News Clips - September 2, 1998

    The Archivist of the United States

    1. The Uncertain Future of the Past (The Washington Post, 8/23/98)

    2. Saving Historical Records: New Prospects for Progress (OAH Newsletter, August 1998)

    Electronic Records Issues

    3. History Deletes Itself (Miami Herald, 7/16/98)

    4. Be Bussinesslike About Archiving Electronic Records, NARA Says (Government Computer News, 7/27/98)

    5. NARA Proposes Records Policy (Federal Computer Week, 7/27/98)

    6. War Hero (Washington Times, 8/5/98)

    7. They’ve Left the Building-and the Planet (Lexington Herald-Leader, 7/19/98)

    8. Art Teacher Alert-Safeguarding Lesson Plans, Student Art, and Original Works on the Internet NAEA News, Aug-Sept 1998)

    9. RACC Professor’s Unique Skill Will Enhance Internet Learning (Reading Eagle/Reading Times, 8/19/98 )

    10. Smart Money Webmasters: Finding Art Deals Online (Dayton Daily News, 7/13/98)

    11. Vendors Follow DOD Records Standard (Federal Computer Week, 7/20/98)

    12. Electronic Records Access Met with Groans in Lakewood (Jefferson Sentinel, 7/23/98)

    Regional Archives

    13. Concern Grows About Future of New York Archive Branch (New York Times, 8/6/98)

    14. Last Call for Immigration Historians! (International Examiner, 7/15/98)

    15. Government Reviewing U.S. Archives Site (Antique Week Central Edition, 7/27/98)

    Space Planning Issues

    16. GSA Plans Major Renovation (Kansas City Business Journal, 7/31/98)

    17. Long Beach Resident Publishes Dubuisson Family Dictionary (Sun Herald, 7/28/98)

    NARA Records

    18. Starr Staff Studies Memo Written About Watergate (Forward, 8/7/98)

    19. Returning Snippets of Conversation (The Washington Post, 8/8/98)

    20. Putting History on a Razor’s Edge, Archivists Start to Cut Nixon Tapes (The Washington Post, 8/11/98)

    21. Unkind Cuts (The Washington Post, 8/15/98)

    22. Personal Conversations Will be Cut From Nixon Tapes (San Jose Mercury News, 8/8/98)

    23. Voice of American Interview with Karl Weissenbach (VOA, 8/21/98)

    24. IRS Bill Includes Releasing Old Records (Daily Times, 7/14/98)

    25. DeWine Urges Access to Nazi Records Trove (Plain Dealer, 7/15/98 )

    26. Prying Open Files of Cold War (San Jose Mercury News, 8/2/98)

    27. In Kennedy Files, KGB Defector Tells of 1959 Oswald Suicide Attempt (The Washington Post, 7/26/98)

    28. Gaps in Kennedy Autopsy Files Detailed (The Washington Post, 8/2/98)

    29. JFK Autopsy Picture Mystery Deepens (Chicago Sun-Times, 8/1/98)

    30. Records of JFK’s Autopsy Incomplete (Star-Ledger, 8/3/98)

    31. FBI Lab to Study Material On Bullet That Killed JFK (The Washington Post, 8/14/98)

    Public Programs

    32. This Week: Community Events (The Washington Post, 8/27/98) Where & When (Washingtonian, September 1998)

    33. The House Where Lincoln Blossomed (The Washington Post, 8/25/98)


    34. You Can Get a Boost up That Family Tree (Chicago Tribune, 7/29/98)

    35. Augusta Seminar to Focus on Georgia (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 8/2/98)

    36. Digging Into Your French Roots (Senior Beacon, August 1998)

    37. Finding Family (Atlanta Jewish Times, 7/24/98)

    38. Regiments of Volunteers Completing Database of Civil War Troops (Staten Island Sunday Advance, 8/9/98)

    39. 100 Years Ago, Illinois Black Soldiers Went to ‘War’ With Cuba (Chicago Tribune, 7/17/98)

