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Captured German and Related Records on Microform in the National Archives - Page 9

Records of Private Individuals and Enterprises

  • Records of Private Austrian, Dutch and German Enterprises, 1917-1946. Microfilm Publication T83. 248 rolls. (GG 23, 88, 93 and T176/roll 9)
  • Records of Private Individuals (Captured German Records). Microfilm Publication T253. 62 rolls. (GG 9, 88 and T176/roll 3)
    Dr. Walter Lütgebrune rolls 1- R33
    Dr. Theo Morell rolls 34- R45, 62
    Dr. Karl Haushofer rolls 46- R61
  • Collection of Correspondence of Herbert von Bismarck, 1881-1883. Microfilm Publication T972. 1 roll. (see T176/roll 33)
  • Albums and Miscellaneous Material Relating to Joachim von Ribbentrop, 1893-1942. (#RG242-JRM, JRFA; in the Special Media Archives Services Division [NWCS]) 1 roll.

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