News Clips - November 29, 1999

Nixon Presidential Materials

1. Inflating History (The Washington Post, 11/20/99)

2. In Nixon Papers Dispute, Value Put At $213 Million Or Not 'One Red Cent' (The Chicago Tribune, 11/17/99)

3. Nixon Heirs Seek Millions (Associated Press, 11/17/99)

4. Final Arguments Heard On Nixon Materials' Value (The Washington Post, 11/17/99)

5. Mr. Daley Goes To Washington (Chicago Tribune, 11/14/99)

6. Available Soon On Cassette: Darkest Days Of Nixon Years (Los Angeles Times, 11/10/99)

7. For Sale: Nixon's Fall, Audio Version (The Baltimore Sun, 11/10/99)

8. Nixon On Tape Expounds On Welfare And Homosexuality (Chicago Tribune, 11/7/99)

9. Eavesdropping some More On Nixon In The Oval Office (Chicago Tribune, 10/31/99)

10. Nixon's Moles Burrowed Deep Into Muskie's Campaign (Chicago Tribune, 10/24/99)

11. Buchanan Could Learn From Himself (Associated Press, 10/22/99)

12. Richard Nixon, Unedited (The New York Times, 10/19/99)

13. A Question Of Anti-Semitism (Newsweek, 10/18/99)

14. On Tapes, Nixon Mocks Mass. Democrats About War (Boston Globe, 10/15/99)

15. Plenty of Gold Nuggets Kicking Around In Nixon Tapes (Chicago Tribune, 10/17/99)

16. Tapes Reveal Nixon As Anti-Semite (Daily Telegraph, 10/7/99)

NARA Records

17. Archives Begins Charging Agencies For Services (Government Executive Magazine, 11/2/99)

18. U.S. Releases Nazi Papers (Associated Press, 11/1/99)

19. Reframing The Past (Popular Mechanics, 11/99)

20 Backlight (The Washington Post Magazine, 10/31/99)

21. Treasure-Trove At The National Archives (The Christian Science Monitor, 10/19/99)

22. NARA Fees Miff Feds (Federal Computer Week, 10/18/99)

23. Hiss Papers Reveal Nixon's Role In Case (The Baltimore Sun, 10/13/99)

24. Nixon Urged Hiss Indictment (The Washington Post, 10/13/99)

25. Nixon's Testimony Was Key To Hiss Case (The Washington Times, 10/13/99)

26. Nixon Lobbied Grand Jury To Indict Hiss In Espionage Case, Transcripts Reveal (The New York Times, 10/12/99)

Electronic Records Issues

27. Information Age Losing Memory (USA Today, 10/22/99)

28. Information Age Artifacts In Danger Of Disappearing (The Tampa Tribune, 10/11/99)

NARA Web Site

29. Snippets To Remember: The Fall Of The Wall (The New York Times, 11/11/99)

30. RACC Expert Aids National Archives (Eagle, 9/26/99)

31. Moments In Time (Albuquerque Journal, 9/25/99)

32. Treasures Of History Go Online (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 9/7/99)

Exhibits and Events

33. Picturing The Century: One Hundred Years Of Photography From The National Archives (The BuyersGuide, 10/20/99)


34. Do You Know Your Family History? (Parade Magazine, 11/21/99)

35. Naturalization Records Vary By Era (South Bend Tribune, 10/24/99)

36. Research Necessary Before National Archives Can Help (South Bend Tribune, 10/17/99)

Presidential Libraries

37. Gifts Should Be An Open Book (Commercial Appeal, 10/29/99)

38. Clinton Library's Quiet Gifts (The Washington Post, 10/19/99)

39. Funding Clinton's Legacy (Newsweek, 10/18/99)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

40. Pomeroy-Palmer High School Senior Earns $5,000 Scholarship (Messenger, 10/25/99)

41. Hoovers' 125th Birthdays Celebrated (Gazette, 10/17/99)

42. C-Span Visits Hoover Site (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 10/5/99)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

43. World Marks Berlin Wall's Demise (Poughkeepsie Journal, 11/9/99)

44. Sweeney's Drive Gets Cash For New FDR Center (Poughkeepsie Journal, 10/24/99)

45. TV Show Focuses On FDR (Poughkeepsie Journal, 10/12/99)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

46. Series Marks Truman's Fair Deal (The Examiner, 10/30/99)

47. Truman Library Puts More Documents Online (Lawrence Journal-World, 10/25/99)

48. C-Span Viewers Spend A Morning With Truman (The Examiner, 10/18/99)

49. Truman Library To Screen Oscar Winning Documentary (The Kansas City Star, 10/5/99)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

50. Sculptor To Unveil Masterpiece Of 'Little Ike' (The Abilene Reflector-Chronicle/99)

51. Abilene Celebrates Native Son Ike (The Topeka Capital-Journal, 10/15/99)

52. Honoring Eisenhower (Kansas City Star, 10/15/99)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

53. Family Ties (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 10/16/99)

54. 20 Years Ago, Classic Grassroots Campaign Helped Bring JFK Library To Dorchester (Dorchester Reporter, 10/14/99)

55. Weekender Destination: John F. Kennedy Library And Museum, Boston (Sunday Cape Cod Times, 10/10/99)

56. Event Marks JFK Library's 20th Birthday (The Boston Globe, 10/4/99)

57. JFK Administration Members Reunite For Anniversary (Index-Journal, 10/4/99)

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

58. Austin Museum's Gallery Salutes Lady Bird Johnson's Contributions (Arizona Senior World, 10/99)

59. New Tapes Show LBJ Humor, Growing Concern For Vietnam (Star-Ledger, 9/25/99)

60. 36 Hours Of LBJ Tapes Released To Public Early (Daily Texan, 9/21/99)

Gerald R. Ford Museum

61. Ford's Vietnam Era Papers Ready For Researchers In April (University Record, 11/1/99)

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

62. Q & A (Charlotte Observer, 10/15/99)

63. Carter Presidential Library Offers Glimpses Of Greatness (Forsyth County News, 9/12/99)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

64. A President On The Bumper (Governing, 11/99)

65. Insider's View (Los Angeles Times, 11/6/99)

66. Encapsulating Time For The Ages (Los Angeles Time, 10/28/99)

67. State Quilt On Display At Reagan Library (Simi Valley Star, 10/21/99)

George Bush Presidential Library

68. Elder Bush Unveils His Private Files (Houston Chronicle, 10/22/99)

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