Holocaust-Era Assets

Civilian Agency Records

State Department and Foreign Affairs Records

Records of the Foreign Service Posts of the Department of State (RG 84)


Records of the Tel Aviv Embassy

     General Records 1948-1952 (Entry 2774)

          Boxes 1-8

     General Records 1953-1958 (Entry 2774A)

          Boxes 1-5

     Unclassified General Records 1959-1961 (Entry 2774B)

          Boxes 1-4

     Classified General Records 1948-1952 (Entry 2775)

          Boxes 1-14

     Classified General Records 1953-1961 (Entry 2775A)

          Boxes 1-22

     Unclassified Minutes of the Eichmann Trial 1961 (Entry 2775C)

          Boxes 1-3

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