News Clips - May-June 2000

John Carlin

1. Filing the Paper Trails (Topeka Capital-Journal, 6/19/00) NARA Records

2. Study of War Documents Likely to Continue 2 Years (Baltimore Sun, 6/28/00)

3. Allies Knew of Plan for Italy's Jews (Washington Post, 6/27/00)

4. Data Say Allies Knew of Auschwitz Plan (Los Angeles Times, 6/27/00)

5. Allies Knew of Nazi Plans for Roman Jews in '43 (New York Times, 6/27/00)

6. Released Documents Detail Nazi Plans for Italy's Jews (UPI, 6/27/00)

7. USA: Allies Failed to Warn Italy's Jews of Nazi Roundup (Reuters, 6/26/00)

8. Documents Show U.S., British Knew, Said Nothing, About Nazi Plan to Kill Italian Jews (, 6/27/00)

9. Declassified Documents Reveal Allied Intelligence Had Advanced Warning About Nazi Plans During World War II ( transcripts, 6/26/00)

10. West Ignored Jews' Death Trip Intercepted Data Was Available About Rome (, 6/27/00)

11. Allies Knew of Danger to Italian Jews (, 6/26/00)

12. Warning May Have Saved Some Jews (Associated Press, 6/26/00)

13. Historians: Allies Knew of Nazi Plan (, 6/27/00)

14. Spy Records Add to Questioning of West's Reaction to Holocaust (Baltimore Sun, 6/27/00)

15. U.S., Nixon Estate Settle Case Over White House Materials (Washington Post, 6/13/00)

16. Government is to Pay $18 Million for Nixon Material it Confiscated (New York Times, 6/13/00)

17. U.S. Will Pay Nixon's Estate $18 M for Seized Materials (USA Today, 6/13/00)

18. Justice Settles With Nixon Estate Over Seized Records (Washington Times, 6/13/00)

19. A Coda to Nixon's Battles (Los Angeles Times, 6/14/00)

20. US Army Document Requested Attacks on Korean Civilians-TV (Associated Press, 6/6/00)

21. Get it in Writing at the National Archives (Fairfax Journal, 5/21/00)

22. NARA Proposes Price Increase (Houston Chronicle, 5/13/00)

23. New Sides to AP Story (Newsday, 5/13/00)

24. National Archives Documents Relating to Nazi War Crimes now Declassified (Antique Week, 5/8/00)

25. Exhibit Paints Clear Picture of Women's Suffrage (Daily Review, 4/23/00)

Electronic Records Issues

26. Archives Tests E-Records (Federal Computer Week, 6/26/00)

27. OMB: E-Signatures a Must (Federal Computer Week, 5/8/00)

28. Saving Early Web Pages Before They're History (Oakland Tribune, 5/1/00)

Exhibits and Events

29. Opinion: Picturing the Century II (News Tribune, 5/16/00)

Regional Archives

30. Record Caper: Long-Missing Alcatraz Files Make Their Way Back to the Bay Area (SFWeekly, 5/17-6/23/00)

Presidential Libraries

31. U.Va. to Publish Presidential Recordings as far back as FDR (Associated Press, 6/11/00)

33. Hostile Territory (Washington Times, 5/30/00)

34. Hail to the Chiefs (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 5/7/00)

35. Space let to Archive Eight Years of Clinton (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 5/4/00)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

36. Life of Lou Henry Hoover (Gazette, 5/14/00)

37. Forgotten First Lady Subject of Lecture (Gazette, 5/7/00)

38. Julie Nixon Eisenhower Pays Homage to Hoover (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 5/6/00)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

39. National Park Service Proposes Visitor Info Center for FDR Site (Daily Freeman, 5/30/00)

40. Roosevelt Site Relives Wartime Military Encampment (Poughkeepsie Journal, 5/25/00)

41. President Clinton Visits Hyde Park (Hyde Park Townsman, 5/25/00)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

42. What Would Truman do? (Washington Post, 5/30/00)

43. Library Offers Writings of a Youthful Truman (Kansas City Star, 5/27/00)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

44. First Ladies' Tastes Apparent in Display (Wichita Eagle, 5/15/00)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

45. An Ocean of Memories Surfaces in New JFK Exhibit (Boston Herald, 6/3/00)

46. Emotional Words From Former President (Boston Herald, 5/22/00)

47. Kids' Corner (Boston Globe, 5/11/00)

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

48. LBJ, Alabama Governor Chats Unveiled (Newday, 5/27/00)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

49. Ronald Reagan, to the Letter (Washington Post, 6/1/00)

50. New Director Named for Reagan Library (Acorn, 5/25/00)

51. USC Fund-Raiser Named to Direct Reagan Library (Los Angeles Times, 5/16/00)

52. Reagan Library gets new Brass (Daily News, 5/16/00)

53. Reagan Foundation to Award Students (Daily News, 5/2/00)

George Bush Presidential Library

54. Bush Daughter's Remains at Plot (Houston Chronicle, 5/14/00)

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