News Clips - May 18, 1998

Washington DC/General Interest

1. The Digital Attic: An Archive of Everything (The New York Times, 4/12/98)

2. Time and Technology Threaten Digital Archives... (The New York Times, 4/7/98)

3. The Judge and the Archives: (The Washington Post, 4/16/98)

4. Judge Says Agencies Must Follow New Policy (Federal Computer Week, 4/13/98)

5. Judge Finds U.S. Archivist Has ‘Flagrantly' Violated Order (The Washington Post, 4/10/98)

6. "Mountain" of Records Overwhelms Nation (The Washington Times, 3/26/98)

7. No Contempt of Court Threat for Archivist (The Washington Post, 3/26/98)

8. NARA Issues Temporary Rules for Electronic Records (Government Computer News, 3/16/98)

9. Federal Government Clings to Paper Records (The New York Times, 4/9/98)

10. NARA Web Site Centralizes Document Status Information (Government Computer News, 3/9/98)

11. Former Governor Preserves History (Hutchinson News, Kansas, 3/3/98)

12. Rather Just Read the Review? (Insight, Washington, DC, 3/16/98)

13. Court Upholds Order on Tapes For Nixon Estate (The Washington Post, 4/1/98)

14. Nixon Initially Blase About Pentagon Papers Leaks (, 3/18/98)

15. Court Orders Nixon Tapes Returned (Associated Press, 3/31/98)

16. Court Rules Some Nixon Tapes are Private (Los Angeles Times, 4/1/98)

17. Nixon to Get Day in Court On Tapes Compensation (The Washington Post, 3/29/98)

18. Ideas Worth Remembering (The Washington Post, 4/2/98)

19. Historic Petitions Teach Women's Place in History (Austin American-Statesman, 4/4/98)

20. High Schools in Texas Plan to Put Women's History Book on Shelves (The Dallas Morning News, 4/4/98)

21. Constitution, Records, Tent Need Saving (Sunday Record, Hackensak, NJ, 3/15/98)

22. "Full Story" of the Titanic (Metropolitan Times, 4/15/98)

23. Titanic Fever (The Washington Times, 4/3/98)

24. "Titanic" Treasures (Republic, Columbus, IN, 3/15/98)

25. A Free Program (The Washington Post Weekend, 3/27/98)

26. Seminar Will Feature Preservation Experts (Minot Daily News, ND, 3/8/98)

27. National Archives Visits B.A.C. (Beltsville News, MD, 3/98)

28. On the Trail of Presidents (Christian Science Monitor, 3/20/98)

29. Scholars Praise Huge Find of Lincoln Papers (San Francisco Examiner-Chronicle, 3/5/98)


30. Our Nation's Archives are Astounding (Times, Trenton NJ, 3/17/98)

31. Tracing Your Family Tree (Country Living, 4/98)

32. Lake Battle Put in Perspective (Plain Dealer, Cleveland OH, 3/5/98)

33. New Software Programs Aid Amateur Genealogists (Wall Street Journal, Europe, 3/13/98)

34. Computers Aid Family History Research (News Herald, Morganton NC, 3/19/98)

35. Centennial Reunion Planned to Bring Together Families in the U.S. and Relatives Living in Italy (Star Beacon, Ashtabula OH, 3/10/98)

36. Search for Confederate Ancestors (Colonial Homes, 5/98)

37. Treasury Presents "Black Patriots" Coin (Pentagram, Gaithersburg MD, 2/27/98)

38. Space Aliens Gave U.S. the A-Bomb (Weekly World News, Lantana FL, 2/24/98)

39. Genealogy Workshop Set (Tribune, Seymour IN, 3/9/98)

40. Family Tales Set Off Quest for Ancestor in Civil War (Huntsville Time, AL, 3/11/98)

41. The Last Campaign (Capital Style, DC, 3/98)

Presidential Libraries

42. All the President's Stuff (Anniston Star, AL, 3/12/98)

43. Vote Sought on Clinton Library Bonds (The Washington Post, 4/10/98)

44. Lectures, Programs Set at Hoover Museum (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 3/10/98)

45. A Heartbeat Away... (Manhattan Mercury, KS, 3/15/98)

46. Feed Your Mind, Expand Your Stomach (Des Moins Register, IA, 3/5/98)

47. Think Small (Gazette, Cedar Rapids IA, 4/4/98)

48. Ruth Burns (Advance-News, Ogdensburg NY, 3/8/98)

49. Kansas City Federation and Harry S. Truman Library Plan Israel Anniversary Celebrations (The Jewish Press, Omaha NE, 1/9/98)

50. Truman's Letters Tell Story of Enduring Love (Group Travel Leader, Lexington KY, 2/98)

51. A Place Called Independence (Express Sunday, Easton PA, 3/15/98)

52. Flexing the Nation's Muscle (Hutchinson News, KS, 3/15/98)

53. JFK Library to Commemorate 1963 Struggle for Civil Rights (Skanner, Portland OR, 2/25/98)

54. JFK Aide Dave Powers Dies at 85 (UPI, 3/27/98)

55. Destination Focus on Black History Sites (Times-Picayune, New Orleans LA, 3/15/98)

56. Bacon Honored (Hartford Courant, CT, 3/19/98)

57. New Location Proposed for UT Museum (Austin American-Statesman, TX, 2/28/98)

58. Political Cartoonist Pat Oliphant's Work at Carter Library (Antique Week Central, Knightstown IN, 3/23/98)

59. Crowning Achievement (Washington Times, 3/19/98)

60. Quilting Exhibition a Stitch in Time (Daily News, Conejo Valley CA, 4/4/98)

61. Reagan Shrine Recalls a Better Era (Star-Ledger, Newark NJ, 3/17/98)

62. Spring Events Planned at Reagan Library (Acorn, Agoura CA, 3/12/98)

63. College Station: Home of the Newest Little Presidential Library in Texas (Diversion, New York NY, 3/98)

64. Music Bow Ahead for Artist Adickes (Houston Chronicle, 3/11/98)

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