News Clips - May 2001

NARA Records

1. FBI Got Conflicting Bombing Advice (Associated Press, 5/16/01)

2. Prewar File Told of Hitler's Mental State (New York Times, 4/28/01)

3. Secrets In The Archives (U.S. News & World Report, 5/7/01)

4. CIA Opens Its Files On Adolph Hitler and 19 Other Nazi Leaders (Bloomberg Wire Service, 4/27/01)

5. CIA Opens Its Files On Third Reich Figures (Boston Globe, 4/27/01)

6. Inside The Empire (Boston Globe, 4/15/01)

7. Nazis Worked For Allies After War-CIA Files (Reuters, 4/27/01)

8. Austria Says CIA Report Vindicates Waldheim (Reuters, 4/28/01)

9. CIA's Files Shed Light On Fate Of Nazi Criminals ( Transcripts, 4/27/01)

10. CIA Releases Declassified Documents ( Transcripts, 4/27/01)

11. Declassified CIA Files Reveal Post-War Collaboration Between U.S. Intelligence Agencies And Nazis ( Transcripts, 4/27/01)

12. The Perfect Spy (Boston Globe, 3/11/01)

13. British Rejected 'Perfect' Spy (Sunday Times, 3/18/01)

14. New Questions Arise On Fate Of Gestapo Chief (Los Angeles Times, 2/26/01)

15. Nazi Hunters Eager For CIA File (Baltimore Sun, 3/7/01)

16. Waldheim Was Blackmailed Over His Nazi Past, Says CIA (Daily Telegraph, 4/28/01)

17. Files Of Nazi War Criminals Made Available To Public (Plain Dealer, 4/28/01)

18. U.S. Tried To Find, Employ Nazis (Associated Press, 4/28/01)

19. Hitler's Doctor Detected Insanity, Old CIA Files Show (Baltimore Sun, 4/28/01)

20. Bank Records Aid In Slaves History (Associated Press, 4/2/01)

21. Saving Freedmen's Bureau Records (Washington Post, 3/1/01)

22. Database On Freed Slaves Released (Associated Press, 2/26/01)

23. War Veteran's Patience And Persistence Pay Off (Los Angeles Times, 5/10/01)

24. Remodeling The Constitution's Home (Family Tree Magazine, 2/01-3/01)

25. Diebold Secures National Archives Project (, 3/23/01)

26. Bringing History To The Classroom (The Advocate, 1/17/01)

27. UM Donates Books To Miss. High Schools (The Daily Mississippian, 3/29/01)

28. Magna Carta Copy To Go On Display In Philadelphia (Baltimore Sun, 2/19/01)

29. We Don't Know What We Don't Know (Boston Globe, 3/11/01)

30. Missile Crisis Intelligence Ripped (New York Times, 3/22/01)

31. Secret Agency Labors to Release Its Secrets (Baltimore Sun, 4/10/01)

32. A Longer Look At War Crimes (Washington Post, 5/01)

33. As President Bush Settles In, Rules About To Be Published Might Now Perish (New York Times, 1/23/01)

NARA Staff

34. Surprise Today (Washington Post, 2/2/01)

35. Lillian E. Grandy, Curator For National Archives (Washington Post, 3/23/01)

Electronic Records

36. XML For Content And E-Commerce (Information Management Journal, 4/01-6/01)

37. Is U.S. History Becoming History? (, 4/9/01)

38. Digitizing Archives Not So Easy (, 4/9/01)

39. National Archives Working To Preserve Federal Web Sites (Government Executive Magazine, 3/28/01)

40. White House Web Site Nearly Empty (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 1/25/01)

41. Agencies Scramble To Save Web Sites For Posterity (Government Executive Magazine, 1/22/01)

42. NARA's Web Archive Plan Irks Agencies (Government Computer News, 2/5/01)

43. Why It's Worth Saving Web Pages For Posterity (San Jose Mercury News, 1/19/01)

44. Agencies Frustrated By Order To Save Web Pages (Government Executive Magazine, 2/15/01)

45. So Much E-Mail, So Little Space (Los Angeles Times, 1/16/01)

46. Web Snapshots "Prudent," Katzen Says (Federal Computer Week, 1/19/01)

47. Half-Cocked Snapshots (Federal Computer Week, 2/5/01)

48. Webmasters Flinch At "Snapshots" (Federal Computer Week, 1/18/01)

NARA Web Site

49. On The Web: Site Of The Day (Palladium-Item, 4/21/01)

50. Educational (Democrat And Chronicle, 4/10/01)

51. Picturing History (Houston Chronicle, 3/22/01)

52. (Monitoring Times, 4/01)

