News Clips - October 26, 1998

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1. News Releases


2. Welfare-to-Work Goals (Federal Times, 9/28/98)

Electronic Records Issues

3. There's No Quick Fix for Archiving Electronic Records, Archivist Says (Government Computer News, 9/28/98)

4. NARA Likely to Seek Agency Records Archival Plans (Government Computer News, 9/28/98)

5. Judge Lifts Deadline for Archives Rules on Saving Electronic Records (Washington Post, 10/1/98)

6. Time for an Answer (Federal Computer Week, 10/5/98)

7. CD-R and the American Way of Records-Keeping (Emedia Professional, 10/98)

8. Time-Consuming (Sunday Sun-Times, 10/4/98)

9. Interagency Panel Reviews Record Keeping Policy (Federal Computer Week, 9/7/98)

10. U.S. Archivist Announces Plan for Preserving Electronic Documents (The Chronicle for Higher Education, 10/2/98)

11. Feds Ask Court for Relief on Storing Electronic Docs (Federal Computer Week, 9/28/98)

12. Warner Leads Effort to Gain Support for Bill to Give GPO More Power Over Federal Data (Government Computer News, 9/21/98)

13. Archives Wins a Reprieve in Storing Electronic Records (NY Times, 10/5/98)

Space Planning Issues

14. National Archives Facility May Get New Metro Area Home (Atlanta Journal, 10/1/98)

15. Fate of the A-Files (Asian Week, 9/24/98)

16. Southeastern Branch of the National Archives Threatened With Consolidation/Closure (The Genealogy Library Family Tree, /98)

NARA Records

17. Automatic Declassification Halted (The Washington Post, 10/16/98)

18. Playing Politics with the Nixon Tapes (The Washington Post, 9/29/98)

19. Tapes Can Change Public's View of the Presidency (Courier-News, 9/22/98)

20. JFK Panel: Secrecy of Data Wasteful (Newsday, 9/30/98)

21. Board Cuts Into Secrecy Surrounding JKF's Death (Star Tribune, 9/29/98)

22. Data Released (Tulsa World, 9/30/98)

23. Finally, the Records May Settle Dispute (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 9/30/98)

24. JFK Assassination Board Closes on Critical Note (The Washington Post, 9/29/98)

25. U.S., Zapruders Reach Deal on Assassination Film (The Washington Post, 10/17/98)

26. Nazi Records are a Mystery for Archivist (The Examiner, 9/18/98)

27. National Archivist on Nazi Gold (Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, 9/11/98)

28. Mine Held Secret Cache of Nazi Gold, Loot (The Examiner, 9/15/98)

29. Raise a Toast Today to U.S. Constitution (The Gazette, 9/17/98)

30. Celebrating Our Constitution (Expositor, 10/198)

31. A Real Census of Family (National Geographic traveler, Sept-Oct 1998 )

32. Russian Consular Record (Canadian Jewish News, 9/10/98)

33. Tale of the Red Tape (Dallas Morning News, 9/27/98)

34. Red Tape Paying off for Civil War Group (Winston-Salem Journal, 9/2498)

35. The Last Word (News Journal, 9/18/98

36. ‘Red Tape' Traced to 18th Century (Winston-Salem Journal, 9/24/98)

37. Tales of Red Tape (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 9/26/98)

38. Using the National Archives (American Philatelist, 10/98)

39. Vets can Earn Award (Shopper News, 9/9/98)

40. Tips on Using Archives (Sunday Journal, 9/13/98)

41. For Tourists, Capital Visit Offers Glory and Scandal (San Diego Union-Tribune, 9/19/98)

42. Flood-Damaged Photos Need Attention (Sentinel-Tribune, 9/4/98)

Public Programs

43. Local ‘Movers and Shakers' Meet in Cincinnati" (Star, 9/13/98)


44. ‘Americans' Valuable Tool for Searching Naturalization Records (News Tribune, 9/16/98)

45. Family History Center's Plan Bodes Well for Researchers (Times Leader, 9/6/98)

46. Family History Includes Horse Thieves (Rock Island Argus, 9/6/98)

Web Site

47. World-Wide Web (Chronicle of Higher Education, 9/25/98)

48. Teacher Selected to work Online on National Archives Project (Peninsula Gateway, 9/20/98)

Presidential Libraries

49. Scandal Won't Stop Presidential Library (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 9/12/98)

50. Presidential Center Revitalizes Little Rock (American City & County, 9/98)

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

51. Program on ‘Little House' Author Set (Gazette, 9/24/98)

52. Hoover Library-Museum Hosting Constitution-Signing (Gazette, 9/16/98)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

53. FDR, Catholic Ties Focus of Conference (Poughkeepsie Journal, 10/4/98)

54. FDR Library Hosts Arts Awards (Poughkeepsie Journal, 10/5/98)

55. Administration Lifted Catholic Role (Poughkeepsie Journal, 10/8/98)

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

56. The Truman Show (Palm Beach Daily News, 6/14/98)

57. Stars and Stripes Forever (Kansas City Star, 9/18/98)

58. Truman Library Series Centers on Holocaust (The Examiner, 8/29-8/30/98)

59. Restoring Two Classics (The Kansas City Star, 9/16/98)

Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

60. Manhattan Symposium on the Eisenhowers Set (Salina Journal, 10/1/98)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

61. J.F.K.'s Race for Relations (Panorama, 9/7/98)

62. Schribner Debuting Hemingway Novel (Library Journal, 10/1/98)

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library

63. Texas: Holidays (L.A. Times, 9/20/98)

Gerald R. Ford Museum

64. Lincoln Play Kicks off Pittsfield's History Alive! (Quincy Herald-Whig, 10/4/98)

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

65. Exhibit at Carter Library (Atlanta Journal, 9/23/98)

66. Carter Center Marks Anniversary of Accords (Atlanta Constitution, 9/25/98)

67. Carter Library to Honor Accords (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 9/17/98)

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

68. Reagan Library Wants Link to County Schools (Ventura County Star, 9/30/98)

69. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum (Acorn, 9/24/98)

70. Ex-First Lady to Open Vault of Reagan Gifts (Daily News, 9/9/98)

71. Reagan Library Plans Constitution Fest (Simi Valley Star, 9/16/98)

George Bush Presidential Library

72. Steinway Grands to George Bush Library (Musical Merchandise Review, 9/98)

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