Pictures (Kansas City Star, 2/24/99)

92. Truman Honored with 33-Cent Stamp (Centralia Morning Sentinel, 2/21/99)

93. P.S. Truman Stamp (Kansas City Star, 2/19/99)

94. The Truman Show: Promoting "Love Letters from the President" (Public Relations Tactics, 2/99)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

95. Kansans May Take a Day to Honor Ike (The Salina Journal, 1/28/99)

96. Eisenhower Museum Seeking Visitors (Lawrence Journal, 1/3/99)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

97. Glenn's Space Flight Commemorated (American History, 4/99)

98. Reflecting on the Presidency (Providence Journal, 2/16/99)

99. JFK Library and Museum Showcase Fallen President's Life (Journal Inquirer, 1/28/99)

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

100. Lady Bird's Gallery: A Crossroads for Good Conversation (Austin American-Statesmen, 12/27/98)

Gerald R. Ford Museum

101. History Lesson (Indianapolis Star, 2/3/99)

102. Washington Whispers (U.S. News & World Report, 1/11/99)

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

103. Docents Guide Children (Sandy Springs Neighbor, 2/10/99)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

104. Soldiers of Reagan Wars Reunited to Mark Birthday (L.A. Times, 2/5/99)

105. Art (L.A. Times, 1/21/99)

106. Shifting Sands (Chicago Tribune, 1/10/99)

George Bush Presidential Library

107. A Shore Thing (York County Coast Star, 2/24/99)

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