53. On The Internet (Leader, 1/19/01)

54. Siteseeing (Quad-City Times, 1/9/01)

Exhibits and Events

55. Archives Exhibit Is An American Original: Scribblings And Speeches Will Soon Be Touring USA (USA Today, 3/9/01)

56. Emancipation Proclamation To Return To Texas On Tour (, 3/9/01)

57. Document It: Archive This (American Way Magazine, 4/15/01)

58. A Glimpse Of History (Family Tree Magazine, 6/01-7/01)

59. Ghost Writing (Washington Times, 12/13/00)

60. "Washington Insider" (Detroit News and Free Press, 4/8/01)

61. Historic Documents To Tour Country (Associated Press, 3/16/01)

62. National Archives Spotlights Events (Associated Press, 4/2/01)

63. Traveling National Archives Exhibit Coming To Columbus Next Year (Columbus Dispatch, 3/24/01)

64. The Arts (Los Angeles Times, 3/17/01)

65. Rare Documents To Tour As Archives Renovates (Washington Post, 3/16/01)

66. Rest Of The Best (Washington Post Weekend, 3/16/01)

67. Atlanta To Host Exhibition Of American Treasures (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/7/01)

68. Make Plans To See Rare Historic Exhibit (Victoria Advocate, 4/15/01)

69. National Archives Rotunda (Washingtonian, 3/01)

70. Slaves Of The Capitol (Washington City Paper, 1/26/01)

71. Cultural Events Mark Black History Month (Washington Post, 2/8/01)


72. New Disk Gives Greater Access To National Archives Records (Atlanta Constitution, 4/6/01)

73. The Ship They Came In On (Washington Post, 5/13/01)

74. Ellis Island Web Site Leaves Visitors Adrift (New York Times, 4/26/01)

75. Ellis Island Database Boosts Genealogy (Baltimore Sun, 5/6/01)

76. Finding Family Glance (Associated Press, 4/2/01)

77. National Archives And Records Files Away Wealth Of Information (Greenville Herald Banner, 1/7/01)

Regional Archives

78. Speaker Announced (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 4/28/01)

79. Clayton Graduates Urged To Consider Government Careers (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 5/6/01)

80. Family Trees Grow Close To Home (Boston Sunday Globe, 4/15/01)

81. Lectures/Meetings/Seminars (, 3/22/01)

82. Genealogical Family History Workshops (Burlington County Times, 1/24/01)

83. Genealogical Society (Boca Raton News, 1/5/01)

Presidential Libraries

84. Panel Backs Naming Donors To Libraries Of Former Presidents (New York Times, 5/18/01)

85. House Panel Backs Presidential Library Disclosure (Reuters, 5/17/01)

86. Bill Would Make Presidential Libraries Reveal Donors (Washington Times, 5/18/01)

87. Panel Likes Bill Making Libraries' Donors Public (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 4/6/01)

88. Costly Havens For History, Humbug (Chicago Tribune, 3/21/01)

89. When A President Checks Out (Washington Post, 2/13/01)

90. The Presidents And Their Libraries (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 3/18/01)

91. Prez. Libraries Get New Directors (American Libraries, 1/01)

92. Policies On Library Donors Vary (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2/25/01)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

93. Positions Open At Hoover Site (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 1/22/01)

94. Six Chinese Items At Blanden To Be Loaned To Herbert Hoover Museum (Messenger, 1/16/01)

95. Hoover Museum Offers Holiday Activities (Gazette, 12/1/00)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

96. Bush Allots Money For FDR Center (Poughkeepsie Journal, 4/11/01)

97. Hyde Park Panel: Key On Tourism (Poughkeepsie Journal, 5/3/01)

98. Public Forum To Be Held On Roosevelt Heritage Area (Hyde Park Townsman, 4/26/01)

99. Roosevelt Mementos Fetch Record Prices (Poughkeepsie Journal, 2/15/01)

100. Historic Sites Hope To Get Roosevelt Items (Daily Freeman, 1/15/01)

101. Behind The Scenes Archival Open House At FDR Library (Hyde Park Townsman, 1/22/01)

102. Park Service Recoups 500+ Roosevelt Heirlooms (Poughkeepsie Journal, 2/17/01)

103. FDR Library And Museum Website Chosen As 'Web Site Of The Month' (Hyde Park Townsman, 12/21/00)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

104. Experience A True National Treasure (Wichita Eagle, 4/8/01)

105. Truman Permeates Hometown (Des Moines Sunday Register, 4/1/01)

106. Truman Presidential Museum And Library (Wichita Eagle, 3/25/01)

107. Presidents In Independence (Missouri Life, 2/01-3/01)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

108. Symposium Is Opportunity To Meet Historical Figures (Abilene Reflector-Chronicle, 4/20/01)

109. Historians, Professors To Discuss Eisenhower At Public Symposium (Topeka Capital-Journal, 4/9/01)

110. Korea/MASH: A War Remembered (Abilene Reflector-Chronicle, 3/24/01)

111. Royer Film Series Movies Continue Korean War Era Focus (Abilene Reflector-Chronicle, 2/19/01)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

