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Independent Researchers for Hire

Researchers Specializing in Records held at the National Archives, Washington, DC *

A1 Positive Thought
PO Box 13877
Tallahassee, Florida 32317-3877
Contact Person:  Jan A Campbell
Research Specialty:  Military Records and Awards (Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Indian Wars/Treaties, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam), Pensions, VA benefits, NARA Records and Bounty Land, Native American Lineage Research including Dawes rolls. Genealogy and Family History Records including Census, Birth/Marriage/Death, Vital Records, Wills and Voter records. Passports, Immigration, Emigration and Naturalization records. Family Trees, Pedigree Charts, and Photographs. Preparation of lineage society applications for DAR, SAR, and Tribal citizenship by descent. Searches of International, National and State Digital Archives, and University Libraries. On-site searches of Florida, Georgia and Alabama Archives and electronic records. Reasonable rates.

AAA Research
21515 Manor View Circle
Germantown, MD 20876
Telephone:  (301) 922-9610
Contact Person:  Dirk Burgdorf
Research Specialty:  Captured German Records, SS, Wehrmacht/Heer, NSDAP (Nazi), Personnel Records, etc. Aerial Photographs, Foreign Military Studies, German Technical Manuals and others. 30+ years of historical research experience, complete fluency in German, partnered with Russian specialists. First hand experience from personal visits to battlefields on both the Eastern and Western Fronts.

Aarquives Unlimited, LLC
300 South Jenison Avenue
Lansing, MI 48915-1130
Telephone:  (517) 743-4733
Contact Person:  G. Russell Overton
Research Specialty:  Native American relations; diplomatic records; Congressional records; Labor & business; environmental & natural resources; federal courts

Ab Initio Archives Research, LLC
1403 Pathfinder Lane
McClean, VA 22101
Telephone:  (703) 439-8789
Contact Person:  Kevin Morrow
Research Specialty:  Independent researcher. Former National Archives employee. Environmental :activities of former federal contractor and defense installations (hazardous chemicals, asbestos, etc.); identifying potentially responsible parties, land use history. Academic: military (all armed service branches, all wars; action reports, deck logs, muster rolls, high-level military policy, foreign military studies, etc.), diplomatic/intelligence (OSS; State Dept.; Army and Navy), captured German records (German Foreign Office, Wehrmacht/SS, Nazi Party). Photos: military and civilian. Cartographic: maps, charts, architectural drawings, ships' plans. Special focus on Middle East. Know German and French, some Arabic.

Absolutely Archives
Post Office Box 922
Greenbelt, MD 20768-0922
Telephone:  (703) 967-3070
Fax:  (301) 474-8290
Contact Person:  Joseph P. Harris
Research Specialty:  Motion Pictures, Still Pictures, Sound Recordings, Video Recordings

Academic Historical Research
4469 Sedgwick St. NW
Washington, DC 20016
Telephone:  (202) 812-8466
Contact Person: Sim Smiley
Research Specialty: Intelligence, Diplomatic Records, Cold War, Military Records, Captured German Records, Navy Records. OSS, Intelligence and State Department Records, WW2 and onward. One of the original compilers of the OSS finding aids and researcher for William J. Casey's memoir. Also FBI, CIA Crest, Holocaust, Looted Nazi Gold, War Crimes, Nuremberg, OWI and propaganda. Clients include the BBC, Ken Burns and the Monuments Men Project. Former State Department simultaneous interpreter in French and Italian (with Presidential assignments), can also conduct research in Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish and Norwegian. 20 years experience and a stickler for client satisfaction.

Access History
4524 North Chelsea Lane
Bethesda, Maryland 20814-4749
Telephone: (301) 351-5345
Fax: (301) 657-4610
Contact Person: Grace Palladino
Research Specialty: Census Records, Labor, Business History, Transportation, and Regulatory Agency Records, Immigration, Emigration, and Naturalization Records, Congressional Records, Photographs and Pictures,

African American Genealogy with Fallon Green
Palmetto Office; 11 Pearl Lane
Seabrook, SC 29940
Telephone:  (843) 597-0436 or (843) 846-9310
Contact Person:  Fallon N. Green; Mgr: Paul Green
Research Specialty:  African Americans; Gullah and Geechee Genealogy; Oral Interviewing; Research Methodologies; Non-traditional resources; Records Retrieval; Heir Search: SC, FL and GA; American Indians; Seminole, Creek and Cherokee Freedmen; Civil War; Beginning Instruction; Document Retrieval; Genealogy Event Planning; Team Genealogy; Guerilla Research; Networking and Professional Development among researchers; Freedman's Bureau Records; Civil War Pensions; Personal Organizing.

Alice Evans
5415 Connecticut Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20015-1319
Telephone:  (202) 362-5157
Fax:  (240) 359-7543
Contact Person:  Alice Evans
Research Specialty:  Census; military records, service and pensions

Beth Adams
19 Flewellen Dr.
Stafford, VA 22554
Telephone:  (540) 446-6374
Contact Person:  Beth Adams
Research Specialty: Old military records prior to WWI.

American Ancestors
Post Office Box 50561
Provo, UT 84605-0561
Telephone:  (801) 836-1996
Contact Person:  Frankie Davis
Research Specialty:  Native American Relations Records & Genealogy and Family History Records

American Civil War Ancestor RG
19 Briar Point Avenue
Coventry, Rhode Island 02816-5601
Telephone:  (401) 823-9898
Cell Phone:  (401) 464-2119
Contact Person:  Bruce D. Frail and Benjamin J. Frail
Research Specialty:  I have 20+ years of professional and volunteer research experience and I am the current National Graves Registration Officer for the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. My son (a History Major at Rhode Island College) and I will research Military Service Records, Pension Records, Deck Logs, Veterans Burial Locations, and any other area of general research of the American Civil War, please contact us through our website at also keep in mind that we do research Confederate Soldiers as well. We have done research for government (state and local city), commercial, private and non-profit groups. "We Reunite You With Your Past"

American Historical Research
1927 Hillside Drive
Falls Church, VA 22043
Telephone:  (703) 517-3977
Contact Person: Warren Hower
Research Specialty:  Former military/government contractor and experienced researcher. Areas of expertise include: 1)Environmental cleanup litigation (included but not limited to - identifying "potentially responsible parties-PRP's", and 3rd party liabilities, historical operations and processes 2)Academic Historical Research, specializing in US diplomatic relations 1800-1900's, WWII military history 3)Corporate Histories specializing in contract research, product development histories, change in ownership, etc. 4) Cartographic Research. In addition, I have access to wide pool of researchers and historians who specialize in a variety of topics. If you need specific topic researched and you don't see it listed, please ask.

American International Solutions, LLC
PO Box 8732
Reston, VA 20195
Telephone: (860) 961-7298 (cell)
Contact Person:  Donald Budrejko
Research Specialty: American & International History (Asia-Pacific, European, Latin American, Mediterranean, & Middle East). Aviation and Aerospace. Patents , Science, Technology, Industry, & Manufacturing. Military History all Branches and Conflicts. Compiled service, pension, and unit records from the Civil War. Asbestos litigation including but not limited to - identifying potentially responsible parties and third party liabilities. Aerial photography, cartography, and still pictures. Research into issues involving Department of Energy, Department of Transportation, Department of State, Diplomatic and Congressional Records.

American Mid-West Research
1422 W. Short Ave.
Independence, Missouri
Telephone:  (816) 805-0077
Contact Person:  Dan Jeanes
Research Specialty:  Certified Paralegal, experienced in litigation research. Native American research for legal documentation experience. Bankruptcy and court records. Military medical and personnel records. Academic Historical Research, including WWII military history. Literally minutes from Truman Historical Library and Research Room, Truman Birthplaxe, and Truman Home; easy access to Kansas City National Archives. If you need specific topic researched and you don't see it listed, please ask.

American Military Research
319 Arbutus Drive
Edgewater, MD 21037
Telephone:  (410) 271-2693 or (410) 798-1904
Contact Person:  Mark K. Ragan
Research Specialty:  I Currently serve as Hunley Project Historian (First Submarine to sink an enemy ship, raised in 2000). I have authored several books and magazine articles and have appeared in over a dozen historical documentaries. I have conducted research for the adventure novelist Clive Cussler, The Naval Historical Center, Department of Defense, etc. I specialize in Revolution through late twentieth century military history and will work with the customer closely.

American Roots Company
451 Hungerford Drive, Suite 119-234
Rockville, MD 20850
Telephone:  (240) 383-7834
Contact Person:  Tina C. Jones
Research Specialty:  Geographic Area - Nationwide Searches, Early/Colonial Research, Tracing Back to 1st Immigrant Ancestor, African American/Slavery Research, Military Research, Verifying/Documenting Lineages for SAR and DAR.

American Warfare, Intelligence, Diplomacy and the Homefront
5500 Friendship Blvd, Suite 1814N
Chevy chase, MD 02815
Telephone:  (202) 330-8827
Contact Person: Ann Trevor
Research Specialty:  WWII through the Cold War, OSS through CIA (Records and Personal Papers): ETO, Holocaust, Looted Nazi Gold and Art, Nuremberg; The Pacific War, War Crimes, Occupation of Japan; Propaganda, the Homefront and Industrial Mobilization; the Depression, the New Deal, WPA, and 1930's America; Post WWII, McCarthy Hearings, Korea, and Vietnam; Military Records from all Branches, CIA Crest, FOIA, State Department, Army and Navy Intel; Library of Congress, NIH, USDA, Navy History and Heritage Command, AFL-CIO Records, FBI Enforcement Records.

P.O. Box 9034
Columbia, MD 21044-9034
Telephone:  (443) 280-9785
Fax:  (202) 298-6937
Contact Person:  Josh Jenkins
Research Specialty:  Civil War, Immigration, Census, Revolutionary War, Land Records, Genealogy and Family History Records, DNA consults.

