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Records of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce (RG 151)

After America's entry into World War II the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce provided commercial information to various Government agencies; made special studies and reports for them; acted as a major fact-finding organization in the field of foreign commerce for the Foreign Economic Administration; and it aided business in converting to the production of war materials or in sustaining the civilian economy under wartime conditions.

Records of the Office of International Trade

Central Files

Central Files 1914-1945 (Entry 1)

Box # File # File Title or Subject
2547 600 Finance and Investments-Germany (6 folders) 1920-1945
2556 600 Finance and Investments-Sweden (5 folders) 1924-1945
  600 Finance and Investments-Switzerland 1925-1942
2590 601.2 Exchange-Switzerland 1920-1943
2671 611 Foreign Banks-Argentina (2 folders) 1919-1945
2674 611 Foreign Banks-Germany (2 folders) 1921-1943
2677 611 Foreign Banks-Portugal 1925-1937
  611 Foreign Banks-Spain (3 folders) 1920-1945
  611 Foreign Banks-Sweden 1918-1938
  611 Foreign Banks-Switzerland 1919-1939
  611 Foreign Banks-Turkey (2 folders) 1919-1945
2686 615 Gold Reserves
2968-2969 890 Government Activities-World War II
2973-2974 890.0 War-Enemy Trading
2975 891.1 War-Blacklists
2979 895 War-Reports, Board of Economic Warfare, Foreign Economic Administration
2980-2981 895.1 War-Special Knowledge of Foreign Countries

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Central Files (October 1945-December 1949) (Entry UD 13)

Country Files

Box # Country
482-486 Argentina
489-490 Germany
596-597 Portugal
608-609 Spain
610-612 Sweden
612-613 Switzerland
614-616 Turkey

Records of the European Division

Records Relating to Treaties, Tariffs, and Negotiations, Switzerland, 1905-1952 (Entry UD 23)
Boxes 1-9

Correspondence and Reports on German Cartels, Monopolies, and    Industrial Firms 1945-1949 (Entry UD 26)

This series, which is arranged by the name of the firm, contains reports originated by American and British Foreign Office and other intelligence organizations and sent by the Commercial Attache London to the Bureau. The reports contain a summary of the historic development of the firm, its principal works and activities, and its economic importance. the first two boxes contain minutes of mmetings, correspondence, and related records. Boxes 1-17

Box # Company
3 Adam Opel
4 Carl Zeiss
  Deutsch Sudamerikanische Bank
  E. Merck
  The Flick Co.
5 Ford-Werke
6 Hermann Goering (2 folders)
7-8 I.G. Farben
9 I.G. Farben-Latin America
10 I.G. Farben
11-12 I.G. Farben-Swiss and American Assets
12 I.G. Farben
13 International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (German Holdings)
  Inter Tube Cartel
  Krupp Complex
14 Mannesmann (3 folders)
  Mettalgesellschaft AG (4 folders)
15 Schering AG (2 folders)
  Reichsbank [interrogation of Hjalmar Schacht]
  Hugo Stinnes
16-17 Vereinigte Stahlwerk

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