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National Archives' Annual Report

The Performance and Accountability Report consolidates the information that was available in past years in our Performance Reports and our Annual Reports.

This annual report was prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Chief Financial Officers Act, as amended by the Reports Consolidation Act of 2000, and covers activities from October 1, 2003, to September 30, 2004.

National Archives and Records Administration Performance and Accountability Report

To receive a copy of the current Performance and Accountability Report, please write:

Policy and Communications Staff (NPOL)
National Archives and Records Administration
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001


Aids for Genealogical Research Catalog

This catalog lists publications of particular interest to both beginning and experienced genealogists and gives information about genealogy workshops at NARA and instructions on how to order National Archives documents through the mail.

Audiovisual Records

CD-ROM Publications

General Information Leaflets

Inventories, Preliminary Inventories, and Special Lists

Military History Publications

This catalog lists finding aids, microfilmed records, and studies of U.S .military history, both fee and free.

Posters & Facsimiles from the National Archives

This publication shows full-color historical and contemporary posters, postcards, facsimiles, and booklets. Some NARA posters also are available for viewing in our Online Exhibit Hall.

Publications Catalog

This catalog offers a wide selection of guides, finding aids, microfilm catalogs, and special archival publications that are useful to scholars, archivists, historians, and researchers. Also listed are general-interest books about the National Archives and its holdings that will appeal to anyone with an interest in American history.

Records Management Publications

Reference Information Papers

Select List of Publications (GIL 3)

This list contains all NARA publications, many of them free of charge, including General Information Leaflets, finding aids, records management publications, and more.

Calendar of Events

Published bi-monthly and available both online and in print, this free pictorial calendar lists each month's films, workshops, and other events in Washington, DC, and College Park, MD, as well as articles of special interest.

Monthly Calendar Online

For a paper copy of the Calendar of Events, write:

Calendar of Events
Room 4100
National Archives and Records Administration
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001

A Guide to Civil War Maps in the National Archives

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Civil War Maps in the National Archives lists the approximately 8,000 Civil War maps, charts, and plans in the Cartographic and Architectural Branch of the National Archives, the largest single body of cartographic records pertaining to the American Civil War. The records described in this guide are maps, plans, and charts containing information relating directly to Civil War operations and installations. Most of the material described dates from the war and was produced for use by the military forces or to accompany official reports. Many of the maps that are contemporary with the war do not deal specifically with military operations, but do provide information concerning the areas directly affected by the conflict. A number of postwar maps contain military information, usually prepared for historical purposes or in connection with official investigations of Civil War operations.

Brochures and General Information Leaflets

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Pamphlets, Brochures, and General Information Leaflets. 1990-2005.

Lighthouse Plans in the National Archives: Special List 57

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A Special List of Lighthouse-Related Drawings in Record Group 26.

List of Free Genealogy Publications

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Free Pamphlets, Brochures, and General Information Leaflets of interest to Genealogists. 1992-2004.

Records Management Publications and Posters

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In compliance with the agency’s publication distribution policies, NARA is moving toward disseminating all records management publications and posters primarily via the Internet. The publications and posters may be downloaded and reproduced as needed.

Reference Information Papers

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Reference Information Papers describe National Archives materials on specific topics found in several different record groups. The form and style of these Papers vary, and the records are described at the record group, series, or item level.

Select List of Publications: Inventories, Preliminary Inventories, and Special Lists

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Inventories and preliminary inventories provide researchers with series-level descriptions of the holdings of individual record groups in the National Archives.

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