Archival and Public Domain Research
(of Meadow Tree Films/Meadow Tree Press)
4224 Military Rd. NW
Washington, DC 20015
Telephone:  (cell phone): (978) 835-0440
Contact Person:  Mary Jane Williams
Research Specialty:  Videos, films, audio and photos for documentaries, period films and books. Specialties: American history, Europe. (Know French, German, some Italian.) Art, literature, politics, animals, architecture, energy, the environment, captured German records.

Archival Research
3200 16th Street, NW #806
Washington, D.C. 20010-3348
Telephone:  (202) 361-5000
Fax:  (202) 319-9150
Contact Person:  Jeremy Bigwood
Research Specialty:  All records regardless of media from 1700s to present including United States and Russian intelligence, diplomatic, military, and civilian records as well as captured German military and police records (1890s-1945). Research can be carried out simultaneously by professional researchers in both the US and in Russian archives - or either one of the two - essential for any serious WWII or Cold War research. Open records laws (such as the US FOIA) can be used as an adjunct to archival research by declassifying responsive records directly from governments. All media: Captured German Records, Cold War, Diplomatic Records, Intelligence, Labor, Military, Science.

Dr. John Arnold
1316 Queen Street, Ste. 2000
Alexandria, VA 22314-2406
Telephone:  (703) 684-4636
Fax:  (703) 684-7335
Contact Person:  NICOM, Inc.
Research Specialty:  Experienced specialists in all areas of military and civil records; archival research.

Arts & Humanities Research
6618 Westmoreland Ave.
Takoma Park, MD 20912-4607
Telephone:   (570) 594-1449
Contact Person:  Andrea Pearson, Ph.D
Research Specialty:  Art, history(including genealogy), literature

Sam Askew
6247 Split Creek Ln
Alexandria, VA 22312
Contact Person:  Sam Askew
Research Specialty:  Military Records to include Service Records and Pension Files

Aviation Asbestos Researchers
12867 Bahama Ct
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739
Telephone:  (760) 792-7807
Contact Person:  Lori Zakaria or Kimberly Lopez
Research Specialty:  Aviation asbestos research in military & civilian recors. Asbestos litigation support: Provide lawfirms with essential records, We do shipyards as well.

Aviation Information Research Corporation
73 Fendall Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22304-6343
Telephone:  (703) 823-1264
Fax:  (703) 823-1264
Contact Person:  Thomas M. Culbert
Research Specialty: American Military, State Department, Department of Treasury, Department of Interior, Department of Transportation-Aviation, Nixon, Still Photos, Motion Pictures, and others.

BACM Research
264 South LaCienega Blvd #1142
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Telephone:  (310) 289-2320
Fax:  (310) 289-2320
Contact Person:  John Spencer
Research Specialty:  All media types textual documents, photographs, film, video and audio recordings. Custom research and access to pre-compiled popular material and subjects through computer media. Subjects and topics include: African American History, Central Intelligence Agency, CIA CREST, Civil Rights, Civil War, Cold War, Crime, Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Foreign Policy, Korean War, National Security Agency, President Franklin Roosevelt, President Harry Truman, President Dwight Eisenhower, President John Kennedy, President Richard Nixon, President Gerald Ford, President Ronald Reagan, President George H.W. Bush, President George W. Bush, Slavery, Vietnam War, World War I, World War II.

Chris Baker
Post Office Box 497, 20834 Seminole Road
Indian Hills, CO 80454-0497
Telephone:  (303) 806-5457
Contact Person:  Chris Baker
Research Specialty:  Land use and management; Cultural and Natural Resource Management; Environment; US/Mexico Border; Pueblo and Southwest History; Record Groups 21, 29 (Census), 49 (BLM), 59, 70, 75 (BIA), 95 (Forest Service), 114, 115, 79, and 393 (Department of Army)

Dara A. Baker PhD (ABD)
1800 N. Oak St #1306
Arlington, VA 22209
Telephone:  (631) 766-5181
Contact Person:  Dara A. Baker
Research Specialty:  United States and British History, Congressional Records, esp 19th and 20th century, Judicial Records, Native American, African American, Genealogy, Immigration, Census, Military/Pension, Political, Congressional and Presidential, State Records, Personal Papers, Petitions to Congress (RG 46, RG 233), Rare Books

Martin Baldessari
1522 Monroe Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20010-3141
Telephone:  (202) 328-1155
Contact Person:  Martin Baldessari
Research Specialty:  Heavy experience in Still Pictures Branch. Also familiar with Motion Picture, Textual, and Cartographic. Generalist, with deep experience in Civil War and WWII. 30+ years in research.

Karen Belvin
PO Box 941543
Houston, TX 77094
Telephone:  (509) 592-0753
Telephone:  (832) 582-8556
Contact Person:  Karen Belvin
Research Specialty:  Historiography; Ethnography; and Community Cultural Heritage Preservation.

MUSA Roland Bertrand
1279 East 48th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11234-2101
Contact Person: MUSA Roland Bertrand
Research Specialty:  Historical topics, art interest, family history and experiences

Kelley Bevis
611 Pennsylvania Avenue SE #412
Washington, DC 20003-4303
Telephone: (202) 431-0788
Contact Person:Kelley Bevis
Research Specialty:Civil War service records, Civil war pension records, War of 1812 service records, War of 1812 pension records, WWI & WWII Draft Registration Cards, Revolutionary War, Census lookups, Immigration Records, Naturalization Records.

Carolyn S. Billups
39045 Tanglewood Court
Mechanicsville, MD 20659-4323
Telephone:  (301) 472-1863
Contact Person:  Carolyn S. Billups
Research Specialty:  Census Records; military records; Civil War; WWII

Bloodlines Genealogical Research Service
7231 Town Court South
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648-4729
Telephone: (609) 933-6000
Contact Person: Claire Keenan Agthe

Bonnie G. Rowan Film Research
1849 California Street NW
Washington, DC 20009-1808
Telephone:  (202) 265-1081
Fax:  (202) 265-1234
Contact Person:  Bonnie G. Rowan
Research Specialty:  Full-time, on-site research in motion pictures, video, recorded sound, still pictures, and textual records; 20th century US and world history, black history, POW's, sports, humor, air and space, children, and technology; twenty-one years research experience.

John D. Bowen
613 Chichester Lane
Silver Spring, MD 20504-3331
Telephone:  (301) 384-6533
Contact Person:  John D. Bowen
Research Specialty:  All record groups; still photographs; motion picture films; cartographic records; military research; Brady Collection; Battle of the Bulge; U.S. Air Corps; MACRs; World War II casualty, after action, and POW reports; Navy ship logs, diaries, and rosters

Bracey Archival Research
2708 Middle Neck Road
Odenton, MD 21113
Telephone:  (301) 219-1918
Contact Person:  Michael G. Bracey
Research Specialty: Military and Civilian records, personnel records at St. Louis, Vietnam; Navy deck logs and muster rolls, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam; For Asbestos litigation research:

Richard L. Brawley
21152 Valencia Street
Simi Valley, CA 92308
Telephone:  (760) 247-4621
Contact Person:  Richard L. Brawley
Research Specialty:  Colonial History, Civil War History, WWII, Vietnam, Geneology

Broadfoot Publishing Company
1907 Buena Vista Circle
Wilmington, NC 28411-7892
Telephone:  (910) 686-9591
Fax:  (910) 686-4452
Research Specialty:  Compiled service, pension, and unit records from the Civil War

C.V. Brooks/Names on Record
P.O. Box 23827
Washington, DC 20026-3827
Contact Person:  C.V. Brooks
Research Specialty:  Civil War, (Union Navy/Army), Family History

Peggy Ann Brown, Ph.D.
3000 Old Dominion Blvd.
Alexandria, VA 22305
Telephone:  (703) 820-1234
Contact Person:  Peggy Ann Brown
Research Specialty:  Historical and archival research. Experienced and competent with various record groups. Conduct research at other DC sites, including the Library of Congress

Cornelia Wendell Bush
PO Box 854
Warwick, New York 10990-0854
Telephone:  (845) 915-4160
Contact Person:  Cornelia Wendell Bush
Research Specialty:  Colonial America, English, Scottish, Scots-Irish, Heraldry & Coats of Arms, Lineage Societies.

Joann Bushay
14602 Eastman St.
Dale City, VA 22193
Telephone:  (571) 606-4736
Contact Person:  Joann Bushay
Research Specialty: Old military records prior to WWI.

Christine M. Cacace
315 W. 106th Street, Ste. 16-A
New York, NY 10025-3445
Telephone:  (212) 865-9083
Contact Person: Christine M. Cacace
Research Specialty: Genealogy and Family History - Has over 25 years experience researching Federal, State and City civil and religious records; conducts research in Italian, Irish, German and Eastern European civil and religious records. Aids in Dual Citizenship research qualification and Applications.

Campion Research
6009 43rd Avenue
Hyatsville, MD 20781
Telephone:  (301) 442-6930
Contact Person:  Janice Campion
Research Specialty:  Emergency Management, Voluntary Agencies, Landmine Risk Education, Science Education, Stills and Motion Pictures, Foreign Media, History, Aging, Mining, Design.

Lisa M. Castellanos
7206 Kings Arm Dr
Manassas, VA 20112
Telephone:  (703) 595-8573
Contact Person:  Lisa M. Castellanos
Research Specialty:  British Isles, Census, Naturalizations, Oath of Allegiance, American Revolution and Civil War Pensions, Land grants

Michael Cawvey, American Legion Post 1
1411 E 2nd Street, Post Office Box 50792
Tulsa, OK 74150-0792
Telephone:  (918) 639-5739
Fax:  ((918) 584-4423
Contact Person:  Michael Cawvey
Research Specialty:  Military records; service records; VA records

The Center for African American Genealogical Research, Inc. (CAAGRI)
225 Industrial Court, Suite 100
Fredericksburg, VA 22408
Telephone:  (540) 785-9925
Contact Person:  Cynthia Campbell
Research Specialty:  African American, Native American, Census, Military, Court Records, Genealogy and Family History, Civil War, Slavery.

