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John Brown

John Brown made his name in the 1859 raid on Harpers Ferry. Was he America's first terrorist?

King and Bridge courts-martial in World War II

During World War II, two American Army Force pilots were court-martialed for offending the Soviet Union.

Bernard Fall and the Limits of American Intervention in Vietnam

Scholar and war correspondent Bernard Fall ran afoul of the State Department when he disagreed on U.S. strategies in Vietnam.


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  • My Father at 100: A Memoir

  • Ronald Reagan: An American Story

  • The Strange Case of the Tully Archive

  • Authors on the Record: Creating the Modern Spy

  • Foundation for the National Archives

  • Pieces of History: A Civil War Widow's Story

Genealogy Notes

"I Am Still in the Land of the Living": The Medical Case of Civil War Veteran Edson D. Bemis

Tips for Researching Your Genealogy

One man's case file demonstrates how to research Civil War veterans' postwar medical histories.

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