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Foreign Relations of the U.S. (FRUS) - Serial Set Correlation Table: 1961-1968

Year/part Serial Set number SuDoc number Volume title CIS number
1961-1963/v.1NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.1Vietnam, 19611993 AFPI 7000-7.1
1961-1963/v.2NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.2Vietnam, 19621993 AFPI 7000-7.2
1961-1963/v.3NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.3Vietnam, January- August 19631993 AFPI 7000-7.3
1961-1963/v.4NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.4Vietnam, August-December 19631993 AFPI 7000-7.4
1961-1963/v.7NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.7Arms Control and Disarmament1995 AFPI 7000-7.14
1961-1963/v.9NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.9Foreign Economic Policy1995 AFPI 7000-7.13
1961-1963/v.12NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.12American Republics1996 AFPTI 7000-7.18
1961-1963/v.13NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.13West Europe and Canada1995 AFPI 7000-7.9
1961-1963/v.14NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.14Berlin Crisis, 1961-19621994 AFPI 7000-7.5
1961-1963/v.15NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.15Berlin Crisis, 1962-19631994 AFPI 7000-7.7
zv.15/Microfiche Supplement
NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.13/
Westwer Europe; Berlin ; Microfiche Supplement1995 AFPI 7000-7.15
1961-1963/v.16NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.16Eastern Europe; Cyprus; Greece; Turkey1994 AFPI 7000-7.8
1961-1963/v.17NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.17Near East, 1961-19621995 AFPI 7000-7.10
1961-1963/v.18NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.18Near East1995 AFPTI 7000-7.16
1961-1963/v.19NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.19South Asia1996 AFPTI 7000-7.19
1961-1963/v.20NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.20Congo Crisis1995 AFPI 7000-7.11
1961-1963/v.21NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.21Africa1996 AFPTI 7000-7.17
1961-1963/v.23NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.23Southeast Asia1995 AFPI 7000-7.12
1961-1963/v.24NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1961-1963/v.24Laos Crisis, 1961-19631994 AFPI 7000-7.6
1964-1968/v.1NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1964-1968/v.1Vietnam, 19641993 AFPI 7000-8.1
1964-1968/v.2NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1964-1968/v.2Vietnam, January-June 19651996 AFPTI 7000-8.3
1964-1968/v.3NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1964-1968/v.3Vietnam, June-December 19651996 AFPTI 7000-8.4
1964-1968/v.13NOT in Serial SetS 1.1:1964-1968/v.13Western Europe Region1996 AFPTI 7000-8.2

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