Center for Research Information, Inc.
9300 Brookville Road
Silver Spring, MD 20910-1742
Telephone:  (301) 346-6501
Fax:  (301) 587-9658
Contact Person:  V. Miller
Research Specialty:  Focus on biomedical realted subjects, including history of medicine, diplomatic and military records on life sciences

Chamberlin " Chamberlin, LLC, Independent Research and Information Services
909 New Jersey Avenue, SE Suite 1006
Washington, DC 20003
Contact Person:  John Chamberlin
Research Specialty:  Chamberlin & Chamberlin, Independent Research and Information Services: Available for work on content; case and commerce material. Experienced professionals in military, science, technology, environmental issues, management and land uses. Also for business development, R & D, institutional, academic and public history.

Kerry R. Charlesworth
PO Box 434
Enola, Pennsylvania 17025
Contact Person:  Kerry R. Charlesworth
Research Specialty:  Still Images, Textual Records

Xiaohong Cheng
633 Sean Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401-6504
Telephone:  (202) 487-4384
Contact Person:  Xiaohong Cheng
Research Specialty:  Subjects relating to China

CJ Clancy Publishing
670 Willow Drive
N Catasauqua, PA 18032-2132
Telephone:  (610) 264-4099
Contact Persons:  Carol J. Clancy, Edward J. Clancy
Research Specialty:  M1Garand rifle development and manufacturing; Chief of Ordnance Reports

Concord Research + Consulting Group, LLC
200 International Drive, Suite 157
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Telephone:  (603) 433-9000
Contact Person:  Richard Horan
Research Specialty:  Asbestos, Navy & Maritime Records

Gregory D. Cook
5768 Springfish Place
Waldorf, MD 20603-4234
Telephone:  (301) 645-2759
Contact Person:  Gregory D. Cook
Research Specialty:  Military records; genealogy; archaeology; census records

COS Inc.
16560 Harbor Boulevard Ste A
Fountain Valley, CA 92708-1382
Telephone:  (714) 418-0130
Fax:  (714) 418-0137
Contact Person:  David Raley
Research Specialty:  Background searches; federal transportation regulations

Joan M. Croson
11 Cardigan Court
Waldorf, MD 20602
Contact Person:  Joan M. Croson
Research Specialty:  census, immigration and naturalization, military, pension, bounty land warrants

CTI, Capitol Toxics Investigations
8 Froude Circle
Cabin John, MD 20818
Telephone:  (703) 304-2089
E-mail:  capitoltox@gmail
Contact Person:  Stephen Strothers
Research Specialty:  CTI is a woman and minority owned and operated business. We have research expertise and rapid access to the Library of Congress, the National Archives, Federal Agency dockets, and other repositories of original archived documents, journals, government communications, etc. Services include document search, review, and summary reports. Documents can be provided as hard-copy, electronic copy (with Bates numbers), or certified originals. Specialty services include searches through State Archives and other document banks throughout the country. Our researchers have expertise in toxicology, federal chemical policy, computer technology, and data management.

Candace Clifford
35 East Rosemont Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301-2324
Contact Person:  Candace Clifford Research Specialty:  Record Group 26, specifically the U.S. Lighthouse Service and U.S. Life-Saving Service; provides copies of logbooks, correspondence, and other government documents in a digital format. Has also worked with related records in RG 77 and RG 217.

Daruma Media
1629 Columbus Road NW 432
Washington, DC 20009-3643
Telephone:  (202) 518-7776
Contact Person:  John Loggins
Research Specialty:  Photo research for film, television, multimedia, and print projects

Gem P. Daus, MA
4600 S Four Mile Run Dr. #1234
Arlington, VA 22204-3568
Telephone:  (202) 596-2436
Contact Person:  Gem P. Daus
Research Specialty:  Immigration(RG85), Public Health(RG90), Filipino American History, Philippine Insular period(RG126, 350), World War II(RG24, 38, 407), Asian American History, Angel Island (text, picture).

Martha Davidson
2520 41st Street NW #3
Washington, DC 20007
Telephone:  (202) 298-6937
Fax:  (202) 298-6937
Contact Person:  Martha Davidson
Research Specialty:  Still pictures and textual records, all subjects.

Deborah Cooney Archival Research
205 E. Indian Spring Dr.
Silver Spring, MD 20901
Telephone:  (301) 608-3577
Contact Person:  Debby Cooney
Research Specialties: Military records, all conflicts & branches, plus supporting Photographs (stills & footage); legal and court records; Federal Agency files (WPA, FCC, etc.); Congressional and legislative records. Over 15 years’ experience on-site at NARA, Army Museum History & Medicine, Library of Congress, and other DC area archives.

Deck Logs
Box 320488
Alexandria, VA 22320
Telephone:  (202) 421-5151
Fax:  (703) 768-6609 E-mail:
Contact Person: Mike Constandy, Senior Researcher
Research Specialty:  A professional military and historical research firm with nearly twenty years of worldwide experience sourcing unique data for the legal, historical, governmental, and veteran communities. We specialize in naval and maritime research, deck logs, action reports, muster rolls, asbestos litigation support, NPRC 201 and 214 file research, and PTSD claims. We also provide full service photo, cartographic, and engineering imagery.

Jonathan Webb Deiss
2626 Fort Farnsworth Road, Apt 2B
Alexandria, Virginia 22303
Contact Person: Jonathan Webb Deiss
Research Specialty:Military, Genealogy, Land, Native American, Lineage Research

Paultre Pierre Desrosiers, MD, MPH, PhD
24986 Mineral Springs Cir.
Aldie, VA 20105-5613
Telephone:  (703) 542-8124
Contact Person:  Paultre Pierre Desrosiers

Diplomatic and Intelligence Research
4469 Sedgwick St. NW
Washington, DC 20016
Telephone:  (202) 812-8466
Contact Person: Ms. Sim Smiley
Research Specialty:I specialize in diplomatic, intelligence and military history of the WII, the Cold War and beyond. Particular focus on: OSS, CIA, CIA Crest, State Dept, Captured German Records, Italy, France, Army Navy Intelligence, Biological Warfare, Nixon and the FBI. Fluent in French, Italian and Swedish and can also research in German and Spanish. Former NARA volunteer in Modern Military Branch where I compiled finding aids for OSS records.

Amy Doherty, Pawpro Media, LLC
6743 Towne Lane Road
McLean, VA 22101
Telephone:  (571) 218-6857
Contact Person:  Amy Doherty
Research Specialty:  Motion Picture/Film,Census, Genealogy research

Documents on Wheels
6904 Carleton Terrace
College Park, MD 20740-3621
Telephone:  (301) 277-2115
Fax:  (301) 277-2115
Contact Person:  Karen Needles
Research Specialty:  Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, abolitionism, slave trade; RGs 59, 60, 217

Robert Duckham
9401 Owings Heights Circle 102
Owings Mills, MD 21117-6108
Telephone:  (410) 356-6076
Contact Person:  Robert Duckham
Research Specialty:  20th Century documents

Victor S. Dunn, CG
43540 Clivedon Court
Ashburn, VA 20147-4540
Telephone:  (703) 431-0630
Fax:  (703) 729-8657
Contact Person:  Victor Dunn
Research Specialty:  Military records, genealogy and family history, census records

Aristoteles Duron
7620 Old Georgetown Road, #322
Bethesda, MD 20814
Telephone:  (240) 449-6128
Contact Person: Aristoteles Duron
Research Specialty:  Military records, Navy records, Captured German Records, OSS and State Department

James W. DuVall
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Telephone:  (954) 564-1520
Fax:  (954) 630-8097
Contact Person: James W. DuVall
Research Specialty:  World History

Easy Street Productions, Public Domain Footage
Post Office Box 302
Thurmont, MD 21788-0302
Telephone:  (301) 471-8058
Fax:  (509) 562-9585
Contact Person:  Peter Ferraro
Research Specialty:  Universal newsreels, motion pictures and video recordings, public domain footage, donated footage, military films and other material for documentary production

Post Office Box 64210
Washington, DC 20029-4210
Telephone:  (888) 464-3646
Fax:  (240) 359-7543
Contact Person: Harold Hurtt, Jr.
Research Specialty:  Environmental, African-Americans, HBCUs

Edward Engel
313 Highland Terrace
Prince Frederick, MD 20678-4425
Telephone:  (410) 610-2685
Contact Person:    Edward Engel
Research Specialty:  Film, video, still photograph and audio research

Extended Families
1305 W Birmingham Street
Broken Arrow, OK 74011-3036
Telephone:  (918) 812-0820
Contact Person:  Tracy Hursh
Research Specialty:  Genealogical

Family Historians
15027 Rolling Ridge Road
Haymarket, VA 20169-1001
Telephone:  (703) 754-9436
Contact Person:  Pam Taylor
Research Specialty:  Military records, census records, immigration/naturalization records, genealogy and family history

Family History Research Group
603 Lightstone Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78258
Telephone: (210) 722-5888
Contact Person:  James T Christian
Research Specialty:  Naturalizations, Immigrations, Military Records, Census, Passports, Land Records

Family Links
5506 Limeric Circle 41
Wilmington, DE 19808-3409
Telephone:  (302) 737-7077
Contact Person:  Andrea C. Osinchak
Research Specialty:  Genealogy

Find Your Family
Post Office Box 7116
Falls Church, VA 22046-7116
Telephone:  (703) 534-6668
Contact Person:  Marilyn L. Arnold
Research Specialty:  Census records; genealogy and family history; immigration, emigration, and naturalization; military

Focused Research International, Inc.
22194 Monterey Place
Leonardtown, MD 20650-2818
Telephone:  (301) 475-3898
Fax:  (301) 475-3898
Contact Person:  Allan Rypka, CDR USN retired
Research Specialty:  Military records, intelligence, aviation, diplomatic

Fox Company Research
113 Stone Point Dr, Unit 247
Annapolis, MD 21401
Telephone:  (443) 254-1634
Contact Person:  Darren Neely
Research Specialty:  Textual, photographs and motion picture records primarily for WW2. Have completed a thorough collection and presentation of seven WW2 veterans including unit reports, photos and movie footage. Expert at photo collection.