112. What The Critics Are Saying (Providence Journal, 3/22/01)

113. JFK Library Offers Free Admission On President's Day (Malden Evening News, 1/29/01)

114. U.S. Weighed Cutback In Japanese Bases (Washington Times, 1/5/01)

115. Ms. Duheme Comes To Boston (Boston Globe, 1/4/01)

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

116. Selznick Collection 'Treasures' Exhibit Set (The Scarlett Letter, Spring 2001)

117. A Treasured Book (Austin American-Statesman, 4/11/01)

118. Lady Bird Johnson, Now 88, Is Faithful To Memories, Causes (Boston Globe, 2/20/01)

119. Library Identifies Couple Who Crossed Phone Lines With LBJ (Austin American-Statesman, 1/25/01)

120. White House Photographers Capture History (Star Tribune, 1/21/01)

Nixon Presidential Materials Staff

121. Taking Home Nixon Tapes Is A Tricky Task (Baltimore Sun, 4/21/01)

122. More Nixon Materials Opened (Orlando Sentinel, 4/2/01)

123. Public Can Copy Nixon Tapes For Free (Associated Press, 4/18/01)

124. More Of Nixon Tapes To Be Sold To Public (Los Angeles Times, 4/18/01)

125. Nixon Tapes Will Be Open To Copying At Archives (Washington Post, 4/18/01)

126. Free Do-It-Yourself Nixon Tapes (, 4/19/01)

127. Nixon's Hoffa Pardon Has An Odor (Chicago Tribune, 4/8/01)

128. In Nixon Era, Business Trumped U.S. Detainees (Washington Post, 4/6/01)

129. Nixon Papers Reveal Secret Trip (Associated Press, 4/6/01)

130. Nixon Also Dealt With Detainees (Associated Press, 4/5/01)

131. Excerpts Of Nixon Papers (Associated Press, 4/5/01)

132. Rehnquist Far From Nixon's Favorite As Pick For Court (Chicago Tribune, 12/24/00)

Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum

133. Gerald Ford Gets Award For Pardoning Nixon (Washington Post, 5/22/01)

132. Museum Gives New Look To Gerald Ford Era (South Bend Tribune, 4/1/01)

133. Gerald Ford Library Opens Top-Secret Papers (Detroit News, 2/5/01)

134. Director Appointed For Ford Library (Ann Arbor News, 12/1/00)

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

135. Web Sites Offer Atlanta Visitors Some Direction (Business Insurance, 4/16/01)

136. The ACP-ASIM Convenes In Atlanta (Physicians' Travel & Meeting Guide, 1/01)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

137. Musician Gives Piano To Reagan Library (The Star, 5/19/01)

138. Reagan Library Exhibits 'Magic Of Disney' (The Star, 5/14/01)

139. $5.63 M Reserved For FDR Visitor's Center (Hyde Park Townsman, 4/12/01)

140. A Treasure Trove For Students Of Reaganology (Los Angeles Times, 3/4/01)

141. A Reign With Reach (Los Angeles Times, 2/22/01)

142. Rain No Damper On Presidents Day At Library (The Star, 2/20/01)

143. Briefly (USA Today, 1/9/01)

George Bush Presidential Library

144. Bryan/College Station (News-Capital & Democrat, 4/1/01)

145. Presidential Legacy (Times-Picayune, 1/21/01)

146. Inventive Twists Make Visit To Bush Museum A Prudent Twist (Kansas City Star, 1/14/01)

147. "For The Road" (Texas Highways, 1/01)

Clinton Presidential Materials Project

148. $200 Million Clinton Project Goes Far Beyond Library Itself (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 3/18/01)

149. House Panel Give List Of Clinton Library Donors (Washington Post, 3/6/01)

150. Clinton Library Donor List Revealed (Associated Press, 3/1/01)

151. Tallying Up The Lute And Other Foreign Gifts (Washington Post, 2/28/01)

152. Ex-DNC Official Refuses To Testify (Associated Press, 2/27/01)

153. Clinton Library Has Record Price Tag (New York Daily News, 2/12/01)

154. Clinton Library Reveals Surprises (Associated Press, 2/11/01)

155. Three-Year Rent For Clinton Archives Twice The Cost To Buy (Washington Times, 2/8/01)

156. Library Funds To Help Pay Rent (Washington Times, 2/6/01)

157. Clintons To Pay For Gifts Received (Associated Press, 2/3/01)

158. Hoping To Halt Talk, Clintons To Pay For Gifts (Los Angeles Times, 2/3/01)

159. Trouble In The Library (National Journal, 2/24/01)

160. Haulers Move A Mountain Of Clinton Papers (USA Today, 1/8/01)

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