    40. National Archives Workshops Slated (Berkshire Eagle, 7/23/98) Tracing Roots at P.S. #14 (Bayonne Community News, 7/15/98)

    NARA Records

    41. Newest Display a ‘Winning’ Exhibit (Daily Record, 7/30/98)

    42. Records Retrieval (Army Times, 8/10/98)

    Presidential Libraries:

    Herbert Hoover Presidential Library

    43. Hooverfest in West Branch (Quad-City Times, 7/16/98) Hoover Museum Features Families (Sioux City Journal, 7/19/98)

    44. White House Families are Shown in Ways You Have Never Known Them (The Gazette, 8/15/98)

    45. ‘Little House’ Party (Entertainment Weekly, 7/17/98)

    Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum

    46. Social Workers Thank All (Poughkeepsie Journal, 7/20/98)

    Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

    47. Fort Riley Invited to KC Ceremony (Manhattan Mercury, 7/19/98)

    48. 1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry Regiment Frequently Mistaken for Other Civil War Units (Topeka Capital-Journal, 7/27/98)

    49. Ceremony Will Commemorate Truman’s Toughest Choice (Journal-Herald, 7/23/98)

    50. Living History (Mc Lean Connection, 7/15/98)

    51. WOW! (Kansas City Star, 7/19/98)

    52. Journey Through Time to Sail With Vikings, Dance in 60's (USA Today, 7/29/98)

    53. Marking Military Milestone (Kansas City Star, 8/2/98)

    54. Marking the Fall of a Social Barrier: Powell Praises Truman’s Action (Kansas City Star, 7/25/98)

    55. Officer Hails Executive Order That Desegregated Military (Kansas City Star, 7/26/98)

    56. General Powell Has Praise for Truman (The Examiner, 7/25-26/98)

    Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library

    57. Ex-State Representative Hits Political History Trail to Libraries and Museums (Journal Inquirer, 8/7/98)

    58. A P.C. Reporter’s Reflections of 25 National JACL Conventions (Pacific Citizen, 7/3/98)

    59. Ike’s Secret Dream: To Be A Pilot (The Topeka Capital-Journal, 8/3/98)

    John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

    60. A Principled Example for LI’s Muddled GOP (Newsday, 8/4/98)

    61. Metzger’s Hemingway Portrayal Has Sadness, Humor (Indianapolis Star, 7/17/98)

    62. Listening to Coolidge (Boston Globe, 8/1/98)

    63. The Cult of Cal: Quiet Hero, Ardent Fans (Wall Street Journal, 8/7/98)

    64. Urgent Messages From the Past (Enterprise, 7/17/98)

    65. Bush Scouts Out Library (Boston Sunday Herald, 8/2/98)

    Gerald R. Ford Museum

    66. Museum’s Visitors to Jerry Ford: ‘Happy Birthday’ (Grand Rapids Press, 7/15/98)

    67. Let Hitler Painting Hang (Grand Rapids Press, 7/17/98)

    68. . . .Former President’s Museum is a Big Hit (Blade, 7/5/98)

    69. Ford Museum Plans Own Birthday Party (Grand Rapids Press, 7/12/98)

    70. Times Change, But Fight for Women’s Rights Goes on (Grand Rapids Press, 7/14/98)

    71. The Best Years of Our Lives (Business Week, 7/20/98)

    Jimmy Carter Presidential Library

    72. SLA in Indianapolis: Attendees Take the Checkered Flag (Information Outlook, August 1998)

    Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

    73. McCain Speaks in Simi Valley (Ventura County Star, 7/11/98)

    74. Jaunts: A Past of Presents (Los Angeles Times, 7/23/98)

    75. Reagan’s Gifts to be on Display (Simi Valley Star, 7/22/98)

    76. Gifts to Ron and Nancy on View at Reagan Library (Daily News, 7/27/98)

    George Bush Presidential Library

    77. Sculpture of Lely Horses Reprised at Berlin Museum (Naples Daily News, 7/19/98)

    78. Dems to Bill: Explain Monica to the American People (Sunday New York Post, 8/2/98)

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