Raymond A. Franklin
5932 Cecil Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21207-5012
Telephone:  (410) 747-8088
Contact Person:  Raymond A. Franklin
Research Specialty:  Capital construction; government agency promotion; information system design; government building planning; public information; training materials

Richard Franzen
3 Deer Trail
Tabernacle, NJ 08088-9737
Telephone:  (609) 859-3569
Contact Person:  Richard Franzen
Research Specialty:  Census records; ship arrival records; naturalizations

Christine Gardner
PO Box 272296
Boca Raton, FL 33427-2296
Telephone:  (561) 392-0797
Contact Person:  Christine Gardner
Research Specialty:  Military records - Vietnam War only, draft registration, military service records, textual records/material & still pictures.

Alice J. Gayley
700 Seventh Street NW
Washington, DC 20024-2457
Telephone:  (202) 484-6081
Contact Person:  Alice J. Gayley
Research Specialty:  Military Records: Revolutionary, War of 1812, Mexican and Civil War; Old Navy records

Hollis L. Gentry
1500 Massachusetts Avenue NW APT 364
Washington, DC 20005-1823
Telephone:  (202) 833-9114
Contact Person:  Hollis L. Gentry
Research Specialty:  African American records; RG 105, Freedmen's Bureau; RG 393, Freedmen's Bank; military service and pension records

Ann Gillespie
731 Blackbird Lane
Prince Frederick, MD 20910
Telephone:   (202) 681-1523
Contact Person:  Ann Gillespie
Research Specialty:  I have 10+ years of experience as a researcher both as a volunteer and professionally, having worked for the National Park Service and for-profit cultural research management firm.. I specialize in military records prior to WWI, land records, census records, genealogy and family history records.

Scott Given
3640 Epperly Court
Raleigh, NC 27616-8768
Telephone:  (919) 338-8066
Fax:  (919) 341-5337
Contact Person:  Scott Given
Research Specialty:  General

Golden Seal Enterprises, Inc.
230 Aviation Drive
Winchester, VA
Telephone:   (571) 234-3481
Fax:   (540) 535-2285
Contact Person:   Terri Orguz
Research Specialty:  Military history,Pre-Revolution thru Korean War, Industrial History, Plancor's, Insurance Archaeology, Environmental, Genealogical.

Goochland Historical Society
Post Office 602, 6875 River Road West
Goochland, VA 23063-3200,
Telephone:  (804) 556-3966
Fax:  (804) 556-3966
Contact Person:  Phyliss Silber, Executive Director
Research Specialty:  Genealogy, Virginia history

Katherine L. Goss
9348 Cherry Hill road, Apt. 719
College Park, MD 20740
Telephone:  502-819-1561
Contact Person:  Katherine L. Goss
Research Specialty:  Genealogy, Census Records, Oral History, Records Management, Archival Management and Preservation

Kathy Grace
Post Office Box 282
Altoona, AL 35952-0282
Telephone:  (205) 446-1826
Contact Person:  Kathy Grace
Research Specialty:  Military records

J. Marie Green
6330 Newtown Circle Apt B1
Tampa, FL 33615-3621
Telephone:  (813) 854-3243
Contact Person:  J. Marie Green
Research Specialty:  Independent Scholar, Historian, African American History, Slavery, Reconstruction, WWI and WWII African American Soldiers, Courts-Martial UCMJ Records, Former Military Paralegal, Cemetery Preservation, Historical Surverys, African American Genealogy.

Charles Grimm
2680 Walston Road
Mount Airy, MD 21771-8812
Telephone:  (301) 471-6075
Contact Person:  Charles Grimm
Research Specialty:  Record Group 64, records related to founding and history of the National Archives Motion Picture Division; 1936 WPA Motion Picture, Sound and Recording Survey; motion picture history; film preservation and history

Brian Eugene Gunn
18636 Hedgegrove Terrace
Olney, MD 20832-1812
Telephone:  (240) 277-1276
Fax:  (301) 570-5828
Contact Person:  Brian Gunn
Research Specialty:  RG 109, Civil War, pension, census, military service, Congressional, court, genealogy, immigration and naturalization, labor, science, audiovisual, photographic, and cartographic records.

Satu Haase-Webb, Independent Historian and Researcher
1334 A Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Telephone:  (202) 257-6915
Contact Person:  Satu Haase-Webb
Research Specialty:  All media types-textual records, still images/photographs, video and audio recordings. World War II, captured German records, Holocaust, Diplomatic, military, intelligence records, African American History, Women, Immigration, Art, Social History (Labor, etc.), Cold War. Civil Rights. On-site, 15+ yrs experience. German speaker (native)

Alfred W. Hahn
11619 Clear Ridge Drive
Midlothian, VA 23112-3150
Telephone:  (804) 739-0601
Contact Person:  Al Hahn
Research Specialty:  U.S. military history; U.S. business information

Yeme Hailu
P.O. Box 9324
Washington, DC 20005
Telephone:  (202) 734-2952
Contact Person:  Yeme Hailu
Research Specialty:  Research specialties are genealogy, records media, series, subjects, any topics.

Vanderlyn E. Hampton
2013 Bryant Ave
Baltimore, Maryland 21217
Telephone:  (410)900-6545
Contact Person:  Vanderlyn Hampton
Research Specialty: The Pentecostal Movement, African American History

The Hannah Family Foundation
Box 27
Point Lookout, MO 65726
Telephone:  (866) 523-2993 or (480) 778-0459
Fax:  given upon request
Contact Person:  M. L. 'Mel' Gentry
Research Specialty:  Little Shell Nation, Family genealogy, Turnbo papers Silas Turnbo, Historical data, maps, Native Indigenous American Indians, Military Records.

Jack P. Harrison
911 Missy Lane
Woodstock, GA 30188-3142
Telephone:  (770) 265-1111
Contact Person:  Jack P. Harrison
Research Specialty:  Military records

Jim Heddell
4048 Barker Rd
West Valley City, UT 84119
Telephone:  (801) 215-9409
Contact Person:  Jim Heddell
Research Specialty:  We have over 200 professional genealogists located around the world and specialize in providing documents from over 600 archives and libraries around the world.

Heritage~Family History~Ancestry Research
12 Fairview Avenue
Lincoln, RI 02865-1808
Telephone:  (401) 474-3618
Contact Person:  Donna H. Blinn
Research Specialty:  Pedigree Charts; Locating Vital Records: Birth/Marriage/Death, Military, Immigration & Naturalization, Census & Voter Records, Court, Land, Wills & Financial Records; Historical Newspapers; Cemetery Searches; Designing your Family Album; Education in use of online sources of information; Workshops and individual consultation assistance.

Heritage Research Center, Ltd.
Post Office Box 9316
Missoula, MT 59807-9316
Telephone:  (406) 721-1913
Fax:  (406) 721-4220
Contact Person:  Gary D. Williams
Research Specialty:  Litigation support; natural resources and the environment; Congressional, court, and military records; Native American relations records; business history and relationships with government

Robb Hill
142 Fleetwood Terrace
Silver Spring, MD 20910-5511
Telephone: (773) 209-2628
Contact Person: Robb Hill
Research Specialty: Still photography, American history, Midwest history, labor, The Civil War

Historian for Hire
352 W. Parkwood Rd.
Decatur, GA 30030
Telephone:  (240) 461-7835
Contact Person:  David S. Rotenstein
Research Specialty:  Topics: Industrial history, business history, cultural landscapes, land use, environmental, etc. Record Groups: Federal Communications Commission (RG 173); Federal Trade Commission (RG 122), Agriculture (RG 16); Interior (RG 48); Commerce (RG 40); and various military.

Historical Perspectives, Inc.
P.O. Box 529
Westport, CT 06881
Telephone:  (203) 226-7654
Fax:  (203) 226-8376
Contact Person:  Cece Saunders
Research Specialty:  New York City and archival research specialists! Local to the area, Historical Perspectives' trained historians will research any type of genealogy and family history records, maps, drawings, photographs, cemetery records (we can also do cemetery site visits), or anything else you require. We also work extensively at the NYC Municipal Archives, the NY Public Library, the NY Historical Society, the NYC Deeds offices, and numerous other New York, connecticut, and New Jersey repositories.

Historical Research Associates, Inc.
419 7th St. NW, Suite 403
Washington, D.C. 20004
Telephone:  (202) 557-0222
Fax:  (406) 721-1964
Contact Person:  Keith Zahniser
Research Specialty:  All research.

History Associates Incorporated
300 North Stonestreet Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850-1655
Telephone:  (301) 279-9697
Fax:  (301) 279-9224
Contact Person:  Mike Reis
Research Specialty:  Specializing in researching and locating the relevant historical record from the full range of archived federal agency collections on behalf of law firms and their clients. Also specializing in research and retrieval of non-textual records including aerial and still photographs, maps, and films. Experts in locating pertinent records for environmental,toxic tort, corporate succession, and slavery and Holocaust related matters.

