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User Guide to Slide Presentation:
Electronic Recordkeeping

Purpose of the Slide Presentation

This presentation is a tool for records managers and information technologists who want to organize and present information about electronic recordkeeping to managers and staff within their organization. It can be used to brief agency staff on the issues involved in electronic recordkeeping and open discussions or initiate planning to address needs in this area. Two versions of the presentation are provided for your use, (erk-full-v2.ppt) and (erk-abbrev-v2.ppt).

This presentation summarizes most of the important issues and information included in the first round of Fast Track documents, which are listed below:

  • Overview: Electronic Records Management [ERM]
  • What is Electronic Recordkeeping [ERK]?
  • Why Federal Agencies Need to Move Toward Electronic Recordkeeping
  • Preliminary Planning for Electronic Recordkeeping: Checklist for IT Staff
  • Preliminary Planning for Electronic Recordkeeping: Checklist for RM Staff

These documents, background information about Fast Track, and other Fast Track information, are available on the Fast Track web site.

Using the Slide Presentation

The presentation is organized into the seven sections listed below. Each section is introduced with an overview/menu slide outlining what will be covered in that section, followed by several detail slides which present the information in depth. Depending on your speaking style and comfort with the material, you may want to use only the overview/menu slides in your presentation and use the information from the detailed slides as your talking points.

  • Overview (*)
  • Definitions
  • Objectives (*)
  • Critical Success Factors (*)
  • Business Benefits (*)
  • Legal and Regulatory Requirements
  • Planning Checklists (*)

Different sections of the presentation and different individual slides will be more or less useful depending on your own circumstances. The presentation as distributed contains over 45 slides. The first step in preparing to use this presentation should be to determine the audience to whom it will be given and the reason for giving it.This will guide you in selecting what parts of the presentation to use and how to customize it for your own audience. You may want to use only some of the slides, maybe as few as twenty or even a dozen.

At the end of those sections marked with an asterisk (*) there is an extra slide with the notation "CUSTOMIZE THIS SLIDE," so that you can add additional information specific to your organization. These are the places where it is most likely you will have agency-specific changes to make, but you should revise or remove any slide that doesn't suit your audience or intent, and you should add any information that will support the objectives of your presentation.

Before giving this presentation you should read and be familiar with the completed Fast Track Products. It is essential to your own comfort in presenting this material that you review these documents and have confidence in answering questions about any of the slides you use in your presentation. (The old rule "if in doubt, leave it out" applies here.)

Technical Specifications

The PowerPoint (97-2000 & 95 formats) full presentation and an abbreviated version consisting primarily of overview/menu slides, as well as the User Guide are all available in a self-extracting attachment file are located here (erk-full-v2.ppt) and (erk-abbrev-v2.ppt). Please email questions to

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