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NHP Data and Database Administration (NHPD)

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The Data and Database Administration Branch is responsible for managing NARA's greatest asset, data. Data must be controlled as well as planned and coordinated and the NHPD Branch has that responsibility. NHPD's mission is to provide data quality, eliminate redundancy and increase the sharing of data across the agency. This mission is accomplished with the use of the following data administration fundamentals:

  • Data Standards
  • Data Policies
  • Data Models
  • Data Glossaries
  • Data Dictionaries

NHPD is also responsible for NARA's Data Architecture which is a key component of NARA's Enterprise Architecture. NARA's Data Architecture addresses and adheres to the principles and practices outlined in the Federal Data Reference Model. The NARA Data Architecture contains the following:

  • Data Architecture Framework and Description
  • Enterprise Conceptual Data Model
  • Data Categories and Subject Areas
  • Class Definitions

NHPD is responsible for reviewing and providing guidance to data deliverables throughout NARA's System Development Lifecycle (SDLC). The following data deliverables are required in NARA's SDLC.

SDLC Document  Data Deliverable 
Concept of Operations  Conceptual Data Model 
Preliminary Design Document  Logical Data Model 
Detailed Design Document  Physical Data Model 

NHPD manages NARA’s Forms and Information Collections Program. This program includes both internal NA Forms as well as external Standard and Optional Forms that NARA promulgates. NHPD works and coordinates with the General Services Administration (GSA) as GSA manages the Standard and Optional Forms program for the entire Federal Government. NHPD also manages information collections in compliance with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Paperwork Reduction Act.

NHPD is responsible for the Information Quality Management Program. This involves managing and tracking any information quality issues. An annual Information Quality Report is created and forwarded to OMB documenting any data corrections made to NARA information pertaining to the Information Quality Act.