History Piquette LLC
2399 White Oak Trail
Oregon, Wisconsin 53575
Telephone:  (608) 843-6633
Contact Person:  Gregory T. Smith, Chief Investigator
Research Specialty:  General Research, Military, Declassified Documents, Corporation History, Congressional Research, Aviation Research, FAA/NTSB, Naval, Maritime, Coast Guard, Harbor. Transportation, Film and Still photography.

James R. Holbein
6322 Timarron Cove Lane
Burke, VA 22015-4073
Telephone:  (703) 303-4375
Fax:  (703) 426-9011
Contact Person:  James R. Holbein
Research Specialty:  Congressional, court, diplomatic records; labor and business history; science and technology

The Horse Soldier Research Service
3506 Majestic Pine Lane
Fairfax, VA 22033
Telephone: (703) 904-9126
Fax: (703) 904-9126
Contact Person: Vonnie Zullo
Research Specialty: Military Service Records, Pension Files, Regimental Histories, Mil. Research dating from Rev. War to 1910. Civil War specialty, Navy, Federal Censuses, etc. Over 20 years experience doing historic document research. Head of research department of family military artifact business in Gettysburg, the Horse Soldier.

Dr. Teresa Iacobelli
221 Clermont Ave., Apt. 4
Brooklyn, NY 11205-4010
Telephone:  (347) 277-4376
Contact Person:  Dr. Teresa Iacobelli
Research Specialty:  Military Records, Diplomatic Records; also experience in Native American Relations Records & Genealogy

Imagefinders, Inc.
6101 Utah Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20015-2461
Telephone:  (202) 244-4456
Fax:  (202) 244-3237
Contact Person:  Elisabeth M. Hartjens
Research Specialty:  Motion picture, sound, and video; still images; textual records, including Congressional, Coast Guard and lighthouse, diplomatic, military, Navy, immigration and naturalization, and Nixon related records

Independence Legal Support
P.O. Box 1807
Greenbelt, MD 20768-1807
Telephone:  (240) 392-0017
Contact Person:  Elspeth Callahan
Research Specialty:  Court Records; Government Agency Records; Congressional Records. We also provide document retrieval from the Library of Congress.

Inlumino Assets Research, LLC
P.O. Box 702
McLean, VA 22101
Telephone:  (703) 786-0741
Contact Person:  Inga Martin
Research Specialty:  Newspapers, History

Donna Inserra
4117 Woodbine Street
Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815
Contact Person:  Donna Inserra
Research Specialty:  Newsreels, Motion Picture and Sound Recordings, Still Pictures, Video

International Boundaries
3601 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Suite 409 Washington, DC 20016-3051
Telephone:  (202) 364-8403
Fax:  (202)364-8403
Contact Person:  Daniel Dzurek
Research Specialty: International Territorial Disputes; Maritime Claims; International Boundaries(Land and Offshore); Island Disputes; Geographic Research; Diplomatic Records (Record Groups 43, 59, 76, 242, 256, 353); Cartographic Records and Maps (Record Groups 23, 37, 57, 76, 373, 456)

International Mortgage Global Systems, Inc.
23679 Calabasas Road 371
Calabasas, CA 91302-1502
Telephone:  (818) 591-8367
Fax:  (818) 591-7509
Contact Person:  Robert Sherman
Research Specialty:  Macro-economics

Investigative Family History Researcher
110 Columbus Cove
Stafford, VA 22554-1944
Telephone:  (540) 657-4867
Contact Person:  Char McCargo bah, Professional Genealogist
Research Specialty:  African American families in post-pre Civil War period; Virginia research in personal and land property; court house and vital statistics records; census records; U.S. World War II veterans records; DAL; Library of Congress and other VA institutes

Jean Israel
5353-3 Smooth Meadow Way
Columbia, MD 21044-1667
Telephone: (410) 884-6894
Contact Person: Jean Israel
Research Specialty:  State department, Diplomatic records, WWII, Korea, Science technology, environment, Congressional Records, Navy, Military.

Alina J. Johnson, MSI, BBA, AB
3515 Sheffield Manor Terrace, #304
Silver Spring, MD 20904-7287
Telephone:  (301) 847-0261
Fax:  (301) 890-0134
Contact Person:  Alina J. Johnson, MSI, BBA, AB
Research Specialty: Experienced researcher in all aspects of information: print & electronic records. Specialized research in federal information policy; federal information laws, guidelines, policies, and regulations; information privacy and security; freedom of information(access, retrieval, collection, and dissemination); labor; census; Congressional; court records; intelligence; science & technology; President Richard M. Nixon LIbrary & Museum(presidential records) and, research at Washington, D.C. sites including the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress.

Jared D. Johnson
1720 37th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007
Telephone:  1-207-608-7745
Contact Person:  Mr. Jared D. Johnson
Research Specialty:  My area of expertise is U.S. Military History. While obtaining my Bachelor's in History from The George Washington University, I spent a lot of time at both Archive facilities in Washington and College Park. I have conducted studies both at the unit and individual level for academic as well as personal purposes. At the unit level I have handled and analyzed Civil War, World War II and Vietnam War regimental books, unit histories and published works. At the individual soldier level I have handled and analyzed pension applications and files, military service records and microfilm collections from the three conflicts mentioned. I am very detailed oriented and passionate about doing research.

JRG Asbestos Research
8201 16th St. #419
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Telephone:   (201) 725-1236
Contact Person:  Joel Gallagher
Research Specialty:  Navy Records; Asbestos - former employee of major law firm specializing in asbestos litigation able to provide your firm with essential records required to litigate cases most effectively & efficiently.

Jon M. Joyce
409 St. Paul Street, P O Box 120
Lewes, DE 19958-1337
Telephone:  (302) 644-3315
Contact Person:  Jon M. Joyce
Research Specialty:  Maritime Records

Kris Kaszuba
3857 Pell Place, Suite 301
San Diego, CA 92130-4141
Telephone:  (858) 353-6279
Contact Person:  Kris Kaszuba
Research Specialty:  Immigration and Naturalization Records, Military Records, Service Records, Morning Reports, Personnel Files, DD214, Unit rosters, Payroll records, Medical Records, Family Genealogy, Citizenship Records

Vicki Killian, Nicklason Research Associates
5 Cleveland Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912-4123
Telephone:  (301) 588-0456
Contact Person:  Vicki Killian
Research Specialty:  military, Navy, civilian, cartographic, photographic, Native American, environmental, judicial, Congressional, business history, court records.

Jolanta Kraemer
1629 Columbia Road NW, Apt. 228
Washington,D.C. 20009
Contact Person:  Jolanta Kraemer
Research Specialty:  WWII and Holocaust-related records, research in Poland.

Laura Kreiss
5801 Edson Lane #204
Rockville, MD 20852-2928
Telephone:  (301) 468-6899
Fax:  (301) 468-9633
Contact Person:  Laura Kreiss
Research Specialty:  General, Still Photos; I specialize in public domain collections.

Legal Document Retrieval & Research, Inc.
308 Main Street, Suite 300
Houston, Texas 77002
Telephone:  (800) 487-2245 or (713) 222-2244
Fax:  (888) 222-0304
Contact Person:  Roger Guy
Research Specialty:  Retrieve copies of closed files from Archives and all governmental agencies. Digital and hard copies of CV, BK, CR from all courts. Lien & Title search. Individual & Commercial asset search. Complete Service of Process statewide and abroad. Great Service since 1979!

Gail Lelyveld
205 C Street NE Apt 1
Washington, DC 20002-5764
Telephone: (202) 579-6466
Contact Person:  Gail Lelyveld
Research Specialty:  Revolutionary War, Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II Issues, Peace Issues, Native American Issues, Immigration, Foreign Affairs

The Leonard Group, Inc.
9364 Spring Water Path
Jessup, MD 20794
Telephone:   (301) 776-9260
Fax:   (301) 776-8962
Contact Person:   Kevin Leonard
Research Specialty:  African-American history, American military history, WWI, WWII, US Navy, US Army, US Air Force, 20th century American History, asbestos, captured German records, census records, Cold War, congressional records, court records, Coast Guard/lighthouse/customs records, diplomatic records, genealogy and family history records, immigration and naturalization records, intelligence, labor & business history/transportation/regulatory agency records, military records, Native American relations records, President Nixon, science, technology, natural resources & the environment, audio/sound recordings, cartographic/architectural/ships plans records, film & video recordings, still photos.

Library Consultant Services LLC
24081 Ithaca St.
Oak Park, MI 48237-3511
Telephone:  (248) 629-7774
Fax:  (248) 629-7775
Contact Person: Lawanda V. Cox
Research Specialty:  Online search and retrieval on American History and African American documents and literature, Editing and Proofreading manuscripts for Historical books and electronic literature, Abstract writing for historical articles and literature, Content writing for history related newsletters, websites.

Pamela Loos-Noji, Kinwork Connections
Washington, DC 20012
Telephone:  (202) 215-2373
Contact Person:  Pamela Loos-Noji
Research Specialty:  Genealogy and family history records; RG 210 (Records of Japanese-American Internment)

MMJ Research
3200 Garfield Street NW
Washington, DC 20008-3513
Telephone:  (202) 333-4555
Fax:  (202) 333-1059
Contact Person:  Margaret Johnson
Research Specialty:  Still picture research including photographs, cartographic records, microfilm, manuscripts, civilian and military textual records, and Presidential records. 20+ years experience.

Rosanna Martinez
P.O.Box 347751
Coral Gables, FL
Telephone:  (305) 389-9134
Contact Person:  Rosanna Martinez
Research Specialty:  General Research. All subjects. Research in Spanish, Russian and English.

