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Washington State Classroom Based Assessment [CBA]

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5th Grade

Dig Deep (History)

Student assignment:

In an essay or presentation, you will:

  • Use evidence from artifacts and/or primary sources to develop a historical account of a time period.
You will also:
  • Identify events from the time period on a timeline related to the artifacts and/or primary sources.

Primary source documents from "Our Documents, 100 Milestone Source Documents from the National Archives and Records Administration," relating to this Classroom Based Assessment [CBA]:

Important notes for using this section:

  • Following each sub-topic is a list representing specific documents that are believed to best illustrate a topic. Each document is linked to an interactive digital copy of the record itself, complete with description, background information and teaching suggestions, from the "Our Documents" web site The transcribed copy is for your convenience and for students having difficulty reading handwriting. All pages can be easily downloaded and/or printed. Just click on the document title and it will take you to the specific "Our Documents" page.

Sample Topics and Associated Primary Sources:

Revolution and the New Nation 1754 to 1829

Expansion and Reform 1801 to 1861

Civil War and Reconstruction 1850 to 1877

The Development of the Industrial United States 1870 to 1900

The Emergence of Modern America 1890 to 1930

The Great Depression and World War II 1929 to 1945

Postwar United States 1945 to 1970

Associated Washington State Standards {EALR}

  • History 1.2.1 - Describe and compare patterns of life over time in Washington State, U.S., and World History.
  • History 1.1.1a - Group personal, local, state, and national events in terms of past, present and future, and place events in proper sequence on a timeline.
  • Social Studies Skills 1.1.1f - Create a product that demonstrates understanding of information and responds to central questions; present product to a meaningful audience.


EALR Scoring
(*for additional levels, see OSPI Scoring Rubric)
History 1.2.1
Social Studies Skills 3.1.2d
*at highest level... Historical account is a reasonable description of the time period that is accurately and well supported by references to at least 3 specific artifacts and/or primary sources. There is clear evidence that the student examined the artifacts and/or primary sources referenced.
History 1.1.1a *at highest level... Timeline of events includes 5-6 events related to the central theme/guiding question. Events on the timeline are all accurate and sequenced in order. The timeline includes at least one reference to specific artifacts and/or primary sources.
Social Studies Skills 1.1.1f *at highest level... Draws clear, well-reasoned conclusion(s) that is directly supported by inferences or analysis drawn from 3 specific artifacts and/or primary sources.

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