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World War I Draft Registration Cards
Microfilm Roll List, M1509: Mississippi (58 rolls)

Roll Description Surname
MS1 Adams County A-Z
Alcorn County A-L
MS2 Alcorn County M-Z
Amite County A-Z
MS3 Attala County A-Z
Benton County A-Z
MS4 Bolivar County #1 A-Z
MS5 Bolivar County #2 A-Mc
MS6 Bolivar County #2 M-Z
Calhoun County A-R
MS7 Calhoun County S-Z
Carroll County A-Z
Chickasaw County A-K
MS8 Chickasaw County L-Z
Choctaw County A-Z
Claiborne County A-Z
MS9 Clarke County A-Z
Clay County A-Z
MS10 Coahoma County A-L
MS11 Coahoma County M-Z
Copiah County A-D
MS12 Copiah County E-Z
Covington County A-R
MS13 Covington County S-Z
DeSoto County A-Z
MS14 Davis County

NOTE: The Provost Marshal General's office assigned the local board code number (23-2-7) for the County of Davis in Mississippi. No evidence has been found that Davis County ever existed or that any selective service system activities took place in such a county. No WWI draft records relating to Davis County, Mississippi, have been located.
Forest County A-Z
Franklin County A-F
MS15 Franklin County G-Z
George County A-Z
Greene County A-Z
Grenada County A-M
MS16 Grenada County N-Z
Hancock County A-Z
Harrison County A-G
MS17 Harrison County H-Z
Hinds County A-G
MS18 Hinds County H-Z
Holmes County A-H
MS19 Holmes County I-Z
Humphreys County A-I
MS20 Humphreys County J-Z
Issaquena County A-Z
Itawamba County A-R
MS21 Itawamba County S-Z
Jackson County A-Z
Jackson City A-F
MS22 Jackson City G-Z
Jasper County A-S
MS23 Jasper County T-Z
Jefferson County A-Z
Jefferson Davis County A-Z
MS24 Jones County A-West
MS25 Jones County Whitaker-Z
Kemper County A-Z
LaFayette County A-G
MS26 LaFayette County H-Z
Lamar County A-Z
Lauderdale County #1 A-C
MS27 Lauderdale County #1 D-Z
Lauderdale County #2 A-I
MS28 Lauderdale County #2 J-Z
Lawrence County A-Z
Leake County A-L
MS29 Leake County M-Z
Lee County A-T
MS30 Lee County U-Z
Leflore County A-P
MS31 Leflore County Q-Z
Lincoln County A-Smith
MS32 Lincoln County Smylie-Z
Loundes County A-Z
Madison County A-C
MS33 Madison County D-Z
Marion County A-M
MS34 Marion County N-Z
Marshall County A-Z
MS35 Monroe County A-Z
Montgomery County A-G
MS36 Montgomery County H-Z
Neshoba County A-Z
Newton County A-E
MS37 Newton County F-Z
Noxubee County A-V
MS38 Noxubee County W-Z
Oktibbeha County A-Z
Panola County A-L
MS39 Panola County M-Z
Pearl River County A-Z
MS40 Perry County A-Z
Pike County A-R
MS41 Pike County S-Z
Pontotoc County A-Z
Prentiss County A-H
MS42 Prentiss County H-Z
Quitman County A-O
MS43 Quitman County P-Z
Rankin County A-Z
Scott County A-F
MS44 Scott County G-Z
Sharkey County A-Z
Simpson County A-C
MS45 Simpson County D-Z
Smith County A-Z
MS46 Stone County A-Z
Sunflower County A-Warner Holt
MS47 Sunflower County Willie Holt-J. Whittle
MS48 Sunflower County J. Wichkham-Z
Tallahatchie County A-O
MS49 Tallahatchie County P-Z
Tate County A-V
MS50 Tate County W-Z
Tippah County A-Z
Tishomingo County A-Z
MS51 Tunica County A-Z
Union County A-H
MS52 Union County I-Z
Walthall County A-Z
Warren County A-E
MS53 Warren County F-Z
Washington County A-B
MS54 Washington County C-S
MS55 Washington County T-Z
Wayne County A-Z
Webster County A-P
MS56 Webster County Q-Z
Wilkinson County A-Z
Winston County A-R
MS57 Winston County S-Z
Yalobusha County A-Z
Yazoo County #1 A-Q
MS58 Yazoo County #1 R-Z
Yazoo County #2 A-Z (Ends with Adam Wirt Jr.)

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