McCaffery & Associates, Inc
107 S West Street Suite 709
Alexandria, VA 22314-2824
Telephone:  (703) 548-6144
Fax:  (703) 548-6146
Contact Person:  Thomas F. McCaffery
Research Specialty:  Naval, Maritime, and Aviation researchers specializing in research for law firms and their clients defending toxic tort claims; business, labor, military, regulatory, and transportation records; architectural, cartographic, and ship plans; photographs

Sean McCrohon
2101 Connecticut Avenue, NW #45
Washington, DC 20008
Telephone:  (202) 465-6874
Contact Person:  Sean McCrohon
Research Specialty:  Skilled in all aspects of textual, image, military and legal research. Adept at managing large or small projects.

Kevin D. Milus
2812 Mattlyn Court
Raleigh, NC 27613
Telephone:  (919) 815-4360
Contact Person:  Kevin D. Milus
Research Specialty:  Census Records, Genealogy & Family History Records, Immigration, Emigration and Naturalization Records, Military Records, Cartographic/Architectural Records, Photos and Pictures.

Joan McKinley
611 N Street NW 35
Washington, DC 20001-3421
Telephone:  (202) 289-9493
Contact Person:  Joan E. McKinley
Research Specialty:  General research

Meaning in Forms
120 Kenilworth Place, 5D
Brooklyn, NY 11210-2447
Telephone:  (718) 398-9656
Contact Person:  Minda Novek
Research Specialty: American history (all periods, especially 19th and 20th century), World history, people, cultural events and figures, scientific discovery; NARA photographs and pictures, film and video recordings, sound recordings

Militaria Research Services
205 San Juan Court
Williamstown, NJ 08094-3021
Telephone:  (856) 875-6114
Contact Person:  Robert E. McDivitt
Research Specialty:  Record Group 242 and related records; German military personnel and formations; members of the SS, SA, and the various NSDAP organizations; recipients of the Goldenen Ehrenzeichen and Blutorden; military personnel and formations of the U.S. and U.K.

Military Research Associates LLC
4423 Lehigh Rd #115
College Park, MD 20740
Telephone:  (703) 447-7243
Contact Person:  Tim Frank
Research Specialties: Civil War Pension Records, Navy and Coast Guard Deck Logs from Vietnam, Army records from World War II through Vietnam, RG407, Army Award Records.

Tangela L. Mingo
10930 NW 14th Ave #A10
Miami, Florida 33167
Telephone:  (786) 350-0381 or (305) 696-2255
Contact Person:  Tangela L. Mingo
Research Specialty:  Economic Finance, International Finance/Comparative

MJM Picture and Film Research
2801 Quebec Street NW 222
Washington, DC 20008-1242
Telephone:  (202) 537-3256
Fax:  (202) 966-5816
Contact Person:  Joan M. Mathys
Research Specialty:  Motion Picture (moving images) and sound (audio recordings); Still Picture and Graphics; Textual materials; Cartographic materials

MLL Consulting, L.L.C.
8606 Battailles Court
Annandale, VA 22003
Telephone:  (202)415-1321 or (703)503-5531
Fax:  (703) 503-5531
Contact Person:  Michael L. Lawson, Ph.D.
Research Specialty:  General Research, Specific Document Search and Retrieval, Business Records, Census Records, Civilian Records, Congressional Records, Corps of Engineers Records, Court Records, Military Records, Environmental, Land and Water Rights, Native American Relations (RG75 and RG 48), Tribal History and Genealogy, Natural Resources, Presidential Libraries, Federal Records Centers. 40 Years Experience. Negotiable Rates.

Morgan, Angel, and Associates
1601 Connecticut Avenue NW Suite 600
Washington, DC 20009-1049
Telephone:  (202) 265-1833
Fax:  (202) 265-8022
Contact Person:  Michael Lawson
Research Specialty:  Native American issues and claims, federal Indian policy, tribal history and genealogy; primarily Record Groups 48 and 75

Suzanne Murray
2130 P Street NW 625
Washington, DC 20037-1012
Telephone:  (202) 223-3639
Contact Person:  Suzanne Murray
Research Specialty:  Census records, military records, genealogy and family history records

Shannon Bridget Murphy
2660 Petersborough Street
Herndon, VA 20171-2443
Telephone:   (703) 864-3099
Research Specialty:   Asbestos: Captured German Records; Cold War; Congressional Records; Coast Guard, Lighthouse and Customs Records; Diplomatic Records; Family History; Immigration and Naturalization; Intelligence; Labor and Transportation; Military Records - Military searches including lineage and patriotic applications; Native American Relations Records; Navy Records; President Nixon; Science, Technology, Natural Resources and Environmental Records; Audio and Sound Recordings; Motion Pictures and Audio-Silent films; Film and Video; Photo Stills and Video Recordings; Photographs and Pictures
Contact Person:   Shannon Bridget Murphy

Ruth Mueller
182 Snowden Lane
Princeton, NJ 08540
Telephone:  (609) 924-3809 or (609) 751-6803 cell
Contact Person:  Ruth Mueller
Research Specialty:  Fred W. Shipman (civil servant)career-Library of Congress, National Archives, Director FDR Library, State Dept.

Anne Musella
2400 41st St NW Apt 212
Washington, District of Columbia 2007
Contact Person: Anne Musella
Research Specialty:Military, Genealogy, Land, Native American, Lineage Research

My Ancestors Lived Here
417 Chadford Road
Baltimore, MD 21212
Telephone: (443)-863-8733
Contact Person:Victoria Kinnear
Research Specialty:NIGR (National Institute on Genealogical Research) certificate holder, Genealogy.

Nanotheater - Clifford Enz
712 Schindler Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20903-1330
Telephone:  (877) 256-9890
Fax:  (877) 256-9890
Contact Person:  Cliff Enz
Research Specialty:  Video/Audio General research-textual, video, historical, cartographic, motion picture, audio, still photo, experienced in railroad, Civil War, WWI & WWII, Korea, Vietnam

Nichimy Corporation
6215 Greenbelt Road, Suite 201
College Park, MD 20740-2364
Telephone:  (301) 313-0610
Fax:  (301) 313-0611
Contact Person:  Yoko Nagasaka Myers
Research Specialty:  WWII Pacific Theater military and navy records (text, photographs, motion picture, cartographic) and Allied Occupation of Japan, Japanese Koreans in Japan, Okinawa - related issues. U.S.-Japan Relations, and migration.

Deborah Nicholls
318 Moraine Street
Brockton, MA 02301-4112
Telephone:  (508) 941-6727
Fax:  (508) 941-6727
Contact Person:  Deborah Nicholls
Research Specialty: Photography and still image research; film and video footage

Obama Eduvision Corporation; Doris A. Thomas, M.Ed.
4914 Cottage Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124
Telephone:  (215) 807-1885
Fax:  (215) 807-1885
Contact Person:  Ms. Doris Thomas
Research Specialty:  Military Records for United States Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Air Forces, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard, National Personnel Records Center, Mental Health Records, Medical Evidence.

O'Canan Research
1719 Evelyn Drive
Rockville, MD 20852-4101
Telephone:  (301) 770-6909
Fax:  (301) 770-6390
Contact Person:  Paul Keane
Research Specialty:  20th century Commerical and military records

Old Company Research
P.O. Box 223795
Chantilly, VA 20153
Telephone:  (703) 787-3552
Fax:  (703) 995-4422
Contact Person:  Bob Kerstein CPA, CGMA
Research Specialty:  Business, Financial, Commerce.

Shanetta Oliver
P.O. Box 6204
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-6204
Telephone:  (240) 412-6182
Contact Person:  Shanetta Oliver
Research Specialty:  African-American history, DOJ, FBI, and other law enforcement records, CIA, military records, immigration and naturalization, Census records, Genealogy

Rev. Sonja Flye Oliver
341 S. 12th Street
Purcellville, VA 20132-3388
Telephone:  (540) 338-9398
Contact Person:  Sonja Oliver
Research Specialty:  Available for research in Kansas and Virginia; specialize in adoption, foster care, and obituary look up

Robert Paarlberg
439 Lake Point Trace
Canton, GA 30114-6688
Telephone:  (678) 493-2399
Contact Person:  Robert Paarlberg
Research Specialty:  Civil War, military, and census records

Paper Trails Historical Research, LLC
Office: 206 N. Washington St., #B-16
Alexandria, VA 22314
Telephone:  (703) 837-8663
Contact Person:  Orah Hurst
Research Specialty: Asbestos on ships: US Navy, Merchant Marine, Coast Guard, Naval Air. Providing service to veterans and their attorneys since 1994.

Sadie Pasha
3410 Robey Terrace
Silver Spring, MD 20904
Telephone: (240) 560-6139
Contact Person:  Sadie Pasha, Professional Genealogist and Low Country Family Historian
Research Specialty: Genealogy and Family History Records, Jews of Spain and Portugal, Oral Traditions, Culture, Religion, "Geechee" West Africans and Cherokees of South Carolina and Georgia. Conducted twenty-year One Name Study of Cohen surname among enslaved "Geechee" and Free Persons of Color in Georgetown, Edgefield, Beaufort, Charleston and Savannah. Presentation of historical, genealogical and biographical research on Portuguese Jews (Secret Jews) and descendants, Southern Jews, Indenture, Slavery, Rice Plantations, Emigration, Immigration and Naturalization Records, Family Charts, Photographs, American Revolutionary War and Pension Records, Census Records, Court Records, Civil War and Freedmen Records, Reconstruction, Dawes Roll, WWI, WWII, and researching International, National and State Digital Archives (Libraries).

