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Background Materials

The Founding Fathers Advisory Committee serves as a deliberative body to advise the Archivist of the United States on the progress of the Founding Fathers editorial projects funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, a part of the National Archives. Its purview includes, but is not limited to, advising and making recommendations to the Archivist on issues related to the goals and completion of the projects, their funding sources, and their performance and productivity.

For the purpose of this committee's consideration, the six Founders' papers are:
  • John Adams, edited at the Massachusetts Historical Society and published by the Harvard University Press/Belknap Press
  • Benjamin Franklin, edited at the Yale University and the American Philosophical Society and published by Yale University Press
  • Alexander Hamilton, (edition complete), edited at Columbia University and published by Columbia University Press
  • Thomas Jefferson, edited at Princeton University and published by Princeton University Press
  • James Madison, edited at University of Chicago/University of Virginia and published by University of Chicago Press - Congressional Series, Volumes 1-10 and the University of Virginia Press - Volumes 11-
  • George Washington, edited at University of Virginia and published by University of Virginia Press

The Founding Fathers Advisory Committee was provided with the following documents: