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Draft Customer Research Agenda

Your experience with us matters, and we are working to better serve you!

As published in NARA’s Strategic Goal 2:  Connect with Customers and Action Plan to Advance Customer Experience at NARA, we are deeply committed to learning directly from our customers and working together to design and deliver equitable and effective services for all. 

NARA is developing its draft Customer Research Agenda to guide the agency’s customer research and service improvement efforts.  Our customer research will center on deepening our understanding of the wants, needs, and expectations that individuals, organizations, and communities have when interacting with the National Archives.  It is our way of learning more about you so that we may better serve you.

We need your help to finalize the draft Customer Research Agenda. Please review the draft Agenda and let us know which of the customer research questions are the most important, which don’t make sense, and which are missing. 

We welcome your input and comments whether you are a current or future NARA customer or partner.

You can review and send your comments on the draft Customer Research Agenda until October 28, 2022, via email to customer_experience@nara.gov

We will review and consider comments prior to finalizing NARA’s Customer Research Agenda. The final Agenda will be published on Archives.gov and updated annually.