Pearl Information Services
110 Park Street
Portland, ME 04101-3825
Telephone:  (207) 775-5889
Contact Person:  JoAn Street
Research Specialty:  Court, Congressional, intelligence, diplomatic, and Native American relations records

Alan Perry Jr
169 Russett Drive
Salem, OR 97302
Telephone:  (702) 241-6244
Contact Person:  Alan Perry Jr

The Photo Editor
4731 Williamsburg Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22207-2835
Telephone:  (703) 765-1626
Fax:  (703) 241-2939
Contact Person:  Jane A. Martin
Research Specialty:  All archival imagery, maps, text, moving images, recorded sound, copyright verification

Prove the Line Genealogy Services
22667 Beacon Crest Terr
Ashburn, VA 20148
Telephone: (703) 593-2820
Contact Person: Dawn M. Brady
Research Specialty: NARA research includes Genealogy and Family History Records, Census Records, Land Records, Immigration/Naturalization Records, Military Service Records, Pension Records, Bounty Land Warrant Records. Whether your genealogy project is large or small, Prove the Line Genealogy Services is here to help you. We offer a variety of services, all at competitive rates, including Record Look-Up Service, Lineage Society Application Preparation Service, Tombstone/Cemetery Photo Service, and an Hourly Genealogical Research Service. Member Association of Professional Genealogists, National Genealogical Society, and National Institute for Genealogical Research Alumni.

PSW Research
6545 Tanager Lane
Eden Prairie, MN 55346-1813
Telephone: (651) 503-4803
Contact Person:  Paula Stuart Warren, CGRS
Research Specialty:  American Indian, federal Census; Midwestern & Plains states; textual records; 19th and 20th century

Abigail Raine
701 Avon Place
Alexandria, VA 22314-1205
Telephone:  (703) 548-5308
Fax:  (703) 548-5308
Contact Person:  Abigail Raine
Research Specialty:  Genealogy, immigration, naturalization, Revolutionary War military service; Other facilities - NSDAR library, Library of Congress

205 Yoakum Pkwy., #1105
Alexandria, VA 22304
Telephone:  (301) 233-0651
Contact Person:  Richard Vidutis
Research Specialty:  Military records (base records, theater construction engineering, ordnance locations, base architecture, oral histories); Engineering records (bridge construction, plans, mining, architecture); Marine records (ship types, plans, shipwreck locations, fatalities, cargo manifests, customs records); Immigration (emigration, ethnic communities, census records, labor history); Cartographic and architectural records (maps, drawings); Photographs and pictures.

Record Click LLC
123 E Main St Ste. 2 PMB 105
Denville, NJ 07834
Telephone:  1-866-632-9291
Contact Person:  Elizabeth Khan
Research Specialty:  Ancestral Research, Find Family, Heir Searching, DNA Family Tree, Adoption Research, Military Research, also citizenship by descent applications.

Reidy Historical Consulting
11942 Charlotte
Kansas City, MO 64146
Telephone:  (228) 249-1927
Contact Person:  Tim Reidy
Research Specialty:  Military Records, Genealogy and Family Records, HAB/SHAER Record Group, Photographs and Pictures.

Post Office Box 638
Severna Park, MD 21146-0638
Telephone:  (410) 729-4050
Contact Person:  Cathy Sippel or Jack Schworm
Research Specialty:  Will research anything to fit your needs

Robert Price, Maritime Research Associates
132 Fog Plain Road
Waterford, CT 06385
Telephone:  (860) 961-0472
Contact Person:  Bob Price
Research Specialty:  Naval Records, Submarine History, WWII, Military Records, Diplomatic Records, Intelligence Records

Ned Reed
P.O. Box 265
Bandon, OR 97411-0265
Telephone: (541) 347-3735
Contact Person: Ned Reed
Research Specialty: shipwrecks & transportation history

Refmen Research
1006 Oronoco Street, Apt. 2
Alexandria, VA 22314
Telephone:  (347) 683-9195
Contact Person:  Matthew Cipriani
Research Specialty:  Library of Congress, National Archives, U.S. Supreme Court, Legislative History, Genealogy, History, Anthropology, Law, and much more....

Barrett T. Riordan, Ph. D.
6705 Scottswood Street
Alexandria, VA 22315-5554
Telephone:  (703) 313-9294
Contact Person:  Barrett T. Riordan
Research Specialty:  Intelligence and diplomatic history; international relations; Cold War

Erica L. Risberg, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 272
Electric City, WA 99123
Telephone:  (207) 319-6887
Contact Person:  Erica Risberg, Ph.D.
Research Specialty:  Census records, Labor and Business History/Transportation/Regional Agency Records, Science, technology, natural resources and environmental records. Media type - audio/sound; film and video; photographs and pictures.rdings, film and video recordings, photographs and pictures.

Steven B. Rogers, Ph.D., Archival Research Consultant
3201 Taylor Street
Mount Rainier, Maryland 20712
Telephone:  (301) 367-3905
Contact Person:  Steven B. Rogers, Ph.D.
Research Specialty:  U.S. military and captured German records, WWII and Holocaust-related records, Nuremburg and US military tribunal records, looted Nazi gold, Holocaust assets, US agency records turned over under Nazi War Crimes disclosure Act, diplomatic records, OMGUS, DOJ and INS records, Displaced Persons Commisssion, audio/prints/film records. Retired DOJ historian with 30+ years experience researching at NARA. Fluent in German.

Roots Rus
11908 Rivershore Drive
Dunkirk, MD 20754-9434
Telephone:  (240) 256-5265
Contact Person:  Shelly Johnson
Research Specialty:  RGs 15, 85, 109, 217 regarding military and pension records; RGs 28, 49, 117, 147, 163, 210, 231 regarding Indian records; RGs 52, 92, 112; census records, immigration records.

David Sarokin
3734 Appleton St NW
Washington, DC 20016
Telephone:  (202) 363-5856
Contact Person:  David Sarokin
Research Specialty: Historical newspaper archives

Martin Paul Schipper
2329 Dixon Road
Frederick, MD 21704-8130
Telephone:  (240) 418-4320
Contact Person:  Martin Schipper
Research Specialty: African American history; genealogy; architectural history; land records; military history; social history; and women's history.

John Schuttler
2306 45th Ave.
Greeley, CO
Telephone:  (970) 405-9867
Contact Person:  John Schuttler
Research Specialty:  Land, Environmental Issues, Corporate History, Native American, Legal Research

Shared Alternatives
603 Creekwood Dr
Stroudsburg PA 18360
Telephone:  (646) 512-6873 or (646) 257-2177 or 1-888-720-0992 ex 7
Contact Person:  Kostastina Fotiou
Research Specialty:  All inservice wars 1935 - Present, Military Research for Servicemen

Georgia Shaw
6112 Landon Lane
Bethesda, MD 20817-6658
Telephone:  (301) 229-4301
Contact Person:  Georgia Shaw
Research Specialty:  Any subject or media type within the Washington, DC area NARA facilities, especially photography

SMC Research
6 Briardale Court
Derwood, MD 20855-2027
Telephone:  (301) 670-9529
Contact Person:  Sandra MacLean Clunies, CG
Research Specialty:  Federal census; RG 26; Maritime, Coast Guard, Lighthouse

Amy Sue Smith, MA, JD
6417 Forest Rd.
Cheverly, MD 20785-3127
Telephone:  (240) 256-5265
Contact Person:  Amy Sue Smith
Research Specialty:  Genealogy and Family History Records; Military Records; Immigration, Emigration and Naturalization Records; pension files; and land records

Jordan B. Smith
7724 Hickory Glen Way
Springfield, VA 22153
Telephone:  (717) 350-3820
Contact Person:  Jordan Smith
Research Specialty:  General Research, African-American History, Early-American History, Genealogy

Janis S. Sotherden
4606 Commons Drive, Apt. 104
Annandale, VA 22003
Contact Person:  Janis S. Sotherden
Research Specialty:  Civil War/Revolutionary War Records, Land Records/Homestead

Gabrielle Spiers
211 E Glebe Rd, Apt B
Alexandria, VA 22305
Telephone:  (202) 492-0563
Contact Person:  Gabrielle Spiers
Research Specialty:  Military, Navy, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Census, Photographs.

Stirling Consulting
48 Alexis Lane
Coupeville, WA 98239
Telephone:  (360) 678-1934
Contact Person:  Dale A. Stirling
Research Specialty:  Navigability, Hazardous Waste, Pollution, Environmental Assessment, PRP Searches, Insurance.

Diamond Amanda Stacey
3500 Spencerville Road
Burtonsville, MD 20066
Telephone:  (785) 330-3080
Contact Person:  Diamond Amanda Stacey
Research Specialty:  History - Environmental, Imperialist, US, European, Women's Studies

SHRA: Stevens Historical Research Associates
500 W. Idaho St. Suite 202
Boise, Idaho 83702
Telephone:  (208) 850-1553
Contact Person:  Jennifer Stevens, Ph.D.
Research Specialty:  Environmental issues including land use, water rights, Indian history, superfund, reclamation, general land office, forest service, roads, and others RG 49, RG 75, RG 115, RG 48, RG 57, RG 95, others.

Edward A. Singer
7512 Sweetbriar Dr.
College Park, MD 20740
Telephone:  (703) 203-7770
Contact Person: Edward Singer
Research Specialty: General Research, All Topics, Find and Make Copies.

Stenger Historica
9506 Dabney Court
Fredericksburg, VA 22408-7744
Telephone:   (540) 834-0684
Contact Person:   Dieter Stenger
Research Specialty:   Captured German records including SS, SA, NSKK, RUSNA and NSDAP files, all personnel records for officers and enlisted, and all combat formations/unit records of the army and SS, and all records of the SS. Fluent in German. Translation Services Available.

Strange Research
PO Box 7165
McLean, VA 22106-7165
Telephone:   (202) 320-2672
Contact Person:   Susan Strange
Research Specialty:   Motion pictures - full time on site research; still photographs and textual records - all subjects.

Sunshine Historical Research
613 Blick Drive
Colesville, MD 20904-2904
Telephone: (240) 595-3681
Contact Person: Greg Murphy
Research Specialty:  Cold War, Diplomatic Records, Intelligence, Presidential Libraries

T/A East Europe Connection
1711 Corwin Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20910-1533
Telephone:  (301) 585-0117
Contact Person:  Laurence Krupnak
Research Specialty:  EWZ Records (RG 242); immigration and naturalization records; State Department and foreign service records

Taylor & Hammel LLC - A Litigation and Environmental Research Firm
1240 N. Pitt Street, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314
Telephone:  (703) 822-4658
Fax:  (703) 842-8656
Contact Person:  John Taylor - Senior Researcher
Research Specialty:  Environmental and Legal Research; Asbestos; Captured German Records; Cold War; Congressional Records; Court Records; Diplomatic Records; Immigration, Emigration & Naturalization; Labor & Business History; Military Records; Native American Relations Records; Navy Records; President Nixon Records; Science, Technology, Natural Resources and the Environment Records; Audio/Sound Recordings; Cartographic/Architectural/Ships Plans Records; Film & Video Recordings; Photographs and Pictures

Thaxton Green Studios, Inc.
PO Box 360
Millwood VA 22646
Telephone:  (540) 837-9300
Contact Person:  David Thaxton/Kevin Green
Research Specialty:  Motion Pictures, Video and Still Picture research for inclusion into television documentaries, feature films and other media productions. 30 years experience in archive research, consultation and production.Vietnam - Provide unit and 201 File documentation for use in VA claims. College Park NARA, D.C. NARA, St. Louis NARA. Specific - 1st Cav. Division Awards, Orders, unit & individual.

Tomkins Historical Research
63 Spring Avenue
Holland, PA 18966-2605
Telephone:  (215) 497-9189
Contact Person:  Michael Tomkins
Research Specialty:  Performs all types of historical research primarily within the Mid-Atlantic States of New Jersey (all counties) and Pennsylvania (Bucks and Montgomery Counties; and Philadelphia); specialize in house histories

Touchstone Research Group, LLC
244 5th Avenue, Suite 2571
New York, NY 10001-7604
Telephone:  (800) 283-3214
Fax:  (646) 530-8701
Contact Person:  William Hammond, Director
Research Specialty:  Touchstone is one of the largest research firms for military records at NPRC. Our on-site researchers have successfully retrieved thousands of veterans' records from that facility and retrieves more records for veterans per week than any other firm. DD214s, OMPF, 201 Files, Military Medical Records. Bonded and insured services to acquire your military service records with offices in St. Louis MO, Denver CO, Millington TN, Quantico VA, Kansas City MO, and researchers at other military records repositories nationwide.

Joseph Trevithick
1420 W. Abingdon Dr., Apt 319
Alexandria, VA 22314
Telephone: (412)512-6509
Contact Person: Joseph Trevithick
Research Specialty: US Military History, 1946-Present

Paul T. Troop, Sr.
13503 127th Ave, North
Largo, Florida 33774
Telephone:  (727) 474-5812
Contact Person:  Paul and/or Doris Troop
Research Specialty:  Vietnam - Provide unit and 201 File documentation for use in VA claims. College Park NARA, D.C. NARA, St. Louis NARA. Specific - 1st Cav. Division Awards, Orders, unit & individual.

Juli Turano
6980 S Bannock Street Apt 8
Littleton, CO 80120-3866
Telephone: (303) 798-2108
Contact Person: Juli Turano
Research Specialty: Government (All)- Economics, Financial, Congressional, Executive, Judicial; Corporate - SEC, Intelligence, Lobby, Patents, Trademarks; Real Estate - GeoSat, Civil-Land, Taxes, Liens; Popular Fact Checking - Political, Current Events, Quotes; Historical, Ancestry, World Events

Visual Research Consultant
3356 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20020-2407
Telephone:  (202) 584-3994
Fax:  (202) 584-3094
Contact Person:  Susan Hormuth
Research Specialty:  Motion Picture, Sound and Video recordings, and Still Picture Research. All subject areas, with particular experience in popular culture, African-American history, Civil Rights, World Wars, Korean and Vietnam wars. Full-time, on-site research. Twenty-five years experience in visual research in DC area.

Maria Waller
800 Ridge Drive
McLean, VA 22101-1624
Telephone:  (703) 442-3883
Contact Person:  Mia Waller
Research Specialty:  OSS records, RG 226; Intell, RG 330

War Veterans Oral History Project/world War II Lecture Institute
16 Kings Road
Sicklersville (Gloucester Township), New Jersey
Telephone:  (856) 296-9256
Contact Person: Brandon Traister
Research Specialty:  Any media pertaining to the Second World War including but not limited to, photographs, oral recordings, audio recordings, video recordings, documents, magazines, films, books, records, etc.

Washington Historical Research
4661 South 34th Street
Arlington, VA 22206-1701
Telephone:  (703) 671-8344
Fax:  (703) 671-8322
Contact Person:  Margaret Shannon, Senior Research Historian
Research Specialty:  World War II, diplomatic records, public policy, US Secret Service, FBI, domestic policy, all eras, environment, CIA, foreign governments, litigation research; RGs 14, 59, 84, 226, 242, 408

Nicole Watson
5813 Wellborn Creek Drive
Lithonia, GA 30058-3568
Telephone:  (770) 323-8929 or (678) 758-9142
Fax:  (678) 418-8347
Contact Person:  Nicole Watson
Research Specialty:  African American history - Census records - Court records - Genealogy and Family History records - Labor & business history/Transportation/Regulatory Agency records/ Military records, Still Pictures, Film & Videos.

Pamela A. Weisberger
Creative Genealogical Research at Home and Abroad
630 22nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90402-3122
Telephone: (310) 804-5511
Contact Person: Pamela A. Weisberger
Research Specialty:  Jewish genealogical research pertaining to Eastern Europe -- especially Polish, Galician, Austrian and Ukrainian records. Other specialties: Polish magnate landowner records, cadastral maps, New York City, Los Angeles & San Francisco; census and vital records; ship passenger manifests, court & criminal/prison records; cemeteries; oral history videos; historical newspaper research; city directories. Also handles ancestral village travel planning.

Westmoreland Research
Post Office Box 20069
Alexandria, VA 22320-9804
Telephone:  (202) 421-5151
Fax:  (703) 317-1709
Contact Person:  Michael Constandy
Research Specialty: Captured German Records; Cold War; Congressional Records; Coast Guard; Diplomatic; Intelligence; Military Records; Navy; Film and Video; Photos and Pictures

Wheeler Research and Editorial Services
3606 Octavia St
New Orleans, LA 70125
Telephone:  (504) 265-0106
Contact Person:  J.Wheeler
Research Specialty:  General Research, Military Research.

Stephanie G. Whiteside
815 S 18th Street 509
Arlington, VA 22202-2636
Telephone:  (703) 553-0011
Contact Person:  Stephanie G. Whiteside
Research Specialty:  Genealogy

John H. Whitfield/Aritel
10 Sunset Drive
Tallassee, AL 36078-1230
Telephone:  (334) 283-4100
Contact Person:  John H. Whitfield
Research Specialty:  African-American historical and genealogical research-early colonial to 20th century; military experience-American and African American, 1700s to present; Civil War research-pension records search and analysis; antebellum slavery specialities - individual and family research.

Cara Whiting
2000 S. Grant St.
Arlington, VA 22202
Contact Person:  Cara Whiting
Research Specialty:  19th century U.S. history, 20th century U.S. history, military/pension, Native American (RG 75), census, immigration, family history, Genealogy.

"Wits End" Properties, LLC (Forrest L. Burgener)
P.O. Box 121
Schooleys Mountain, New Jersey
Telephone:  (908) 304-2018
Contact Person:  Forrest L. Burgener
Research Specialty:  Rockland City (NY)Archives; my current specialty is family military records and re-building records destroyed in the Archive files in 1973

Writers Ink Media Services
938 East Tantallon Drive
Fort Washington, MD 20744-5209
Telephone:  (301) 292-2027
Contact Person:  M. S. Shell
Research Specialty:  Motion pictures, audio, photo stills and video recordings. Our facility provides braodcast duplications and screening files

Ayumi Yamada
6000 California Circle, Apt 307
Rockville, MD 20852
Contact Person:  Ayumi Yamada
Research Specialty:  OSS; State Department Records; U.S. Army World War II, Occupation of Japan; Japanese language documents

Gayle Yiotis
508 Mashie Drive, SE
Vienna, VA 22180-4926
Telephone:  (703) 915-9303
Contact Person:  Gayle Yiotis
Research Specialty: Seventeen years conducting research for Smithsonian documentary research, genealogy, Native American records, Military Records, etc.

Susan Yockey
2816 13th St. South, Apt. 2
Arlington, VA 22204
Telephone: (703) 486-2954
Contact Person: Susan Yockey
Research Specialty: Genealogy and family history, census records, experienced in conducting research at National Archives and Library of Congress.

Joan Yoshiwara
1844 Mintwood Place NW
Washington, DC 20009-1908
Telephone:  (202) 332-1000
Fax:  (202) 462-6266
Contact Person:  Joan Yoshiwara
Research Specialty:  Archival film and photos; public domain images; foreign policy

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*Note:   Researchers for hire are not NARA employees. Any individual or company that does research in our holdings on behalf of others is free to join the listing. For information on how to get on the Independent Researchers for Hire lists, see the Opportunity for Independent Researchers page.

Inclusion on the independent researcher lists should not be viewed as an endorsement of the quality of the researchers' work, and NARA will not be responsible for any arrangement made with independent researchers. Such arrangements, including the character, extent, and cost of the work, are purely private, contractual matters between the independent researcher and you. It also is up to you to determine whether or not the researcher's experience and qualifications meet your needs. Comments or complaints received by NARA regarding any individual independent researcher on the listing will be forwarded to that researcher for resolution.

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